One-Day Mornington Peninsula Tour by Bunyip Tours

Australia was truly a surprising country to travel. It has several places to explore. Every place that I’ve got to see was indeed amazing. Each place provided me different kind of enjoyment and experience. Just like my visit to another great destination with Bunyip Tours. They brought me to a place that seems a world away. It is a place that features stunning treasures and history. It is a place where one can find solidarity, amusement, adventure and relaxation. It is a place that I got I fell in love with, naturally. This place that I’m talking about is the Mornington Peninsula.

Mornington Peninsula is a tourist destination known for its beaches, wineries and outdoor activities. This region is located southeast of Melbourne. It is just an hour away from the city making it a perfect place to choose if you want to sightsee and relax without going too far.

Mornington Peninsula Tour by Bunyip Tours

It was after our tour to Great Ocean Road when I went with Bunyip Tours to explore Mornington Peninsula. We began our tour at around 7:30 AM. We were only small group that time, which I actually liked because the tour became more intimate and smooth. Our driver and also our tour guide that time was Phil. He was very helpful and accommodating.

The sky was gloomy when we arrived at Mornington Peninsula. We made a stopover in one of the parks and had a short break. Facing the park was a nice beach. We checked out the beach. There were bathing boxes that I got really amazed of.

Bathing Boxes at Mornington Peninsula

Phil discussed to us that the group would be divided into two; the first group would be spending their morning at the hot spring while the second group would be sightseeing different attractions in the area. The groups will come together for lunch until the end of the tour. I was part of the second group together with an old couple. Now, our group got even smaller. It suddenly felt like I was in an exclusive tour.

We dropped off the first group first. Then, we started our sightseeing activity.

Portsea, a Rich Suburb in Mornington Peninsula

Our first destination was Portsea. We settled in one of the picnic tables and there we had some snacks – biscuits, coffee and tea. It was great to be part of a small group during a tour because I could get the chance to talk to everyone. We had some little conversations and all – and it was really nice to know my tour mates and our guide.

Phil told us that Portsea is one of the wealthiest suburbs in Australia. It is where you can find mansions of the millionaires and famous personalities. But Portsea isn’t just a place for that but it is also a favorite holiday destination because of its rich natural wonders.

Portsea Mornington Peninsula
Bathing Boxes at Portsea Mornington Peninsula

From the area that we stopped by for a tea break, there was a beach nearby which our group went to afterwards. The beach was nice. The water was clear. I’ve learned that this part of Australia was also a great place for scuba diving. I’ve seen some scuba drivers who had just returned from their diving activity.

Fishing at Portsea Mornington Peninsula
Fishing at Portsea

Portsea was actually a great place. I bet there are a lot of great things that can be done here. In fact, we saw several people fishing along the beach walk. It was just nice to see them fishing. It felt so laid-back and simple.

A Look at the History at Port Nepean National Park

Port Nepean National ParkPort Nepean National Park Military Fort

After our jaunt to Portsea, the next place that we visited was the Port Nepean National Park.

This National Park played an important role in shaping the early settlement, quarantine and defense of Victoria. The park has a rich history. It features relics Aboriginal settlements and past military fortifications. We explored the military fort and discovered the historic quarantine station. The park was actually huge. Our time wasn’t enough to fully sightsee the place. It also has outstanding coastal scenery and panoramic view of the bay.

Hospital Building Port Nepean National Park
Inside Hospital Building Port Nepean National Park
Inside Quarantine Station Port Nepean National Park
Inside Quarantine Station at Port Nepean National Park

Breathtaking Scenery at London Bridge Beach

No, the London Bridge wasn’t transferred to Mornington Peninsula but it was named as London Bridge Beach because of the landform that resembles the famous London Bridge in London.

London Bridge Beach Mornington Peninsula

London Bridge Beach is the most northern beach in the Mornington Peninsula. A short walk from the car park is where a lookout is located providing wonderful views of the beach and some rock platforms below.

My Tour Mates at London Bridge Beach Mornington Peninsula

It was perfect that the weather on this part was sunny. We were greeted by stunning views when our group arrived at the lookout point. There, we had breathtaking scenery of the raging ocean. We saw some brave souls enjoying the waves. The view was really great. I was lucky to see a real Australian beach.

London Bridge Beach at Mornington Peninsula
Scenic View London Bridge Beach at Mornington Peninsula

Our group went to the other side of the lookout and there we saw the famous London Bridge. It was said that this magnificent landform is composed of sandstone and has been formed through weathering action of thousands of years of wind, rain and waves. There are also some rock pools below, which is also nice to see.

London Bridge Mornington Peninsula
Rock Pools London Bridge Beach
London Bridge Beach Australia

I wish I could spend more time in the area. It was serene and spectacular. All I can felt was peacefulness. The place wasn’t crowded. In fact, I could count in my fingers how many persons I was able to pass by when we were there.

