Holiday Thoughts

If, like the rest of us, you wish to book holidays for you and your family to a place which can guarantee you some sun, a lovely beach and a welcoming atmosphere where you can relax, a holiday in Portugal could be right up your street. Portugal is situated to the west of Spain and is in the North Atlantic Ocean. The weather is hot and the gentle cooling breeze that the North Atlantic provides is a welcome relief from the scorching sun. The most popular region is in the Southern area of Portugal, The Algarve. It is well known for its high popularity among British holidaymakers but there are many traditional areas where the tourism has not affected the heritage and beauty of the Portuguese culture. Portugal aside, there are numerous islands off the coast which are truly magnificent. One of these is the island of Madeira – a beautiful and blooming island that is sunny and temperate all year round, with exotic plant life and dramatic rocky cliffs.

Spending Holiday in one of the countries in Europe

If you would rather somewhere a little different then maybe try Turkey for its culture and heritage, or Egypt as a versatile and fascinating getaway. Egypt has pretty much everything you would require from a holiday. You can base yourself at one of the beautiful resorts and then take flights to Cairo or Luxor if you wish to explore the amazing sites. If it is the sand and sea you want then Sharm holidays will be the pick for you. Sharm el Sheikh is a relatively modern resort which has excellent hotels and fabulous beaches. With a very low percentage of rain, it keeps the sun worshippers happily bathing away. If you want a little more out of your holiday then you can take advantage of the world class diving or some of the more intriguing activities such as quad biking, camel riding or tea in the desert with the Bedouins! A truly unique holiday.

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