One Day in Rio de Janeiro, a Rio Full Day City Tour

Rio de Janeiro is one of Brazil’s most popular and frequented tourist destinations. This bustling city is full of exciting things to do. It is home to some of the world’s most spectacular landmarks and tourist attractions. The city has plenty of beaches, dramatic mountains, and historical spots. Joining a Rio full day city tour is the most convenient way to explore Rio de Janeiro.

Rio Full Day City Tour

There are several companies that offer this kind of tour. It’s a fantastic activity most especially for tourists who don’t have the luxury of time to explore everything in Rio.  We had ours through Rdj4u. The tour is a visit to Rio de Janeiro’s top attractions and landmark in one whole day.

Our tour was supposed to be on the third day of our trip. But because of an unfortunate event, we weren’t able to join. We’re glad that the tour agency was helpful and flexible to reschedule our Rio full day city tour to a later date. I thought we wouldn’t be able to enjoy Rio de Janeiro anymore because of what happened to us. But joining Rio full day city tour from Rdj4u reminded us that Rio de Janeiro is a beautiful city.

Rio Full Day City Tour by Rdj4u

The Rio Full Day City Tour let us discovered some of the most interesting tourist spots in Rio de Janeiro. It’s a whole day sightseeing activity. Some of the highlights are Escadaria Selaron, Christ Redeemer and Sugarloaf Mountain.

The activity costs $143 per person. It is a guided tour with professional guide in English, Portuguese and Spanish. The tour comes with free transfer from/to hotels in Rio’s South Zone. It also has buffet lunch and includes admission fees to some of the attractions. Rdj4u offers Rio full day city tour from Monday to Sunday. Tour begins at 9:00 AM and usually ends at 5:00 PM.

Copacabana Beach

Copacabana Beach Rio de Janeiro

My friend and I informed our tour agency to pick us up in a hotel in Copacabana. With still few minutes left before the van to arrive, we explored Copacabana Beach first. One of the most famous beaches in the world, Copacabana has a vibrant atmosphere. It’s a beautiful beach with long shoreline. Too bad we didn’t have more time time to walk around and see more of the beach area. But it was still a great place to see before we began our whole day sightseeing tour.

Escadaria Selaron

Escadaria Selaron Rio de Janeiro

After driving around the city center to pick up the rest of the participants of the tour, we dropped by Escaderia Selaron. Also known as Selaron Steps, it is a set of world famous steps in Rio de Janeiro. This iconic sight is named after the Chilean artist Jorge Selarón. He decorated the 250 steps with brightly colored tiles in the colors of the Brazilian flag in the early 1990s. Escadaria Selaron is one of the city’s most vibrant landmarks making it as one of the most famous attractions to visit in Rio de Janeiro.

When visiting Escaderia Selaron, I suggest going here with a tour guide or part of a group tour. Avoid going here alone or early morning or in the evening. This place is shady. We visited this place by our own early morning so we can have a photo without any other tourists around but three men robbed us on gunpoint. They stole my backpack that has my passport, phone, cameras, cash and cards.

Metropolitan Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro

Inside Metropolitan Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro

After sightseeing some historical buildings and landmarks in downtown, we went to the Metropolitan Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro. The church is dedicated to Saint Sebastian, the patron saint of the city

Built between 1964 and 1979, the Metropolitan Cathedral has a beautiful structure that looks like an angular beehive from the future. The massive church also has an impressive interior. It has a standing-room capacity of 20,000 people.


marxtermind at Sambadrome Rio de Janeiro

Another iconic place that we visited is the Sambadrome. It is the host venue of Rio Carnival. Sambadrome is a purpose-built stadium that comprised of freestanding individual structures for spectator viewing, called sectors. It sits on both sides of a long alleyway down.

Carnival Costumes at Sambadrome

Here there’s also a chance to try some of the unique costumes that were used during the Carnival Parade. It comes with an extra pay, though. Some decided to wear one for photos and also danced Samba.

Maracana Stadium

Maracana Stadium Rio de Janeiro

Maracana Stadium is one of the most iconic soccer stadiums in the world. It was built for the World Cup of 1950, and was renovated for the World Cup 2014. Its main entrance has the statue of Bellini, where our tour stopped for a quick photo.

Christ the Redeemer

Christ the Redeemer Rio de Janeiro

Up to the Corcovado Hill, we arrived to the most awaited part of the tour – our visit to the Christ the Redeemer. Completed in 1931 and standing 98 feet tall, this art deco statue is the second largest statue of Christ in the world.
Christ the Redeemer is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2007. This impressive monument is also often credited as the most iconic landmark in Brazil.

The weather wasn’t nice when we went to the famous site. It was gloomy. But there was still excitement for me to see it up close. The feeling was surreal. I only dreamt of this. After spending how many days in Rio, I finally able to get to the iconic monument. I wished it wasn’t raining that time so I can have better photos but I was still thankful that time for providing us the opportunity to explore the wonderful city of Rio.

Sugarloaf Mountain

marxtermind at Sugarloaf Mountain

After having our lunch and dropping by a souvenir store, we went to another popular tourist spot in Rio de Janeiro, the Sugarloaf Mountain. It is situated at the mouth of Guanabara Bay. Climbing to the top offers birds-eye views of the bay and the city of Rio. Sugarloaf Mountain referred its resemblance to the traditional shape of concentrated refined loafsugar.

Sugarloaf Mountain Rio de JaneiroOverlooking Rio de Janeiro

The easiest way to go to the peak of the mountain is by riding the cable car. It was the part of the tour that made us all excited. The cable car service runs between the peaks of Sugarloaf and Morro da Urca in 20 minutes interval. It goes from a ground station, at the base of Morro da Babilonia, to Morro da Urca and thence to Sugarloaf’s summit.

The best time to visit Sugarloaf Mountain is late afternoon to catch the sunset. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t cooperating that time when we visited.

Ipanema Beach

Ipanema Beach Rio de Janeiro

If the tour finishes early and you still have time and energy to walk around, ask your tour guide to drop you off at Ipanema Beach. It is another famous beach in Rio de Janeiro. It also became known internationally with the popularity of the Bossa nova jazz song, “The Girl from Ipanema”.

The beach in Ipanema is famous for its stylish development and its social life. There are number of hotels, restaurants and shops in the area. Ipanema beach also has a long shoreline that is great for strolling. You can also find people playing football and volleyball. Ipanema is atmospheric, lively and another must visit destination in Rio de Janeiro.

We enjoyed all the places that we had visited during the Rio Full Day City Tour. It was an excellent tour to explore the most interesting tourist spots in Rio. We were able to witness landscapes and attractions that make the city an amazing destination. The experience was remarkable that made us enjoy Rio de Janeiro.

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Note: Additional photos by Doi of The Travelling Feet

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