A Travel Guide to Batanes

Batanes is situated in the Cagayan Valley region in the Philippines. It is the smallest province in the country, and its capital Basco is placed on the island of Batan. It is no wonder to see Batanes on the list of dream destinations in the Philippines, and every time you go there, you will come back with flawless memories of your trip.

Travel guide to Batanes

How to reach Batanes

The most convenient way to reach Batanes is by air, and all one needs to do is to check out the Batanes flights promo. Depending on the choice of airline and departure date, the fares can vary. As the flights can be expensive, watch out for Jetstar flights when the promos are up for grabs.

When to visit Batanes

Vayang Rolling Hills

The best time to visit the island is from December to May, just like many other destinations in the Philippines. This is a favorite time because of the cooler temperatures. One should avoid the months of August-September because of the heavy rains and typhoons.

Language and currency in Batanes

While English is widely spoken and understood, there are different languages spoken in different parts of the island like Ivasayen Tagalog, Ilokano, and more. Philippine Peso is the currency used here, and the preferred mode of payment is cash.

Where to stay in Batanes

Batanes and its capital are a good base for tourists, and they can easily find homestays, hotels, and inns as per their needs and budget. The homestays are the cheapest options for the budget conscious travelers. Marfel’s Lodge and Troy’s Lodge are some of the favorites. As most homestays allow you to cook, you can cook your own meals and make some savings.

How to get around in Batanes

Batanes is easy to explore, and most tourists prefer a bicycle or motorcycle to explore the island. However, as the terrain can be rugged, make sure that you are used to cycling and have stamina. You can also hire bikes or cabs or opt for car rentals.

Top attractions in Batanes

marxtermind at Batanes

When it comes to tourist spots, Batanes has no shortage of those. You can explore the four zones here, South Batan, Sabtang, North Batan, and Itbayat, based on what you would like to see. The trip to Basco is the shortest, while if you plan to go to South Batan, it may take much longer.

  • North Batan – Boasts of visually stunning landscapes and carries loads of history. Places of interest include Tukon Church, Dipnaysupuan Japanese Tunnel, Basco Lighthouse, Valugan Boulder Beach, Chadpidan Boulder Beach, and more.
  • South Batan – Comprises of the municipalities of Mahatao, Ivana, and Uyugan. Tourist sites include Chawa Viewdeck, San Carlos Borromeo Church, Alapad Pass, San Carlos Borromeo Church, San Jose El Obrero Church, Tayid Lighthouse, Spanish Bridge, House of Dakay, Songsong Ruins, Homoron Blue Lagoon and more.
  • Sabtang – Boasts of may awesome sites and attractions which include St. Thomas de Aquinas Chapel, Lime Kiln & Savidug Idjang, Sinakan Village Stone Houses, Chamantad-Tiñan Viewpoint, The Old Beaterio, Chavayan Stone Houses, Sabtang Lighthouse, Morong Beach and more.
  • Itbayat – Carries a unique charm of its own. Some of the fantastic places to visit include Lake Kavaywan, Chinapoliran Port, Torongan Cave, Rapang Cliffs, Torongan Hills, Stone Bell, The Beach of Kaxobcan, and more.

Where to eat in Batanes

Seafood is a staple on the island, and while it may not be a famous food destination, the local cuisine is sure to floor your taste buds. Traditional meals are served on the banana leaf, and one can enjoy dishes like Uved, Vunes, Luñis, Dibang, Coconut crabs and lobsters prepared from local fresh ingredients.

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