Still in Awe with Coron Palawan

Coron is one of my favorite destinations in 2012. That is very evident due to the number of visits that I had last year, 3 different visits to this stunning destination to be exact. And what good about my visits on this part of the country is that they were very different from each other. The first one was a trip with my colleagues, the second one was a solo travel courtesy of Coron Eco Lodge while the recent one was a trip with my relatives. It wasn’t just a trip with relatives as it may sound but it was a trip which I became their travel guide, I planned the trip, took care of the reservations and the tour and guided them throughout the travel.

It’s just right after Christmas Day when ten of us flew to Busuanga from Manila. There was a reported tropical depression that might hit Palawan anytime soon that time but luckily it haven’t reached the province yet when we went. I really prayed for a shiny day for our trip and God gave it to us, imagine how very thankful we were that time.

Touchdown Busuanga

We landed Busuanga Airport at around 10:00 AM. From the waiting area of the terminal, we approached our driver which eventually took us to our accommodation. Travel time from the airport to Coron town takes about an hour or less with PHP 120.00 to PHP 150.00 fare per person. Prior to our travel, I contacted someone online for a room reservation to this specific guesthouse just a walk from the town. I asked about the rates then instructed me to make a downpayment for our rooms, so I did. All along I thought this person works or owns this specific guesthouse, then suddenly I was shocked that we were booked into another guesthouse which is far from the town proper. It was just during our arrival that I realized about it since a different guesthouse was written under my name when the driver was handling the welcome placard. Anyway to make the story short, she’s just an agent who booked visitors. It was the second time that this kind of thing happened to me in Coron. So lesson learned, always ask or mention the specific place that you would want to stay just to verify that an agent will book you in your choice of stay.

Anyway, so not to stress my relatives I just made some alibi that the guesthouse of our choice was already fully booked so we were just transferred on this another guesthouse. The guesthouse is far from the town proper that we still have to take a tricycle to get there, so I don’t recommend this place if you’re going to stay in Coron. I would rather spend more as long as I’m approximate to the town proper. In fact, there are a lot of cheaper lodgings in the town proper.

As soon as we arrived in our accommodation, we prepared our things then we went off to the town proper and bought some items and food we will be needing for our half-day island tour.

Of course, I contacted our very accommodating and helpful boatman Kuya Jason for this tour. You may contact him for rates on this number: 09085053687.

Coron Island

Since it was already noontime when we started our island tour, we went to a beach first for lunch. There are too many beaches to choose from that surrounding Coron island but since my relatives want somewhere not crowded we ended up at Atwayan Beach. A fee of PHP 100.00 to PHP 120.00 per person is needed to get to this beach.

We looked for a nipa hut to settle our things then my companions started to get to the beach and explore the area.

After an hour or so, we had our lunch. After a few minutes we’ve decided to move on.

“rock formations can be seen around the island”

We went to Twin Lagoon. We paid a minimal fee of PHP 100.00 for the entrance.

The water on this area was still clear as it is. It was high tide when I visited this the first time so I had no choice then but to take the stairs. On my recent one, I was able to cross the small opening to get into the other side, it was low tide then.

Nothing really drastic has changed in the tourist spot when it comes to its natural state aside from there’s a barricade already that you couldn’t get into the bigger area of the sea from the second lagoon. Kuya Reggie (if I could remember it correctly, the boatman’s assistant) told us that that part is owned by a different operator.

After spending a few minutes, we left the area and moved on to our next destination, Kayangan Lake.

The lake is very known to many because of this very picturesque view.

It was drizzling when we arrived at the area and good thing the drizzle stopped when we reached the viewing deck. We must have been lucky, we were at least able to capture this famous view of Coron beautifully.

Aside from this, the lake is known to have the cleanest inland body of water in the Philippines.

Look how deep this lake is.

We went inside the cave that can be found in the lake.

I feel so envious that these people could really jump off that cliff.

We then left the lake and moved on to our final destination that day, Barracuda Lake.

I haven’t been to this lake yet so I’ve decided to include it on our island tour. It was already getting dark but since we paid for our entrance fee to this spot already earlier that day, PHP 150.00 entrance fee, we’ve decided to pursue the visit even just for a couple minutes so to see how it looks.

The lake is a famous place for scuba diving.

We were the last and only visitor of the lake. It was dark underwater and so the sky is getting to. It was calm. We really enjoyed our floating with our vest on this lake.

It was already 5:45 PM when we left the area. We then went back to the mainland.

Since we were all famished already we’ve decided to have our dinner already at Bisto Coron before going to our accommodation.

