Sleeping in a Campervan at Paradiso Hostel Sao Paulo

How does it feel like to stay in a campervan? For sure it’s an exciting experience most especially during a road trip. But because that kind of adventure is still far from happening for me, staying in a campervan inside a hostel would be a great experience for now. I was delighted to find that Paradiso Hostel Sao Paulo has this kind of accommodation. We learned about this place when my buddy and I went back to São Paulo for a few days, I asked her if we could give this hostel a try – and glad we did.

marxtermind at Paradiso Hostel Campervan

It was already evening when my buddy and I able to arrive at the hostel. Its location is just a short walk from Sumare Metro Station. We were just so unlucky that we made a wrong turn that we had a hard time finding the hostel. We asked passersby and he pointed us to the right direction.

Paradiso Hostel Sao Paulo quickly reminded of one of boutique hotels that I stayed in the Philippines. It was like a big house that turned into a charming hostel. It has variety of rooms from suites to rooftops penthouses to shared rooms to campervan. The hostel has a cool vibe and cozy ambiance. It has several facilities to enjoy. It has common lounge, a game room, shared bathrooms, and kitchen available for guests to use. Just remember to clean as you go when you use the kitchen. Other amenity includes free Wi-Fi connection. More than a hostel, this place felt like a home.

Paradiso Hostel Common LoungeParadiso Hostel Sao PauloParadiso Hostel Kitchen Area

Inside the Campervan

At the garden behind Paradiso Hostel is where the campervan is parked. An original Karmann VW 1969, the campervan was completely redecorated with cool decoration and retro atmosphere.

Campervan at Paradiso Hostel Sao PauloCozy Bed at Paradiso Hostel CampervanInside the Campervan of Paradiso Hostel

Inside the van are colorful pieces and vintage objects. There’s a cozy bed good enough for two people, provided with blankets and pillows. Small compartments and electric outlets are also available. Although small in space, it was surprising that my buddy and I were able to take our two pieces of luggage inside. The downside is we just had to take turns if we have to go through our things.

Stayed inside the Campervan at Paradiso Hostel Sao Paulo

The campervan is pretty small but it was clean, nice and cozy. I suggest staying here if you’re couple, close friends or with someone you can share a small space with. I’m okay staying with my buddy so that wasn’t a problem with me. Add the cold weather of São Paulo; I had also able to sleep comfortably. Staying here two nights certainly provided us a unique experience.

Paradiso Hostel Sao Paulo

With a charming, cozy and unpretentious atmosphere, Paradiso Hostel Sao Paulo offers Suites, Rooftops, Penthouses, Campercan, and Lofts in COPAN and shared rooms, ideal for groups.

Contact Information
Book here for discounted room rates
R. Alegrete, 44 – Sumaré
São Paulo, Brazil
Phone: +55 (11) 97587-0747

Note: Additional photos by Doi of The Travelling Feet

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