A Mini Vacation at Triangle Palms Siargao

After staying for a month in Siargao, I thought of spending a mini vacation. That is staying for a couple of nights just to relax and unwind. Sounds like staycation but in the island. I was looking for nice places to stay and was lucky to discover this recently opened villa, the Triangle Palms Siargao. The property is on the backroad. It has a nice hidden location surrounded by tall trees. The ambiance was peaceful and calming, which was perfect for my little vacation.

Triangle Palms Siargao

The Triangle Palms Siargao has three villas. The property features a patio with garden views, a garden and a terrace. It was already in the afternoon when I arrived at the property. The owner greeted me and helped me during the check in process. She handed me the key of the villa and discussed to me a number of in-house rules and what amenities available in the villa. Since there’s no reception area, she gave me the mobile number of the caretaker, in case I need to contact a staff.


Villas at Triangle Palms Siargao

Triangle Palms Siargao has A-frame Villas designed with nipa and wood. The look is like old traditional Filipino homes with lush environment and near a farm land. The accommodation was very homey and offers a touch of modern comforts. Each villa is air-conditioned and equipped with electric fan and two double beds. The villa also has a clean private toilet and bath.

My Accommodation at Triangle Palms SiargaoInside the villa

I stayed for three days at the Triangle Palms Siargao. Most of the days, I just found myself spending time relaxing on the terrace and enjoying the view and the surrounding. I wasn’t expecting luxurious and grand on this accommodation but I have to say, I was impressed. My stay was very cozy and I had a comfortable sleep for two nights. If you are looking for a wonderful vacation in the island, Triangle Palms Siargao is the place to stay.


Triangle Palms Siargao also offers a number of amenities that guests can enjoy. Each villa is provided with free water refilling station. A Wi-Fi router for each accommodation is also available. The Internet connection in the area was fast and reliable. If you’re looking for a place to stay while working remotely, this is the perfect accommodation for you. The resort also offers tour assistance.

marxtermind at Triangle Palms SiargaoEnjoying my mini vacation in Siargao

Triangle Palms Siargao is truly an ideal place to stay for travelers or vacationers searching for a lovely villa accommodation in Siargao. If you’re also on a budget, this is also a perfect choice since the villas are reasonably priced starting from Php1,500 a night. It has a relaxing surrounding and laid-back vibe that made my mini vacation in the island memorable and enjoyable.

Triangle Palms Siargao

This property offers triangular native cottages that can accommodate a group of four. Each villa is designed with nipa and wood, much like old traditional Filipino homes.

Contact Information
Book through Agoda for discounted room rates
General Luna, Siargao Island
Surigao del Norte, Philippines
Email: alexiesilverio@gmail.com

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