Coron Ecolodge | A Traveler’s Home in Coron

When was the last time you had a time off? When was the last time you had a break and spent the weekends away from the city? Well, if you think it’s been a long time already since that good-old vacation then I understand it’s now time to book a flight elsewhere at ; get away from the city and spend some time unwinding. I felt lucky enough that few weeks after I arrived home from my 11-days trip in some of the countries in Southeast Asia I was able to spend some time somewhere else to relax and just spend my weekend alone and hassle-free. You know, travelling feels tiring sometimes that’s why I often not called my travels as laid-back vacations; and which I believed everyone deserves a time off. A time off from work, stress and anything that makes us weary. And that solo weekend I spent in Coron, that is indeed a time off!

One of the important things that makes a vacation a vacation is the hotel or any type of accommodation you’ll be staying at. Well, it doesn’t have to be a hotel or a hotel rated as five star (5-star) but as long as you feel at home, feel comfortable, safe about the place and if you feel happy and satisfied with the service then I suppose that makes a good vacation already. Well that statement will be testified by my recent vacation in Coron wherein I stayed in Coron Ecolodge.

Coron Ecolodge is a new two-storey hotel found in the quaint little town of Coron. It is located along Calle Real which is very accessible from the central town, as well as from the different tourist spots in the town.

I was warmly greeted by the staff upon my arrival in the hotel which made me feel at ease, and at home already. In fact, during my entire stay I noticed they were always smiling at me (and to other guests as well) whenever I get to chance upon them or face them. There was an instance one night that I was just the only guest left in the lobby doing some online browsing and the staff asked me if I wanted to join them for late night snack/dinner but I humbly declined as I was feeling a bit shy then (but in reality I was feeling hungry already and wanted to join them). Needless to say my hunger, it was indeed a true Filipino hospitality from the staff! 😀

According to their website, the hotel has it’s eco-friendly feel and approach which exactly matched with the Coron’s view in preserving its surrounding and environment thus it make sense why then named the hotel as ‘EcoLodge’. Certainly this sign, ‘This Hotel is a Smoke Free Facility’ proves to that and it just made me smile. Sorry smokers! 😀

The hotel-lodge has 22 rooms which each room has air-condition unit, two single beds, hot and cold shower bathroom and cable ready TV. For room rates and reservation, you may contact the hotel through their website or contact numbers I provided below.

Well since I’m alone, I’ve got all the beds for my entire vacation.

Wondering what’s with the gecko on their logo? I actually don’t have any idea too but one night when I was in a lobby I heard a gecko around. I suppose that makes a connection why there’s a gecko in a logo. (correct me if I’m wrong, Coron Ecolodge peeps?)

The hotel do have light buffet breakfast which is being served in the food lounge. They do also have wi-fi which is available and accessible at the lobby and reception area. Aside from the basic amenities, the hotel also do provide travel assistance and tour packages. In fact, I just handed them the list of the places I wanted to go to and then, they are the one who took care of it, hassle-free ehIf you want to experience such hassle free tour as well, you may contact the hotel through their website or contact numbers I provided below. 😀

Certainly, it was a wonderful solo travel experience in Coron. I was so happy that once in awhile I can able to experience such laid back during my travels. Well in my part, there’s no itinerary to make, no hassle, no travel buddies to look after to and above all no time to chase; I can go in my own time.

Coron Eco Lodge is indeed a great choice to stay when in Coron. Certainly, the stay alone will give you and your buddies a really pleasant time off. True to that I believe I can call this resort a traveler’s home in Coron.

For discounts, book your stay on this hotel through this link.

P.S. It’s safe in Coron even at night. My friend told me Coron is a zero-crime rate place.


Coron Ecolodge
Calle Real, Coron
Palawan, Philippines
Contact: 09064556090 / 09192048824

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  1. Gusto ko rin mag-Coron ulit 0_0

  2. Kura says:

    @marx – gECKO lodge. Silent "-GE". haha!

    @carla – sobra kaming naakit ni marx sa coron. Safe kasi e. masarap mag solo trip.

  3. blissfulguro says:

    kayo na ang every quarter nasa coron. kayo na!

  4. blissfulguro says:

    kayo na ang every quarter nasa coron. kayo na!

  5. KULAPITOT says:

    never to coron pero sabi nila safe tlga sa lugar n yan

  6. Kura says:

    next time talaga pagbalik ko sa dec try ko na dyan. Medyo may kamahalan lang kasi e. Kuripot mode

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