En Route from Sagada to Baguio

Our plan for our third day didn’t push through because we woke up late. Our plan is to go to Kiltepan Viewpoint for the sunrise and go to St. Mary’s Church for a mass. But there were no regrets since we had a good sleep anyways. We just had our breakfast (food from last night and century tuna).

It was already 09:45 AM and we’re moving quickly as we need to catch the bus going to Baguio that leaves at 10.00 AM. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it. Patrick was already in the bus and I accompanied sands to buy t-shirt at the stall. Then according to Patrick the bus driver didn’t allow him to wait for us a bit longer.

Anyways, we had no choice but to take jeepney going to Bontoc, then from Bontoc there are buses going to Baguio that leaves hourly. Since the jeepney is still going to leave at 11:00 AM, we went to St. Mary’s Church first and took some pictures. Then, me and Patrick went to the souvenir shop to buy some stuff.

By 11:00 AM, we’re on board to Bontoc. Travel time is approximately 1 and 1/2 hour. We arrived at Bontoc around 01:00 PM and we took a bus going to Baguio.

By the way, before we left Sagada, we asked some locals about the buses in Bontoc that departs to Baguio. And the local told us to ride on this specific Busline. Kaya lang binaba na kami agad ng driver dun sa bus na ayaw namin, but since pagod na kami, naging ok na din sa amin. Sa bus na din kami naglunch kung anong food meron pa kami – like chips and sandwich. Tipid mode na!? Hehehe!

The bus trip was doing good as we goes along until an undesirable thing happen to the bus. Ewan ko bigla na lang may pumutok then huminto (and pataas pa kami ng bundok), that was scary. Good thing we’re all safe. We took our things and alighted from the bus. Then we told ourselves, we should have take the bus that the local told us. Hehehehe. So we learned, next time follow what locals say. We waited until the next bus came.

On the second bus, I took a nap. A good nap, indeed. We arrived at Baguio at 06.30 PM. It was a long trip from Bontoc to Baguio, it feels like 20 years! Hahaha!

From the terminal, we took a cab going to SM Baguio. Patrick went first to the Market to buy some pasalubong while me and sands went straight to SM Baguio to find somewhere to eat.  We had our dinner at Sizzling Steak. And that was our first decent meal for the day.

At around 8:30 PM, we’ve decided to leave. We went to Victory Liner then bought our bus tickets to Manila. Our bus left at 09.00 PM. It was cold in the bus, and I was asleep on our entire trip. We arrived in Manila around 02:00 AM. It was a long journey… and I know there are still more to come. Thanks to sands and Patrick for a wonderful trip to Banaue and Sagada!

Trip Tips:

  • If you want to experience everything in Sagada, please stay for 5 days or a week.
  • Buses from Sagada to Baguio leaves hourly from 05:00 AM until 10:00 AM, then the last one leaves at 01.00 PM
    • Bus Fare: PHP 250.00 (estimate)
    • Travel Time: 6 – 7 hours
  • Another option is to take a jeepney to Bontoc, then Bus going to Baguio.
    • Jeepney Fare (from Sagada to Bontoc): PHP 50.00 (estimated)
    • Travel Time: 1 and 1/2 hour
    • Bus Fare (from Bontoc to Sagada): PHP 200.00 (estimated)
    • Travel Time: 5 – 6 hours
  • Victory Liner Bus departs every 15 minutes to Manila
    • Bus Fare: PHP 430.00
    • Travel Time: 6 – 7 hours
  • Follow what the locals say. 🙂
  • Be cautious and alert all the time.

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