The Sundown at Puka Beach

One of the relaxing things to end the day in Boracay island after getting into some tiring yet exciting activities is to catch the sunset. Definitely, the island is one the best places for sunset; and you should take a moment to see this magnificent view wherever your are in the island.

But if you would like to see the sundown in a more serene and musing place then visit Puka Beach, one of the unobtrusive places to see the sunset in the island.

Puka Beach is the serene side of Boracay, far away from the busy and crowded Boracay White BeachThe place is located on the northern tip of the island. One can go to this place by riding a tricycle from the main road or riding a boat from the main beach of Boracay.

In our case, after we had our Zorb activity we asked the driver of the free shuttle to take us to Puka Beach instead of D*Mall (tipid-tipid sa pamasahe). Do take note that there are various companies that offer Zorb activity, we had this activity at “Ride the Zorb” wherein the site is proximate to Puka Beach.

There are pretty much tourists on the beach when we arrived in the area at around 5:00 PM but not that crowded. Some are just taking their time to relax, some are playing around and some are just strolling and taking some photos just like what we did. It looks like this beach is getting popular now.

There are some locals roaming around selling shells and other souvenir items. The beach is where the rare Puka shells are found.

I didn’t take time anymore to try the beach water on this part of the island as I was too lazy or tired or am I just not in the mood to get wet. Well next time I’ll be visiting this place certainly I’ll make a dip so to try how nice the water is.

I just had a leisure walk and took random snapshots as I wait for the stunning sundown. And it came after few minutes, the lovely sunset at Puka Beach.

What a lovely view to behold and share with your family, friends, loved ones, anyone or just by yourself before going back to the rowdy White Beach.

Well as much as how I love this quiet side of Boracay; when the sun fall down on this island, it only means one thing it’s time to party! So after spending some quiet time here, we went back to our accommodation in Station 3 by riding a tricycle lining up on the street for PHP 150.00 and prepared for a night of food, drinks and music.

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  1. Ganda talaga ng sunset sa puka beach – amazing, wonderful, priceless! haha

  2. Ganda talaga ng sunset sa puka beach – amazing, wonderful, priceless! haha

  3. Beautiful sunset at Puka Beach…

  4. KULAPITOT says:

    Puka puka eh eh! Love the sunset!

  5. KULAPITOT says:

    Puka puka eh eh! Love the sunset!

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