6 Ways to Enjoy a Long Layover

Traveling is an extremely fun and exciting activity to do. However, sometimes the idea of getting to your destination can be tough most especially, if your flights have long layovers in between. But with the proper planning, there are a lot of things to do that can help you have a less stressful holiday travel experience. Here’s a number of ways to enjoy a long layover.

Entertain yourself while on a long layover

1. Explore the city

One of the most splendid ways to spend your long layover is to explore the city. If you have 5 or more hours to spend in an airport before your next flight, don’t just sit around and miss out experiencing what the city has to offer. Some airports also offer free or low-cost local tours to transit passengers. These tours may need to be arranged in advance because of the limited slots. Either you’re going to get around on your own or join an organized tour, you can turn your long layover into a great travel experience.

2. Stay in a transit hotel

Plaza Premium Lounge

If your transit is during the night, then definitely exploring the city isn’t a good option to choose to entertain yourself while on a long layover. Most probably, you’ll just want to stay in the airport and have a good rest. If you want a comfortable place to rest or sleep during long layovers, most airports have hotels available for transit passengers. Most of these transit hotels are located within the security checks in airports and close to terminals. Some airlines offer free transit hotels during long layovers. I recommend to check your ticket and with your airline if you qualify.

3. Enjoy an airport lounge

Another way to spend a long layover is to have access to an airport lounge. This is a pay per use facility wherein you can enjoy benefits and comforts while waiting for your next flight. Lounges have better and comfortable seating, quieter area, and access to meeting rooms, Internet, and other business services. Some lounge also provides shower facilities. In addition to these facilities, the most enjoyable part of getting access to airport lounge is the array of food, snacks, and drinks.

When traveling internationally, I recommend to check with your airline or credit cards if they provide free access to airport lounge. Premium tickets and platinum cards usually offer free airport lounge access to international travelers.

4. Play free online video games

Snakes and Ladders

The most entertaining way to spend a long layover is to have available online video games to play. During my layover from my recent trip from San Francisco to Manila, I was glad that I discovered this website that has a collection of hundreds of fun and free video games. With more than 12 hours layover in Singapore Changi Airport, I was able to try handful of games from classic, cards, board games, adventures, and other interesting choices. My personal favorite though was the Snakes and Ladders.

Having access to several online video games made my long layover very much entertained.

5. Go on a shopping spree

Some airports look like a mall wherein there are plenty of shopping options available. You’ll find fashion boutiques, souvenir shops, electronic stores, and beauty retailers. If you love shopping and have the luxury to spend, then definitely this is a magnificent way to entertain yourself while on a layover.

6. Make use of airport facilities

Another way to spend a long layover without spending too much or anything at all is to make use of airport facilities. Most airports offer free facilities and services that transit passengers can use such as Internet connectivity, public lounge area, charging station, and so forth. Some airports also have free shower facilities, entertainment area, and movie theater.

Long layovers can be really frustrating but if you done proper planning, it won’t be that difficult and tiring as it looks like. With these numbers of suggestions listed, definitely you can now enjoy layover on your next journey.

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