How to Save Money While Traveling to Goa

One of the places in India that I’ve been wanting to go to is Goa. It is the smallest state in India situated in the west coast which has remarkable golden beaches, significant structures and affable, laid-back people making it as a pleasantly attractive tropical paradise. Undoubtedly, Goa is the most popular beach destination in the country. This exciting state may sound like a classy place to travel to, but do not worry as we have some ways on how to save and how to travel cheaply on this part of India. What I find very helpful in saving money is to look for great deals in vacations; this can be in arrangement of travel packages, group tours however one form that I find very effective is the use of cleartrip discount codes. Discount codes or coupon codes are very competent most especially in obtaining the best and affordable holiday packages in Goa.

These type of coupon codes are very easy to find as they are generally available online. You can search and find the best travel deals from your favorite online travel portals, use these codes then voila you have your next getaway in your hand without breaking the bank. Positively, these coupon codes are great way to save. They offer discounts, slash off rates and even free items. Different types of perks that we often look for to save money while traveling.


Look for travel discounts, sale and deals

In addition, to save money while traveling we have to look for promotional discounts and affordable deals. These are also the marketing tool which travel and hospitality companies such as airlines, hotel, resorts and tour agency that uses to attract more customers and patrons. Normally, they use coupons, slash off rates, cash back offer, freebies and so forth.

There are now a lot of widely acclaimed online travel portals that offer affordable travel packages wherever your preferred holiday destination is. These kind of sites are find to be helpful, cost effective, and at the same time highly reliable.

With the numerous hotels and travel agencies in Goa, definitely you’ll find one that offers your kind of treat.

Travel in group

One that I really recommend when traveling to Goa is to travel in group. If you’re a solo traveler, joining a group is a nice option as well. It isn’t just cost effective but traveling in group is safe as well.

By traveling in group, you can share your expenses in tours like Sightseeing tour, Dudhsagar Falls Trip, Grande Island Trip and so forth that sometimes require minimum number of participants.

Eat Cheap


It is said that Goa is a place for rich and poor alike. You can splurge and you can eat cheaply. The cost of eating out in Goa is said to be inexpensive. Most restaurants and cafes do offer meals and dishes affordable to everyone. But it really depends on what you really want to eat. If you’re adventurous enough, eat street food but I don’t really recommend it, it’s still India.

Also, one thing that can really save up from food expenses is to take your own food during snacks and break. Why not pack a sand which, chips and sweets which you can eat in between tours.

Avoid Shopping

Need I say more? Shopping means spending. Unless you make a fast buck then go splurge; but if you really want to save a lot from traveling avoid flea and street markets. Well, buying a few souvenir is an exception. :p

Do Locals Do

One that I really suggest is do what locals do, not necessarily be a local but try to eat where they eat, ride the public transportation, try the off the beaten path, socialize with them – ask them as they know the best. It don’t just let you feel what Goa culture and community has but it also avoid you by spending too much from the tourist trap – misleading tours, expensive restaurants and alike.

Whatever ways you have on saving money while traveling, never forget that you travel to explore and to take a break. So leave all your worries behind and just enjoy each moments you have during your vacation.

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