Sunday Bonding at Rainbow Beach Australia

Two hours drive from Brisbane and we reached Gympie. There I spent my five days to visit most of my relatives in Australia. I did nothing much for five days of my visit but to relax – eat, sleep and shop with my Aunts. Well, that was essentially the time off that I’ve wanted to do after spending days of exploring Sydney and Melbourne. But before my five days in Gympie had been over, we had a family outing. After celebrating my Aunt’s birthday, we went to an excursion. We drove an hour towards east of Gympie and visited Rainbow Beach Australia.

Rainbow Beach Australia
Rainbow Beach is a coastal town in the region of Queensland. This small town is the golden gateway to some of the most amazing natural attractions in the region like Tin Can Bay, Fraser Island and many more. If I only had extra days to spend, I would have probably going to explore these places as well. But I guess those places would just be next time for me. For the meantime, I just have to cherish the moment we have in Rainbow Beach Australia.
Rainbow Beach QLD Australia

What I truly like about visiting most tourist destinations in Australia is that you don’t have to spend so much. When we went to Rainbow Beach, we just brought our own food and cooked it in one of the grilling areas available. There are also sheds that you can have picnic. Shower areas and restrooms are also available. Usage of these facilities is free. Access to the beach is also free to the public. In fact, I haven’t sighted a single resort along the beach area.

View of Rainbow Beach QLD Australia

Rainbow Beach Australia is a natural wonderland. It has a long stretch of pristine sandy beaches. It was said that Rainbow Beach was named as such because of the colored sands near the town. The area has dramatically beautiful colored sands, which have probably been forming ever since. Rainbow Beach is a great place for outdoor activities, camping and day trip.

marxtermind at Rainbow Beach
Stretch of Pristine Sandy Beaches Rainbow Beach
Cars Passing along Rainbow Beach

Finally, Experienced Australian Water at Rainbow Beach

If there’s one thing that I haven’t done in Australia yet since I arrived more than 10 days ago, then it was swimming. I have been to some beaches in Australia when I visited Sydney and Melbourne but I haven’t experienced swimming at Australian water. Beaches from Australia are one of the spectacular and fantastic beaches that I have seen in my life. But what were the things that deterring me to take a swim were the freezing water… and sharks!

We all know that sharks are rampant in Australian waters. If I would really be going to take a dip into the beach then I won’t go far from the shore. I will make sure that if a shark has been spotted in the area, I could swim fast back to the shore before it can get and attack me.

My Relatives in Rainbow Beach
My Cousins in Rainbow Beach
My Cousins Playing Sand at Rainbow Beach
My Cute Little Cousin Playing Sand at Rainbow Beach

Oh well, enough of this paranoia because when went to Rainbow Beach, I’ve finally got the courage to experience Australian water. There I took a swim just for a couple of minutes with my cute little cousins who were enjoying the beach. I set aside my worries when I saw them having fun. I joined them and took a dip even if the water was so cold.

About to Swim at Rainbow Beach

Continued the Fun at Carlo Sand Blow

We continued our outing by going to Carlo Sand Blow. From Rainbow Beach, it was an easy uphill drive to get there. But going to the real spot, we need to take about 20-minute bush walk.

Trek to Carlo Sand Blow
My Relatives About to Trek to Carlo Sand Blow

I wasn’t expecting anything about the place. I actually didn’t know how it looked like. But I was so pleased that my family brought me to this amazing destination. When we reached Carlo Sand Blow, I was stunned. Its sand mass that covers over 15 hectares and overlooks the towering colored sands was breathtaking. It also has an amazing view of the coast, the beach and its great surroundings.

Sand Dunes Carlo Sand Blow
Sand Dunes Carlo Sand Blow Australia
marxtermind at Carlo Sand Blow

I was really in awe seeing this natural wonder. It was wonderful. We didn’t waste our time and went down the sand dunes. My cousins were too playful and they went climbing then sped down the dunes. I saw some kids sand tobogganing. If I only knew that we would be going to a place like this, I should have borrowed my cousin’s board and went sand boarding as well. I’m sure it would really be fun.

Climbing Sand Dunes Carlo Sand Blow
Sand Boarding at Carlo Sand Blow

I felt delighted that we visited Carlo Sand Blow. It was one of the unique and interesting places that I had been in Australia. I love the view. It was all charming and extraordinary. Indeed, this place is one of Australia’s natural gems that one really needed to visit.

View of the Beach Carlo Sand Blow
Coastal View Carlo Sand Blow
Enjoying the Coastal View Carlo Sand Blow

After spending about an hour, we then left Carlo Sand Blow and went back to Gympie.

Visiting the town of Rainbow Beach is one of the enjoyable moments that I had in Australia. The town was simple and laid back. But there I was able to have fun and extraordinary bonding moments with my relatives. I was able to get along with them more. I was able to have great travel experience with them. It was all amusing and fun times. And there was nothing more that I could wish for a great Sunday bonding with them but that at Rainbow Beach.

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