Explore Antwerp: A Travel Guide to Your Next Adventure

Returning to Belgium wasn’t initially part of my travel plans for my second European adventure. However, that all changed when I stumbled upon a captivating photo of Antwerp’s Grote Markt. Instantly mesmerized by its beauty and historical charm, I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to explore Antwerp. What sealed the deal was learning that this enchanting city was conveniently close to Amsterdam and easily accessible by train. With its rich history, vibrant culture, and proximity to other European gems, adding Antwerp to my itinerary was a no-brainer.

Explore Antwerp

Getting to Antwerp from Amsterdam

I took the train from Amsterdam to Antwerp using my Eurail Pass. Although my original train schedule was canceled, I faced no hassle rescheduling it for the next available train. The train departed from Amsterdam at around 1:00pm and arrived in Antwerp just two hours later. The smooth journey allowed me to relax and enjoy the scenic views along the way, making it stress-free and convenient travel experience.

Antwerp Central Train Station

Explore Antwerp – Things to do

Upon arriving at Antwerp Central Station, my first order of business was finding a place to grab a bite. Thankfully, there are restaurants outside the train station where I could enjoy a quick lunch before heading to the hostel. However, my journey to the hostel was not without its hiccups. I had some trouble locating the metro station and ended up boarding the wrong train. It wasn’t until I realized I was heading in the wrong direction that I managed to correct my course and disembark at the next station, where I transferred to the correct train.

After finally arriving at the hostel, I dropped off my bags and set out to find a picturesque spot to watch the sunset. With the help of my pins in Google Maps, I decided to head to the MAS – Museum aan de Stroom, which is a 2-kilometer walk away. The sunset view from there was absolutely breathtaking.

MAS - Museum aan de Stroom

As I looked forward to another day to explore Antwerp, I couldn’t wait to visit all the tourist attractions I had marked on my map. Known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and lively cultural scene, I was genuinely excited to uncover everything this vibrant city had in store for me. Here are the highlights of my unforgettable visit.

marxtermind in Antwerp, BelgiumGrote Markt at Night

  • Visit Antwerp’s Central Station: With its stunning architecture, this is one of the most beautiful train stations I’ve ever been to.
  • Go to the MAS Museum aan de Stroom: A museum dedicated to the city’s maritime history and cultural heritage. It also offers panoramic views of the city from its rooftop. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to go inside. I was able to watch the sunset thought from the area, which I found very spectacular.
  • Explore Antwerp’s Old Town: In my second day in the city, I wandered through the charming cobblestone streets of the historic city center. It’s lined with picturesque buildings, cozy cafes, and boutique shops. Some of the landmarks and historic spots I was able to visit were Grote Markt and Cathedral of Our Lady.


To help with your trip and make sure you enjoy your vacation, here’s a rough estimate of how much I spent during my 3-day stay in Antwerp. This is excluded of my train ticket from and to Antwerp.

  • Bed in a 4-bed dorm room at Antwerp City Hostel (3D/2N) – Php3,500
  • Food and drinks (estimated cost for my lunch, dinner, and snacks for 3 days) – Php4,000
  • Metro ticket (Diamant Metro Station to Groenplaats Metro Station) – Php150

Approximate total expense per person: Php7,650

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