Alternative Funding I Use for my Travel

Planning a travel isn’t as blissful a task as it may seem. There are things that have to be considered when making one and truthfully, these travel plans come along with a budget. Making a travel financial plan is really an effort most especially when you only have a tight budget. If you’re thinking of going and making that dream vacation but have a limited budget, do not let your finances stand in the way! With numerous alternative funding options that are being offered on the market, surely your dream vacation will be yours. And I must say, the most popular among these alternative funding options is a credit card. With numerous system of payments as such, you can compare credit cards for the best deal. Deals that are very helpful for your travel plans.

Use Credit Card

One financial strategy I learned during my past travel experiences is the use of a credit card. Nowadays, credit cards give you the best options, lower interest rates, deferred payments, freebies, discounts and so forth. Credit cards have great travel benefits that consumers can avail of. There are some that offer discounted rates for hotels, flights and tours when you use the card, which is very helpful when budgeting a vacation.

For me, the use of credit card is in some way inevitable during travels. I use this to book for my flights, reserve for hotel rooms, pay for my food and so forth. By paying those things using credit card, it will somehow lessen your cash spending during the actual travel. It’s true like when we went to Singapore that I entirely used my credit card to purchase our admission tickets in a famous Theme Park and Zoo. We even got a reasonable discount when we used our payment card. Also, when I found a nice backpack in one of the shops in Orchard Road that looks perfect as a day pack during my travels, but I ran out of cash hence I used my credit card to purchase it. There’s also one time when we traveled to Cambodia and we weren’t able to bring enough dollars. We had a hard time finding a Foreign Exchange to replace our Peso to Riel. We thought of using our card to pay for our tours. Not only for easy payment but also credit card for travel emergencies is part of its advantages.

Apply for a Loan

Another alternative back up that I find helpful to fund my travels is loan. Loan is a form of debt, often with interest, interest rates which can be paid in 12, 24 or 36 months. Because payment is staggered making it affordable, I believe loan is one of the easiest one to pay to. Getting a loan as an alternative funding is very helpful to start making your dream vacation happen. One good example to that is when I applied for a loan which I used to fund my first out of the country trip. Talking about making your dream vacations happen, eh.Today, there are a lot of financial institutions, government agencies and banks that provide loans with competitive advantages and flexible features. You just have to study carefully the terms and payments policies of these institutions.Cash may be the best monetary instrument to use during vacation but positively, alternative funding could also offer you the best travel benefits.

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