Ten Golden Rules to Make a Perfect Suitcase

The reporter from the National Geographic Aric S. Queen is a travel expert and everyone always ask some advice from him to pack an impeccable suitcase, i.e. light as possible and provided everything that we will need in our adventure, while he was then, he has seen fit to draw the Decalogue of the golden rules to make a perfect suitcase, I already knew some of them, did you?

  1. Bring half the clothes you had planned and instead double the amount of money.
  2. Bring only the things that are inside the hand luggage – In case of loss of the suitcase might not be a good experience of new wardrobe in a city with shops away from your taste.
  3. The sticker on the suitcase with the word “Fragile” – not only will be treated with greater respect by staff, but you will find it more easily in the midst of all the others that resemble each other.
  4. Bring 3 shirts and 3 pairs of pants
  5. Viva digital readouts – The books are very sexy and give you that air intriguing, but save yourself all that weight when you are traveling and you opt for a Kindle or similar.
  6. Do not make star whims – Basically, if you have fixation types that you cannot use the hair dryer of the hotel, but only yours then this is for you.
  7. Pay attention on the layers – jackets and sweaters take up a lot of valuable space even if you got your suitcase from a wide range of stylish luggage, unless you are headed in extremely cold places don’t bring your jackets.
  8. If you can, stay away from jeans – They take up twice as much space, they absorb a lot of dirt and smells, enough? Not to mention how much it takes for them to dry, opt for khakis or chinos.
  9. It is important but it does not fit in your suitcase? Leave it at home – There is no place in the world where you can steal something, if you have to (for example, the computer or the camera) bring the important things in your backpack and if you go into crowded areas, keep them on the front.
  10. You can always buy it on arrival – Soap, shampoo and socks? It’s not so bad if you left them at home, you will find the basic things even at their destination.

These are the basic insider tips, pearls of wisdom that lighten your luggage and probably also the mind before we leave the house, in the end it is the beauty of a trip that breaks away for a while from their certainties.

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  1. Very nice tips.. really dind it hard to pack my stuff when travelling esp pants, jacket, towel(most), and clothes.

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