Cocomama Boutique Hostel, A Cozy Stay in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, characterized by its scenic canals, rich historical architecture, and dynamic cultural ambiance, completely won me over on my recent European journey. This captivating city seamlessly intertwines its historical allure with a modern vibrancy that left an indelible mark on my heart. Among the many cities I explored during my European trip, Amsterdam quickly became a favorite. Adding to that reason was my stay at Cocomama Boutique Hostel. It played a significant role in enhancing my experience in this charming city. Discovering this cozy hidden gem added an extra layer of warmth to my time in Amsterdam, making it a highlight of my journey.

Cocomama Boutique Hostel

It was around 9pm when I arrived at Amsterdam Central. Exhausted from the nearly 6-hour train journey from Berlin, arriving at my hostel felt like a comforting haven with its warm and homely atmosphere. Having notified the hostel in advance about my late check-in, a friendly staff member welcomed me upon arrival. He did not only greeted me warmly but also provided me with comprehensive information about the hostel and its facilities, and guided me on how to use my phone for door codes – a clever touch showcasing the innovative nature of European hostels. As it was already late at night, I made my way to my room and settled in for a restful night’s sleep.


Cocomama Boutique Hostel provides a range of accommodation choices tailored to various preferences. Whether you’re traveling solo, enjoying a romantic getaway as a couple, or exploring with a group, the hostel offers well-designed rooms and dormitories that emphasize both comfort and style. For room rates and availability, you can refer to this link.

Bunk bed at Cocomama Boutique Hostel

During my stay, I opted for a 4-bed dorm room, which struck the perfect balance in size. The space wasn’t overly large nor too cramped, creating a cozy atmosphere. The dorm room is equipped with essential amenities, including bedding, an en-suite bathroom, a bed light, multiple power outlets, and lockers.

Dorm room at Cocomama Boutique HostelShared bathroom at Cocomama Boutique Hostel

Rooms at Cocomama Boutique Hostel are not only comfortable but also creatively themed, adding an extra layer of interest to the accommodation experience. The 4-bed dorm room I stayed in featured a captivating cheese theme, which I found peculiar yet wonderfully charming.


One of the highlights of Cocomama Boutique Hostel is its thoughtfully designed common areas. The family-style kitchen, complete with modern amenities, serves as a hub for guests to prepare meals and foster a sense of community. The hostel further offers a cozy living area and an inviting outdoor garden, providing versatile spaces for guests to relax at any time of day or night. These communal areas also serve as perfect havens for unwinding or connecting with fellow guests. Additionally, guests are treated to a complimentary simple breakfast featuring eggs, bread, and spreads. The hostel also ensures that guests stay connected with complimentary Wi-Fi.

Common area at Cocomama Boutique HostelFree breakfast at Cocomama Boutique Hostel

During my three-night stay at Cocomama Boutique Hostel, I felt like I found a true home away from home. The dorm room was cozy and nicely designed, making it the perfect place for a good night’s sleep. Every night, I enjoyed a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, thanks to the hostel’s commitment to providing a comfortable stay. The quiet surroundings and excellent amenities ensured that each night I had a restful sleep, making my time at Cocomama Boutique Hostel a relaxing highlight of my Amsterdam adventure.

Cocomama Boutique Hostel

Cocomama Boutique Hostel is a traveler’s home right in the heart of Amsterdam. It offers the comfort and vibrant atmosphere of a boutique hotel in a budget friendly rates like a hostel.

Contact Information
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Cocomama Boutique Hostel
Westeinde 18, 1017 ZP Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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