After which, we went to our lodging and prepared for a restful sleep. The wind was blowing, the rain was dropping. That night, the tropical depression arrived at Palawan. I then slept with my hope that it would only last overnight.

A Rough Day

We woke up at around 7:00 AM the next day. It wasn’t raining but the wind was still blowing. My prayers may have been heard. The sunshine was enough for me then to continue our tour. I asked Kuya Jason and he told us that there were no advice of cancellations of sailing and so we pushed through with our day 2. We then prepared ourselves for another day of beach explorations. We went to the market and bought food and some items we will be needing for that day.

The sun was shining, thinking it was good enough to convince us to go and explore. We left the port at around 9:00 AM and started sailing the sea. When we reached the open sea, there we started to brave the crazy rough waves. My Aunt kept on asking me where the island of our destination is and I just kept on telling her that it’s still kind of far. She was really bothered with the waves so she just told me to go to a nearby island. We were supposed to explore as much as 6 spots but we ended up going to Calumbuyan Island. The current were too strong even when we reached the island and docked the boat. The boatmen were having a hard time to dock it. Even us had a hard time to get off the boat because of the strong current.

Some of my relatives started to snorkel and explore the sea as we got off while I went to the one of the hammocks and took a nap as I was feeling lazy that time. 

After a few minutes, I then realized I have to take some pictures so I got off from the hammock and explored the island. Blogger’s duty lang? 😀

And to other side…

I went back to our area and decided to join my relatives. Since the wind was blowing too hard that time, I were unable to stay in the water for a long time due to coldness. Ako na ang lamigin. 🙁

We then ate our lunch at around 1:00 PM. After an hour or two, they’ve decided to go back to the mainland as they don’t want to be stranded at the middle of the sea when the current gets stronger in the late afternoon.

We then paid our dues before we finally left the island. Entrance fee per person costs PHP 150.00.

The waves were still bearable as we sailed the sea back to the mainland. It gets rough when the boat gets into the open sea but goes back to normal everytime we enter a somehow closed sea area (surrounded by islands).

It was around 4:00 PM when we reached the mainland safe and sound.

We went back to our lodging first to bathe.

By 6:00 PM, we went back to the town proper and had our dinner at Lolo Nonoy’s. But before that we walked by the streets in the town proper first and bought some shirts and souvenir items to take home.

Three Hours Away

We woke up early for our flight back to Manila at around 11:00 AM. I advised my contact to fetch us at around 9:00 AM which is just right for us to travel from our accommodation to airport. Since we were already ready before 9:00 AM, I asked my contact if the driver could fetch us earlier so we can go to the airport already.

Minutes have passed and I received a text from her that our van was already on its way to fetch us so we went out of the room and waited for our ride outside. Minutes have passed but no van was in sight to fetch us so I called our contact and she told me it was already on its way. I called few times but just insisted it was already on its way. Called few times more and she wasn’t answering it anymore. Fifteen minutes have passed but there’s still no van in sight and so we asked the van driver in the vicinity if he could take us to the airport as we were going to be late already. When we were about to depart, the van that was supposed to fetch us came. Commotion happened and we asked him to give our money back as we already pay our contact in advance. We didn’t get his van services anymore and just rode to the other van that we got. Imagine the stress I’ve been through for that moment. Luckily, we were able to reach the terminal in time.

Despite of those things happened during the trip, nothing has changed to how I view Coron. I’m still in awe with Coron. It was still amazing as it is. One thing I noticed, sometimes we misjudge a place because someone or somewhere out there, horrible things happened. But I guess, it shouldn’t be taken that way. I think it’s better to look into the things positively. Don’t let the bad things hinder you from going or experiencing a place over again but let it be a lesson to guide you to do it properly the time you’ll be on that road again.

‘Till we meet again beautiful islands of Coron.

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  1. Ganda po ng
    photos niyo! 🙂

    The next time you go back, please consider our services. We
    have packages and boat rentals. Kindly check our website at or contact us at 0918-4659010.

    Looking forward to having you at Ultimate Coron Experience!

  2. Ganda po ng
    photos niyo! 🙂

    The next time you go back, please consider our services. We
    have packages and boat rentals. Kindly check our website at or contact us at 0918-4659010.

    Looking forward to having you at Ultimate Coron Experience!

  3. Oh My God!! What a beautiful place. A beautiful, mystical and magical experience in viewing these photographs. Thank you for sharing them with so many and especially those of us who haven't visited this place. Great Northern Hotel

  4. Such a beautiful place! I am in awe! I ought to be here soon!

  5. Ganda! I hope to visit Coron too! para complete na ang Palawan-trio! 🙂

  6. Ganda! I hope to visit Coron too! para complete na ang Palawan-trio! 🙂

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