The Pig & Whistle – Lunch and Wine Tasting

We went back to the hot spring and fetched the other half of the group to have our lunch at The Pig & Whistle. The Pig & Whistle is a traditional pub with a beer garden offering bistro meals, live music and big-screen sports. It has been a favourite watering hole for locals and visitors alike.

Pig & Whistle Mornington Peninsula
Lunch at Pig & Whistle Mornington Peninsula

Phil asked us about our preferred lunch prior to starting our tour; hence, when we arrived we’ve got our lunch instantly. I had a chicken baked in cheese that comes with chips and salad. It was delectable. I actually enjoyed my meal.

Wine Tasting at Pig & Whistle Mornington Peninsula
Red Whine Pig & Whistle Mornington Peninsula
Wine Tasting Bayview Estate

After our lunch, we were treated with a free wine tasting. We went to the back of the restaurant, where the wine shop is. We were served several wines to taste – red and white wines. The wine tasting was actually a nice break from sightseeing. It was a good experience to taste the local wines of Mornington Peninsula.

Mornington Peninsula Chocolates

We made a quick stop at Flinders to checkout a shop that sells handcrafted Mornington Peninsula Chocolates. The chocolate shop produces French, Belgian and Swiss made chocolates. Our group had the chance to have some free taste.

Mornington Peninsula Chocolates

Since I wasn’t keen on buying one, I went out of the shop and tried to explore a bit of this popular street in Flinders. I got to see the shops nearby. I took a quick stroll and found some fascinating arts and crafts. There were also some galleries showcasing prints and paintings.

A Fun Afternoon at Enchanted Adventure Garden

We spent the rest of our afternoon at Enchanted Adventure Garden. It is a theme park that features outdoor and indoor mazes, tube slides, lolly shop and artful garden design.

Admission fee costs AUD 29 per adult.

Enchanted Adventure Garden

Our guide gave us roughly 2 hours to get around the park and enjoy some of the attractions. It was our free time to explore by our own. Although I was alone, I got to say that I enjoyed this great wonderland. I’m a fan of such attraction – alone or not, theme park will be a fun place.

Maze at Enchanted Adventure Garden

I went to the garden maze area first and tried to experience if I’ll get out of the maze successfully. I love maze but after half an hour trying to figure out the things that I have to find inside the maze, I gave up. I walked out and went to other attractions of the park. I went to the gardens and took some pictures. There were flowers, plants and sculpture that are blended harmoniously. The gardens here are in fact said to be the most stunning innovative gardens in the country.

Inside Enchanted Adventure Garden
Fountain Enchanted Adventure Garden

The theme park is home to Australia’s largest Tube Slide. Seeing that people were enjoying this ride, I went and tried it out. I’m a person that really enjoys thrilling rides but this ride gave me dizziness afterwards. The ride was actually exciting. I would want to try it again but because I felt dizzy after, I’ve told myself that trying it once might already be enough. Or maybe, I’m just getting old?

Tube Slides at Enchanted Adventure Garden

There are also other attractions and activities that I’ve found interesting to see and try. There are zip line ride, canopy walk and treetop adventure, mini and indoor mazes.

Tree Surfing at Enchanted Adventure Garden
Treetop Adventure at Enchanted Adventure Garden
Canpoy Walk Enchanted Adventure Garden
Zip Line Ride at Enchanted Adventure Garden
Mini Maze at Enchanted Adventure Garden
3D Maze at Enchanted Adventure Garden
Mirror Room at Enchanted Adventure Garden

Enchanted Adventure Garden is one amazing place to spend an afternoon while in Mornington Peninsula. This place was enjoyable and great for kids, families and friends. I was happy to visit this amazing wonderland for some great and fun adventure.

The Panoramic View from Murrays Lookout

Completing our tour at Mornington Peninsula was a visit to Murrays Lookout. This lookout point has the best vantage point to view the peninsula. Indeed, it was.

Overlooking Mornington Peninsula Murrays Lookout

We made a stopover at the lookout point and spent a couple of minutes to see the overlooking and have some photos. Having a panoramic view of the peninsula was a great opportunity. Murrays Lookout and witnessing its great scenery were truly perfect to seize our day.

Visiting Mornington Peninsula was a great day out to experience when in Melbourne. It was a day of exploring the beautiful sights and discovering its rich history. It was a day of trying the exciting adventures and delectable food and wine. I truly enjoyed this tour conducted by Bunyip Tours and for giving me such a wonderful time exploring the beautiful places on this part of Australia. Mornington Peninsula is truly a charming place and in one day I already got fell in love with it.

Bunyip Tours offers Mornington Peninsula Tours three times a day from March to October and six times a day from November to February for only $149 per adult. You may book this tour by visiting this link.

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