Must-have Essentials Before you go Backpacking in Southeast Asia

Backpacking is now very popular among travel junkies as it can be both fun and cheap. Philippines and its neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand have tons of popular tourist destinations that you can travel backpacking style to choose from. In fact, famous tourist attractions such as Bohol, Bali in Indonesia and Pulau Pinang in Malaysia can be travelled to cheaply. If you are a travel enthusiast you would be happy to find out that these places are easily accessible. Simply book your flight online at the best price from websites such as Expedia, AirAsiaGo, and many more. You can also use websites like Saleduck ( which gives best deals for all of the webshops from Philippines.

Must-have Essentials

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However before you start the adventure roaming the hidden gems on your bucket list, you need to know what should you carry in your backpack. Below is a list of all the travel essentials that you should consider to pack in your backpack. You may not use all these items every day but they can come in handy whenever you need them. Keep scrolling!

1. Map

Travel Essential - Map

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Isn’t it just too obvious why this is on the top of the list? A detailed map of the place that you are visiting to is vital. So before you go, find the correct map and take some time to study it a little bit and this will somehow ease all the activities you are planning to do.

2. Compass

Carry one in your backpack, always, as it can be used as an emergency gear item that you can rely on while backpacking on trails. Get a lightweight compass and learn how to use it before you set your feet out on the adventure.

3. Flashlight & headlamp

These are important to always bring with you even during the day because you would never know that sometimes you just have to spend the night or make an unplanned tour to catch the sunset. Get a flashlight that is water resistant and don’t forget some spare batteries or maybe extra bulbs that you can store inside the housing.

4. First-aid kit

First-aid supplies are vital on such trip. Bring a first-aid kit with you as it can be very helpful whenever you need to tend a minor injury on your trip. Emergency supplies such as adhesive band-aids and sterilised bandages are not easy to get at some places, so bring your own!

5. Insects repellants

Aha! The best way to deal with those itchy mosquito bites is to not forget to bring insect repellents with you. There are tons of commercial insect repellents in the market so you just need to choose one that you think works well.

6. Sunscreen cream

Travel Essential - EWG Sunscreen

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Never forget to bring your sunscreen lotion as it helps to protect your skin from the harmful UV. Trust me, even if you are about to have so much fun on your trip, you do not want to come back a few shades darker with visible and noticeable changes on your skin due to the exposure under the sun. You can always check EWG Sunscreen guide to choose one.

7. Running/hiking shoes

Pick a pair that is comfortable enough for you that’s good for off trail hiking on your adventure.

8. Swimsuit & extra towel

Travel Essential - Extra Towel

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A backpacking trip can be adventurous at times, promising you to discover hidden gems such as a less touristy lake or waterfall. Don’t forget to keep one in your backpack.

9. Water

Don’t forget to have a bottle of fresh clean water inside your bag to keep yourself hydrated.

10. Medicine

Aside from your usual medicine that you might have to take regularly, you would want to bring medicine that could treat other unpleasant illnesses such as fever or flu.

11. Sunglasses

Apart from making you look as stylish as you can while backpacking, a pair of sunglasses should be added to your list.

12. Powerbank

Recharge your powerbank a night before you set for your adventure on the next day so you can simply charge your phone on the go and keep taking those selfies and interesting pictures on your trip.

13. Wet weather essentials

You might not used to the climate in other countries so you don’t know whether it’s going to be all sunny every day. Keep an umbrella or a raincoat in your backpack, just in case.

14. Padlock

Staying in hostels is fun because you can meet people and make new friends. But like what they say, common sense is the one vital thing you should always carry with you. Bring an extra key lock to keep your valuables safe in the dorm.

15. Hat/cap

Keep away sunburn, and those naughty black spots from pigmentation, and wear it because you need not forget the sun will be over you all the time!

All of these items are essentials. However, do not forget to check your cabin baggage rules before taking this items on your carry-on luggage.

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