Siargao and the Islands of Naked, Daku and Guyam

When we hear about the island of Siargao, we immediately think about surfing. It’s obvious because the island is named as the surfing capital of the country. But this teardrop shaped island is more than just a surfing site. The island features marvellous beaches, clear blue waters, nearby islands ideal for island hopping and some other tourist attractions.

Knowing these things got me interested to visit the island few months back. Together with my friend, we traveled to the northeastern part of Mindanao and explored the finest beaches of Siargao and its nearby islands.

How to go to Siargao from Surigao City?

After being stranded for a day in Surigao City, my buddy and I left the city at dawn and embarked a ferryboat bound to the main port of Siargao, the Dapa Port. The ferry ride took about 4 hours. It was already past 10:00 AM when we reached the island. As we disembarked from the ferryboat, motorcycle drivers offering their transport services greeted us; however, we opted to get to the terminal area where there are cheaper transport services, tricycle or multi-cabs. These vehicles are bound to General Luna.

Our ride to General Luna took us about less than an hour. Fare costs about PHP 20 each. Upon reaching the town, we went to an eatery first and had our lunch since we haven’t eaten any decent meal yet that day. Afterwards, we rode a motorcycle (habal-habal) to get to the place where will be staying, Buddha’s Surf Resort. Fare costs about PHP 20 each.

Since we only have limited time in the island, we didn’t waste our time. After settling our things in our room, we went out for some island hopping activities.

Island Hopping in Siargao

Before going to this place, I’ve already contacted a boatman who can take us for an island hopping. When my friend and I were already set to start our activity that day, I’ve texted the boatman and asked him to meet us at the port area of General Luna.

My buddy and I decided to walk the road from the resort towards the town of General Luna. Thankfully, a tricycle passed by and the driver let us rode his tricycle to get to the main town.

We met our boatman, Kuya Lito (Lito Jr.), in the pier area. But before we had started our island hopping, we went to the market first. We wanted to have our lunch in one of the islands so we bought some food and drinks.

It was already nearing noontime when we boarded the boat and started the island hopping. We were left with half day for that activity, but our boatman made sure that that was enough for us to cover the three islands that we would like to visit.

Naked Island

First on our list is Naked Island, also known as Pansukian. The island is just nearby the town that our sea travel only took about half an hour. The island was named as such because it is totally bare. There’s nothing on it but a shining white sand bar that is about 200 meters long.

Its bareness makes this island very special and endearing. The sand is fine. The water is clear. What makes it even more lovable was we have this island by ourselves when we visited it. No one was around but us. We really had a great time in the island despite of the burning heat that baked us.

Daku Island

Just close from the Naked Island is where Daku Island is. Seeing how the previous island that we visited looked like made us felt gratified already with our desire to see a beautiful island, but lo and behold our boatman brought us to Daku Island. The island is said to be the biggest among the three nearby islands in Siargao, which I supposed how it has gotten its name. Daku means “big”.

The island is inhabited. There are cottages and simple accommodations available for tourists. We’ve found the island very lovely and pleasant. It has fine white sand embraced by stunning aquamarine waters. Unlike Naked Island, this island is spread with coconut trees.

We spent longer on this island and had our lunch here. We rented a cottage that costs PHP 250. “Paluto” or having your meal cooked by someone else is a service also available in the island. Since we were already too lazy to cook for our meals, we just had our lunch by asking for “paluto”.

Guyam Island

The last island that we visited that day is Guyam Island. This island was said to be local’s favorite if you’ll be staying overnight. But after seeing the island, Daku Island was still our most favorite among the three.

Guyam Island is just a small island, neighboring Daku and the main island of Siargao. A family takes care of the island and charges a minimal fee of PHP 20 for every guest who visits the island. Coconut trees are abundant in the island. It has soft and white sand. It has clear and shallow water. The water was calm when we visited. It was perfect for beach bumming. It was said that it is nice to catch the sunset from the island but we weren’t able to see that as we had already left before the sundown.

It was already 5:00 PM when we went back to General Luna. Despite that it was already mid-day when we started our island activity, we were still able to visit the three islands that we wanted to see. Besides, one doesn’t need an entire day to get to an island hopping in Siargao. 4 to 5 hours is enough to cover the three magnificent islands of Naked, Daku and Guyam.

Boat rental for island hopping normally costs PHP 1,500 to PHP 2,000 but we were able to get it at PHP 1,000 after bargaining.

Watching the Sunset at Cloud 9

Would you believe that we went to Siargao but we weren’t able to try surfing? Oh yes! Sadly, we weren’t able to try it! I’ve thought of joining a beginner course for the activity but I was left with no money to spend for it.

It could have been great if we were able to experience surfing in Siargao but then again I’ve thought, it might be one reason for me to go back to this place.

Since we won’t be trying surfing anymore, my buddy and I just decided to get to Cloud 9 – have some pictures and catch the sunset.

Siargao is certainly not just a place for surfing. I actually haven’t experienced the activity that this place is famous for but my visit to this island was still indeed a great one. I had able to go to some islands and spend time in some of its fabulous beaches. This island destination wasn’t a dream destination of mine, but seeing it personally made me admire it so much. It was a laid-back and amazing destination. It had left me with longing to go back and explore the rest of the island. I’ll go back to Siargao, for sure.

Kuya Lito
Siargao Island Hopping
Phone: +63907 310-3333

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