They Found Home!

Bethany House Sto. Niño Orphanage is a Home for neglected and abandon Children. It was a day of joy, happiness, and hope. It was a delight that I’ve been part of an activity that brought fun and aspiration to the kids of the Bethany House Orphanage.

“Bethany House Sto. Niño Orphanage is licensed and accredited by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and has been a consistent member of provincial, regional and nationwide network affiliations. It helps to promote and enhance the capability of the personnel in carrying their respective tasks and duties. The institution has its vision, mission and goals that were formulated and clearly defined, with objectives to provide appropriate intervention to clients using the social work methods; to provide temporary residential child care program to qualified children; to give each child a chance in developing his potentials and become a contributing member of the society; to reunite the child to his biological family or relative whenever possible; to provide placement of legally free children to legal adoption or other alternative family care like foster care; and to develop and enable aspiring people to rendersympathetic influence of charity and wholehearted service to Christ in the persons of the children.”

The time I’ve read about this outreach program on Chyng’s blog, I didn’t hesitate to sponsor and to volunteer. I haven’t met her yet, so I thought it could be a good start. And that made me and Jean so excited. But the thing that excite us most was the joy and laughter that we could bring/share with the kids.

It was my first time that I’ve been to an orphanage. It is located at Tabe, Guiginto Bulacan. How did we got there? Tinulungan kami ni Chyng na makahanap ng makakasabay. Good thing, merong nag-offer na pede kaming isabay na tatlo (me, Jean and Mark).

When we arrived, volunteers were scattered around the playground.


At first me and SF were quiet and shy, suddenly Chyng approached us (introduced herself and so we are), then gave us our name tags. Starstruck kami! 🙂

Wow! The name tag is cute, pedeng souvenir.


We took pictures for the meantime since the program has not yet started. Here are my companions, Mark, Jean, Luisa and Rhovic (new friends, na sinabay kami sa car nila from QC to Bulacan, thanks po!)


Christmas Party with the Kids

Everyone were asked to go inside. We registered our names first then we went to the function area. There were numerous people volunteered so we were grouped into 10 or more. Groups were assigned to take care of 4 – 5 kids. After a couple of minutes, the program began. The program started with an opening prayer.

Now, let’s get this started. Wow, may magician!

The magician performed some magic tricks and gave treats to some kids. Tricks were artful and catchy. An amusing show, indeed. Afterwards, the kids played games. Everyone was lively and willing. Are you ready kids… and volunteers? Go, game!


Party, party kids… and volunteers? It’s paper dance time!


Do you want more? Another cheerful game! Go, go, go kids… and volunteers.


The games were enjoyable. A priceless moment shared with the kids. Afterwards, the most awaited guest of the program, Jollibee! Lahat sabik kay Jollibee even the adults. 🙂


Jollibee performed a dance number with the kids.


Then picture-picture with Jollibee Yehey!


Afterwards, the kids went to other side of the house (sa kabilang function room) to have their Jollibee meals. Dahil nga hindi naman kami orphans, wala kaming meal but meron kaming masarap na cookies and water (salamat po sa nagsponsor!)

Finally. It was a successful and fun, fun, fun outreach program. Mahirap man i-manage ang lahat but as we went along, naging ok ang lahat.

And finally, I met Chyng and Sir Lloyd on the event. Starstruck talaga ako! Dati nababasa ko lang blog nila pero now nakita ko na sila. Me and SF were really happy.
Nung nakita namin ni Jean si Sir Lloyd, shy pa kami lumapit. Hehehe… The fan and my blog idols!


And of course, let’s don’t forget our co-volunteers and donors, sponsors and organizers of this program. Without these people, this couldn’t be as fun and successful as it was. Kudos to JGC and everyone!
Chyng's Photo

Photo grabbed from Chyng’s blog.

For a moment, we shared the fun on these kids. It saddened me that these kids were neglected and abandoned by their parents but at the same time thankful to Bethany House Orphanage for providing comfort, care and love to these kids. They found themselves a place they can call home.

For support, donations and sponsor, please visit Bethany House Sto. Niño Orphanage site.

Bethany House Sto. Niño Orphanage 
Tabe, Guiginto Bulacan, Philippines

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5 Responses

  1. marxtermind says:

    @Chyng, sige! Gusto ko din itry sa Mercato sa may the fort. Hehehe!

  2. marxtermind says:

    @Chyng, sige! Gusto ko din itry sa Mercato sa may the fort. Hehehe!

  3. Chyng says:

    and opcors, nice meeting you!! sama ko sa bancehtto one time! game?

  4. Chyng says:

    and opcors, nice meeting you!! sama ko sa bancehtto one time! game?

  5. Chyng says:

    how did you approach sir lloyd pala? kita ko agad close na kayo eh? haha

    alam mo that's the sad part. those kids are very adorable. tapos maiisip mo wala silang real parents. next year, hindi man sa bethany, pero sa isang ampunan ulit. mas matimbang sakin ang ampunan kesa mga poor kids, kahit pano blessed sila with a family.. the orphans dont have anything.. =(

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