The Famous Petronas Twin Towers

Whenever I heard of Malaysia, the famous Petronas Twin Towers always popped up into my mind. As a matter of fact, when we reached Kuala Lumpur, I looked for it first. And it doesn’t fail me to see the famous tower as it was very apparent everywhere from the city central.

We arrived at the KL Sentral at around 7:30 PM from Genting Highlands. Then we took a Putra Line train going to KLCC station. From the station, we went out through Suria KLCC, a shopping mall. Beside Suria KLCC are the Petronas Twin Towers.

Petronas Towers 1
We were really excited as soon as we get into the area. My companions started to take pictures as I was still looking for the best shot of it. I was looking for the lake similar to what Chyng have but I failed to see it. But anyway, still the towers are really sparkling. It was dazzling and just really amazing.

Petronas Towers 2

The Petronas Twin Tower were the tallest buildings in the world from 1998 to 2004 until surpassed by Taipei 101, but remain the tallest twin buildings in the world. The building is the landmark of Kuala Lumpur with nearby Kuala Lumpur Tower. – wikipedia

I couldn’t help myself but be amazed how dazzling it was. A lot of people were scattered around so there’s no chance to take a picture of the towers alone. I wanted to have a picture of myself doing some tricks with the towers but I couldn’t think of any tricks, so we just ended up having a group picture of us.

Petronas Tower 3Petronas Towers 4

Before we left, I met Mica, a blogger. Since she was  also in Malaysia that time for a trip, we thought of having a meet up at least. I was happy to meet her finally!

Petronas Towers 5

Then, we decided to eat at Jalan Alor since most of the restaurants at the KLCC are jam-packed. It was already around 9:00 PM, and the city was still alive! The streets are very crowded. Going to a bar to chill after dinner might be a good idea, but my companions were already tired. 🙁

We ate at the same restaurant at Jalan Alor. At around 10:00 PM, we went back to our hotel then slept. Good Night KL! 🙂

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13 Responses

  1. Kathleen says:

    ang ganda ng petronas towers at ganda ng lighting. whew! i should visit that place soon 🙂

  2. The Petronas Towers is truly imposing… sayang hindi ka nakatawid sa viewdack… at least you got nice and beautiful night shots.

  3. aba nagkita pala kayo ni Mica. haha.. kelangan ko din yan makita because it once held the title of being the tallest building in the world :))

  4. chino says:

    Petronas Twin Towers Ang ganda mo talaga!!! hihihih

  5. Supertikoy says:

    ito lang talaga ang masaya sa KL ang makita ang Petronas Twin Towers. Ang ganda nya talaga kapag sunset!

  6. marxtermind says:

    @Maricar, yup napanood ko un. Basta JL movie pinapanood ko! Hahaha! Pati I'm tired na kaya wala akong maisip pati wala kasing ibang photographer sa team kaya di ko alam anong trick ang pede! Hahaha! Walang makapagbigay ng idea. 🙂

  7. wow! ang ganda nga. nabasa ko dati kay Senyorita Mica yan e. Nandun pa si John Lloyd at BEa sa Teaser pix. hahaha! Ang kulit. Alam mo ba yung film na yun? Ako din minsan nabblanko sa mga tricks. Ang dami kong naiisip pero pag nandyan na ko sa place itself, wala na. Asar no?

  8. marxtermind says:

    @Edcel, mas maganda sya pag gabi! sayang di kami nakaakyat to see the view of the city from up there, la ng budget! 🙁

    @pack up and drift, go na! 6 hours bus ride lang naman from SG!

    @Hoobert, thank you! 🙂

    @SunnyToast, thanks din! 🙂

    @Jeffz, nagreflect naman ung name mo! hehehe! San ung Kuching?

  9. JeffZ says:

    yan rin ang unang nasa isip ko pagnaririnig ko Malaysia.. esp KL..

    I heard another city na included sa 500 most beautiful cities, it's Kuching which can be as interesting.. 🙂 (la na kasi ung blogger ko eh, di ko alam kung magrereflect ung name ko dito when I use my google account..)

  10. SunnyToast says:

    Ang sosyal ka inggit:) I agree with Hoobert the first pic is amazing:)

  11. Ang ganda nung first pic. Di nakakasawang tingnan.

  12. di ko lam kung kelan ako makakapunta dito kahet malapet lang sya sa Singapore. I would love to have a photo of mine with the twin towers

  13. Edcel says:

    Petronas may be an overrated photo destination but you'll definitely be in awe when you see the towers! ganda nya especially at night! 😀

    di ko napopost yung KL series ko. hehe.

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