Sagada Adventures for Day 2

Good Morning Sagada! We woke up around 07:00 AM then had our breakfast. Afterwards, we went to Log Cabin for buffet reservation, later tonight. During Saturday night, the restaurant has a buffet dinner for Php 350.00. Unfortunately, there was no buffet for the night since only few tourists inquired for it. I was saddened, I wanted to try it, but I know there’s still next time for that.

We’ve just decided to go to the weekend market along the street and buy something to cook for our lunch and dinner. There are stalls lined up in the streets from the Municipal Hall up to the St. Mary’s Church wherein you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables, ukay-ukay, souvenirs and local arts and craft.

Afterwards, we went to the Municipal Hall to inquire for the cave connection rates. It will only be me and sands will go spelunking (caving) since I told Patrick that it will going to be a 4-hour cave experience, and he got scared with the idea. I already tried the 4-hour cave connection before, but I wanted to experience it one more time.

The rate for cave connection is PHP 800.00 for 2 persons and PHP 400.00 for additional person. (For more details on the cave connection rates, please visit the Municipal Hall once you get there.) 🙂

Cave connection will start at Lumiang Cave and will end up at Sumaging Cave. From the Municipal Hall, it’ll be a 15 minutes walk to get to there.

OK, picture-picture while going to the cave. 😉

As soon as we arrived the entry point for the cave connection, we let ourselves ready. By the way, since I want a good picture of cave and us on the cave, I brought my brother’s DSLR even how risky it was. I just brought a plastic for it. 😉

Anyways, there are coffins placed in the entry point of the Lumiang Cave. I supposed, there are real skeletons inside because I saw a skull.

Moving on, it was dark in the cave. The entrance is small and narrow that will only fits 1 person. I told sands, that there are still more passages like this as we go further. The rocks were slippery. It’s getting adventurous, there are passages that you’ll go down 10 feet under, and there are times that you need to stretch your legs as you need to pass rock by rock. We also got wet as there are running water inside, and we also passed by this waist deep pool. The water was cold.

To survive this adventure, just follow what the guide says, as the guide is more trained and knowledgeable on this.

After several passages, rocks and running water we’ve been, we took a rest.

And here’s our photo with our guide. Thanks to our guide who took care of us during the spelunking experience.

After couple of minutes, we moved on. We are already in the Sumaging Cave. The guide told us some stories and names of the rock formation, but I already forgot what it is because I’m focused on taking pictures. (I’m inattentive, sorry) Hehehe.

The most difficult part of the cave connection is going up. Me and sands were already tired. I don’t have enough energy to exert on climbing up. I didn’t mind if I was already holding into a rock with bat’s poops. The cave is very deep. I can see how distant it was as I climbed up. After 20 minutes, we saw the light from the outside. What a relief, we reached the top.

It has been a great adventure to do spelunking. Lahat ng skills mo mapapagana mo. And the feeling of how you survived it was different. It was happy and satisfying experience.

Afterwards, we went back to our lodge and we were already hungry. And good thing, Patrick cooked a delicious Tinolang Manok for lunch. Wow! Sarap! (Oops, I don’t have a photo of our lunch since gutom na talaga ako.)

Around 02:00 PM, we went back to Municipal Hall and asked for tour rates going to the Bomod-Ok Falls, however the man told us that it’s already late to go there. So we asked for another options of where to go, he told us that we can go to the Pottery Shop, Lake Danum and Small Falls.

I checked the map and we decided to go to the Pottery Shop then Small Falls. I’ve never been to the Pottery Shop before because of the dogs on the way. But wait, as we walked along the streets the dogs are still there (after one year?), oh no! Patrick and sands got scared. We can’t pass the streets because one moment, the dogs might run after us. We backed off and so it was a failed Pottery Shop again.

We went to the Small Falls. Since it was raining then, the walkway is muddy. It was steep and we’re very cautious. As we go along, we met two ladies who are also heading to the small falls.

At the small falls, there are natives who are having fun there, as if there’s a pool party. There are booze. And there was a girl who is already drunk (as in drunk) who still managed to take a dip on the falls. I was being nervous for the girl since she was drunk and she might get drowned there.

Anyways, that doesn’t stop us to have fun too. Me and sands took a dip in the falls. The water is cold. (Obvious naman sa picture ko na super lamig!)

At around, 05:00 PM, we moved on. We went back to our lodging and Patrick cooked Pasta ala Yoghurt’s House for our dinner. He tried to imitate the Cheesy Pasta of Yoghurt’s House. It was good, indeed.

Afterwards, we packed our things so by tomorrow we are all set to go in case we wake up late. Then another konting inuman session then we went to our bed for a good and restful sleep.


Trip Tip

  • Weekend Market every Saturday Morning where stalls lined up in the streets from the Municipal Hall up to the St. Mary’s Church wherein you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables, ukay-ukay, souvenirs and local arts and craft.
  • Log Cabin has dinner buffet (for reservation) every Saturday Night.
    • Buffet Price: PHP 350.00
  • For tour rates, please go directly to the Municipal Hall
  • Cave Connection is more adventurous, so if you’re just beginner try the Sumaging Cave first.
    • Cave Connection Rate is PHP 800.00 for 2 pax, PHP 400.00 for additional pax. 
    • A guide can only have a maximum of 3 persons. So for 4 pax and more, there should be another guide for that.

Other Sight Seeings / Tour in Sagada:

  • Pottery Shop
  • Lake Danum
  • Bomod-Ok Falls
  • Marlboro Country
  • White Water Rafting
  • Kiltepan Viewpoint

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