Beautiful Isolation at Siama Hotel

Siama Hotel is a hotel resort in Sorsogon City that offers a beautiful sanctuary for rest and relaxation. The hotel is perfectly located just around 3 kilometers from the city center and normally takes 10 minutes ride to and from the city proper. Its convenient location gives an easy access to the must-see tourist spots not only in the city but also for the entire province of Sorsogon.

While the hotel is proximately located from the city center of Sorsogon, Siama Hotel is found in a prime location that amazingly provides remoteness from any noise and city buzz. Once you get in to the site of the hotel you’ll surely feel like you’re in a beautiful isolation because of the lush of trees and lots of vegetation surrounding the hotel resort.

Staying at Siama Hotel offers a kind of vibe that you’re like in the middle of a forest. That kind of atmosphere promptly gave us an impression that this promising hotel would definitely hand us a gratifying and soothing vacation.

It was midsummer when my friend and I went to Sorsogon and spent a vacation at Siama Hotel. I actually planned to spend the long weekend somewhere out of the country but the exorbitant airfare held me up in making it happen. But dropping my original plan eventually appeared to be a right move because I had finally experienced the tasteful hotel living in Sorsogon that I’ve been planning to do since. It was the vacation in Siama Hotel that I was keen in experiencing from the time I had learned about the property.
After almost 2 hours of traveling from Legazpi City, it was already past noontime when my friend and I arrived at the hotel. The staff greeted us with sincere warmth as soon as we entered the vicinity. We dropped our bags first at the reception area and I was then asked to fill up the form for an easy check in process.

After completing the form, the staff accompanied us to our room that is located at the ground level.

Siama Hotel currently has 40 rooms designed with taste and style to make guests feel the comfort and outstanding hotel living. Siama Hotel has three types of room, namely, Deluxe, Superior and Deluxe Bunk Bed. Each room is gracefully equipped with lovely fixtures and furniture matched with minimalist room interior.

Our room was a Deluxe Room. It has two single beds and has a view of the pool. The room has a private shower. It is air-conditioned and furnished with a desk and a balcony. Toiletries and bottled water comes complimentary for each room.

Our room was spacious and clean. The room really looked nice with its upfront design. The room was so cozy that most of the time we wished that we could just stay there throughout the day.

Our great hotel experience at Siama Hotel also comes with a delightful dining experience. Siama Hotel unfailingly provided us sumptuous and appealing meals from breakfast, lunch and dinner. My friend and I were able to enjoy the food that are mostly Filipino dishes. My favorites were vegetable with coconut milk, grilled pork chop, chicken with tomato sauce, champorado and the rest of the breakfast food. Every meal in Siama Hotel is a complete meal because dessert is also being served after.

Siama Hotel irrefutably serves delicious and tempting meals. Food always comes fresh from the market every day.
The food being served at the hotel depends on the number of guests staying. During peak season, the hotel serves meals in buffet type but during lean season, the hotel serves meals in plated or family style type.

The laid-back and elegant feel of Siama Hotel essentially stunned us. Mainly it was due to the hotel several outstanding facilities that sometimes lead us into thinking not to leave the hotel anymore and just stay there and get isolated forever. 

The hotel provided us friendly services. The amenities were superb. The stylish furniture and chic design of the hotel instantly provided us the sense of comfort and classiness.

When I had the chance to have a sit down conversation with Kat, the person behind Siama Hotel together with her husband Milo, I told Kat that the overall look and design of Siama Hotel really makes the hotel even more notable and extraordinary. All furniture is so exceptional and remarkable that really complements the impressive surrounding of the hotel. I even told Kat that the 3-wheel bike parked at the entrance of the hotel actually handed Siama Hotel its own trademark. I’ve never seen such kind of 3-wheel bike, only at Siama Hotel.

Siama Hotel also features a modern forest pool. It’s a 25-meter lap pool that finely positioned in the middle of the hotel overlooking the verandas of the premier rooms. Need I say more about the pool?

The facilities at Siama Hotel are truly impressive. But what is missing are TV and Wi-Fi inside the rooms. They do have TV and Wi-Fi at the common area but the Internet connection wasn’t reliable most of the time. So when you plan to stay at Siama Hotel, prepare yourself to get really isolated, not only from the city life but from the online world as well. Kat told us that she would want her guests to experience the old ways of communication, which is socializing and talking to each other personally. I got her there. 

But I guess one doesn’t really need a TV or Wi-Fi when in Siama Hotel because the existing amenities that the hotel has are already adequate for guests to enjoy his or her stay. You can go biking using the 3 –wheel bike, you can spend your afternoon swimming at the pool or you can pamper yourself with a relaxing outdoor spa. If you think those amenities are not enough then you can rent the hotel’s vehicle and get around the province of Sorsogon and explore the different tourist spot that it has.

The ambiance of being surrounded by nature and the lack of TV and online connection felt like we were isolated at Siama Hotel. But this was the kind of isolation that I like; it was a beautiful and peaceful one. I was secluded from stress and worries. Indeed, I had a soothing time off staying at the hotel for five days. With the great accommodation, delectable dining experience and outstanding facilities, I think I have nothing more to ask to experience such vacation. Everything that Siama Hotel has contributed to make our stay in Sorsogon worthwhile and more enjoyable. 
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Siama Hotel
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  1. Wow buti ka pa nakapasok, It was unfortunate that no one's around that time hindi na kami nkabalik. 🙁

  2. Wow buti ka pa nakapasok, It was unfortunate that no one's around that time hindi na kami nkabalik. 🙁

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