Christmas is Here!

Christmas is joyful. A time for kids, family and friends bond and have fun together. Us, celebrating the birth of our loving Jesus Christ. Look what we have instead of a Christmas tree. Since mejo full na kami sa house, there’s no space to set-up a Christmas tree. But after all, the most important thing is me with my family on Christmas Day. And here’s how I spent Christmas.


The most awaited day of the year has arrived, noche buena. There were food and gifts. Since it was also my cousin’s birthday, his wife bought a cake for the celebration.

Bakit horse? Mahilig kasi sa red horse at horse racing. This is a blessed season for us. It may not be a perfect one but we are still thankful that we are all in one table for the celebration and love that Jesus brought to us.

Food were flavorful. The satisfying pasta, the winner chicken flambe and the naturally sweet desserts.

It was our first time to have an exchange gift. So 2 weeks before Christmas, nagbunutan na kami ng names for the exchange gift. Adults and kids are separated. I set up a board and have their wishlist posted. I was excited to post my wishlist so here are my wishlist Vitamins, Milk or Sock. Napakadali, walang kaeffort effort maghanap.

Prior to our exchange gift activity, nagkaalamanan na agad kung sino nabunot ng isa’t isa. I had no idea who picked my name until my cousin told me that it was my Aunt. She was unable to buy me one from my list so she’ll just give me money to buy for it. Hahaha! Classic. Wala na daw oras si Tita. Pero ok lang need ko din ung money. Hahaha!


Our first exchange gift turned out so well. A lively and witty activity for the Noche Buena. We didn’t only receive the gift that we wished for but the love, effort and appreciation.


Daming gifts and pera ng mga kids!

Namamasko Po. We also shared our blessings to our friends, loved-ones and mostly inaanaks during this season. Syempre dapat may pamasko. And the funny thing is, hindi lang pala pera at gift ang pinapamasko ngayon, ang mga namamasko eh humihingi na din ng ulam. Classic! Here’s a story told by my cousin. She was sitting beside the window when there are people entered our gate and looked for my Tito (cousin’s dad). Namamasko daw. So my Tito gave the person a present / money, and after awhile the person asked my Tito if we still have left food from last night (kahit konting ulam). So my Tito called my cousin to check if there is still food, but unfortunately there is none. Hehehe! I’m not being bad but I laughed when my cousin told me about it.

I was sick. I was not feeling well all the while from Noche Buena until the next day. I had a sore throat and it was a symptom. I took medicine to prevent it. I need to rest and relax. Luckily, I feel better now. 🙂

Christmas Dinner. Every year, our family and relatives gathered for Christmas Dinner to give their gifts to the kids and pamangkins. When I was still a kid, we usually celebrate our Christmas Dinner on our Tita’s house at Quezon City or in Taguig City. But after some inevitable events in our lives, this year we celebrated the Christmas Dinner at my cousin’s house at Cainta.

As soon as we arrived, we took our seats and had dinner. Gutom na kami and super late na ako nagising, 5:00 PM na and I haven’t taken any meals yet that day plus the fact that I’m not feeling well.


After dinner, we watched a movie and had karaoke afterwards. Of course, picture taking is always included.


We didn’t have much activity compared to the past Christmas celebrations that we had. I must say our Christmas this year was more of serene and calm celebration. As long as we’re all fine and we’re altogether, Christmas is here!

It has been our tradition to watch movies from MMFF after Christmas. Since we’re all kapamilya, we watched Tanging Ina. It is a feel good movie. Light drama and full of comedy. It was hilarious. Two thumbs up!

And that’s how I spent my Christmas. It was not the most glamorous or expensive celebration, not even a sumptuous dinner but as long as I’m with my family and loved-ones, it was a wonderful Christmas celebration. You how did you spend your Christmas? 🙂

“Christ was born in the first century, yet he belongs to all centuries. He was born a Jew, yet He belongs to all races. He was born in Bethlehem, yet He belongs to all countries.” Happy Birthday Jesus. Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas!

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  1. Chyng says:

    Nothing can be sweeter! You're blessed to have your family =)

  2. Chyng says:

    Nothing can be sweeter! You're blessed to have your family =)

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