Boracay Travel Requirements – Guide for Tourists

Boracay is one of the major tourist destinations in the Philippines that already reopened for leisure travel. But because of COVID-19 that changed the way we travel, tourists should expect strict rules and regulations set in place. Before you go, here’s a quick guide of Boracay travel requirements, processes, list of accredited hotels, and health and safety protocols for safer and more enjoyable visit to the island.

Boracay Travel Requirements

Boracay travel requirements

To ensure a worry-free travel in Boracay, here’s the list of Boracay travel requirements that you need to submit.

  1. Negative RT-PCR Swab Test Result – This must be taken 72 hours prior to your departure. The test must be done in any DOH accredited testing center. We had our test in PGH. Our group availed the DOT subsidy program, which costs Php900 per person. Visit this link to learn more about on how to avail this discounted RT-PCR Swab Test.
  2. Confirmed Hotel Booking – Make sure to book your accommodation that has a Certificate of Authority to Operate and/or accredited by the Department of Tourism.
  3. Roundtrip Flight Ticket – Godofredo Ramos Airport in Caticlan is the only port of entry for tourists traveling by air. So if you’re flying from Manila or Cebu, make sure that your airport destination is Caticlan and not Kalibo. Kalibo Airport is intended for returning overseas Filipino workers (ROFWs), locally stranded individuals (LSIs), and authorised persons outside of residence (APORs)
  4. Proof of Identification with Philippine Residency
  5. Health Declaration Card – Fill out the health declaration form online through this link. You need to submit this form at least 12 hours before your departure.
  6. Boracay Tourist QR Code – Once you’ve completed your health declaration form, submit the Boracay travel requirements (as mentioned above from #1 to #4) to to receive your Tourist QR Code. The email subject should be: OHDC – Last Name, First Name (ex. OHDC – Garcia, Joshua).

Boracay Travel Requirements - Health Declaration Card

What’s next after submitting all the Boracay travel requirements?

When all the requirements have already been validated by the Boracay Tourist team, you’ll receive in your email a link to your Health Declaration Card with your Boracay Tourist QR Code. Please print it or save the QR code on your phone because you need this when you check in at the airport and when you arrive at the Caticlan Airport. You will also need the QR code when entering establishments in Boracay.

If you haven’t received any response after two hours you may follow up with the Boracay tourist team. Most of the time, the delay is due to the verification of your documents from the testing centers and from your accommodation.

Arrival in Godofredo Ramos Airport (Caticlan Airport)

Arrival in Caticlan Airport

Disembarkation from the airplane is now more organised. It is being done by batch, which is 3 to 4 rows. Before entering the airport terminal, passengers are required to wear face masks and face shields. Once inside the terminal, tourists are asked to do temperature check. Then, there’s another booth where you have to present your government ID, boarding pass and QR code. Expect long waiting lines because of social distancing.

Once your documents have been verified, you may already proceed to baggage claim if you have a baggage. If you availed a transfer service, you can then proceed to their booth. Otherwise, there is a tricycle terminal outside the airport.

Our group booked a roundtrip transfer service through Klook, which we were able to purchase for around Php600 per person. It was discounted when we booked it a month ago. It already includes all the fees. The service was already reasonable considering all the fees that need to be paid at the port. We also find it more convenient.

Where to stay in Boracay?

Henann Palm Beach Resort Boracay

One of the Boracay travel requirements is to book a DOT-accredited accommodation in the island. To check the list of accommodations in Boracay with Certificate of Authority to Operate and authorised by the Department of Tourism, please visit this link.

Here are the hotels that we booked for our stay in Boracay:

For other options for accommodation in Boracay, please check and compare using the Agoda search box below.

Boracay in the new normal

Boracay in the new normal

While in the island, tourists are expected to follow the safety protocols and practice social distancing.

  1. Tourists need to wear face masks but not required when swimming and eating.
  2. When riding a public utility vehicle, aside from face mask, face shield must also be worn.
  3. Register before swimming. Go to designated beach stations and have your temperature checked. Tourists should only swim in the marked areas between red and yellow flags from 6:00am to 6:0pm
  4. Curfew is in place from 11:00pm to 4:00am.
  5. Keep your Boracay Tourist QR code with you at all times.

For more information about traveling to Boracay in the new normal, please visit the DOT website through this link.

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