Weekend Hang Out at Tambayan Capsule Hostel in Malate

It was another weekend for another staycation. Our group was out again for another weekend of bonding over food, beers, stories and laughter. Our location this time was Malate in Manila. It was perfect because Malate is known for several hang out spots. There are hotels, cafes, bars and nightclubs. And we were lucky to find a place that perfectly matched our aim for the weekend.

Tambayan Capsule Hotstel & Bar

Tambayan Capsule Hostel was the place. It is one of the newest hostels in Manila. It was a great base for our weekend shindig because its location is convenient and nearby almost everything – malls, bars and some other historical and major spots in the city. Not to mention but its strategic location also makes it as an ideal place for tourists wanting to explore the city.

Tambayan Capsule Hotstel & Bar Lobby

Tambayan Capsule Hostel is housed in a restored mansion in Malate giving a swanky and classic atmosphere. The hostel offers comfortable, modern Capsule and private accommodations in a genuine and relaxed vibe. It looks lavish and stylish and yes, it’s a hostel!

Tambayan Gastrobar Malate
Tambayan Hostel Common Area

This new hostel offers a balance of classic and contemporary style. The interior was classically designed giving guests the feel of grandness and vintage and yet providing a modern approach when it comes to accommodation and facilities. The hostel offers several room types; private rooms and dorm rooms. Check room rates and availability here. All rooms are fully air-conditioned. Each room is individually designed for comfort and build-in privacy. They are all quite spacious. And for private accommodations, each also features a flat-screen TV and safety deposit box.

Tambayan Hostel Mixed Dorm Room
Tambayan Hostel Capsule Beds at Mixed Dorm Room
Tambayan Hostel Malate Capsule Beds at Mixed Dorm Room
My Bed at Tambayan Hostel

Our group occupied one of the Premier Capsules Dorm Rooms that houses 7 double deck capsule bunk beds that can accommodate 14 individuals. Each bed comes with premium bedding, privacy screen, outlets and reading lights. There are also shared bathrooms along the hallway. And they were clean. A spacious individual locker is also available for use for guests which can also be found at the hallway.

Mendiola Room Tambayan Capsule Hostel Malate
Shared Bathroom Tambayan Capsule Hostel Malate

Complimentary Wi-Fi can also be accessed throughout the property.

We stayed at the hostel most of the day for chitchats and slumbering. But as usual our weekend hang out wouldn’t be complete without having beers. We went out for dinner and went to Silya Bar in Nakpil for the awaited beer session! It was again a night full of catching up and travel plans and stories. Because we were just staying few blocks away, time wasn’t a problem for us. We could stay there at the bar as late as we wanted. Consequently, we ended up leaving the bar past midnight already.

Tambayan Capsule Hostel Malate Light Breakfast Area
Tambayan Capsule Hostel & Bar Gastrobar

It was already late morning when most of us were able to get up from our beds. I actually missed the breakfast. A stay at the hostel comes with a light breakfast, which consists of bread, jams, spread, coffee and juice. But if you’re looking for something heavy, the hostel has an in-house gastrobar. There are also several diners nearby.

After having our lunch in a nearby mall, we stayed at the hostel for more hours and had another endless chats. We also had some fun games . We played card games and had some raffles. The bet started from one peso until it became a hundred. I didn’t win big on the card games but I ended up winning an overnight accommodation from the raffle! Hurrah!

Lazy Sunday at Tambayan Capsule Hostel
Team RH at Tambayan Capsule Hostel Malate
Team RH Playing Card Games at Tambayan Capsule Hostel

Tambayan Capsule Hostel was indeed the perfect site for our get-together. Our weekend gathering here provided us not only a pleasant stay but also a fun and memorable get-together filled with games, stories and booze. I didn’t imagine that a hostel could also be a great place for hanging out until I stayed here with my friends. Truly, this hostel has now become one of the favorite hangout spots when in Malate. It isn’t just a place to stay for backpackers and tourists but also a perfect venue for everyone to chill and simply hang out.

Tambayan Capsule Hostel & Bar
Book here for room discounts
1607 Bocobo Street
Malate, Manila
Phone: (63) 02 521-8850
Email: booking@tambayanhostel.com

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