A Sun-Filled Afternoon at Nagtabon Beach

Originally, my plan was to stay in my hotel in Puerto Princesa City for the entire day of my last day of my weeklong vacation in Palawan. There were tours being offered that was perfect for a day tour but I wasn’t keen on participating since I didn’t want to be part of the horde of tourists that long weekend visiting one tourist spot from another. But the sun-filled weather that day was too perfect for me to get out of the hotel and take some vitamin sea, as they call it. 

Being my curious wanderer self, I then made a quick search online for a possible beach that I can visit that is nearby Puerto Princesa City. Subsequently, a list of resorts in Sabang Beach popped out as a result. But I didn’t want to go to Sabang Beach because for sure it would be touristy and I might find the transportation going there very challenging most especially, it was already late for me to visit that place if I would be commuting. So I read through the search results again page by page and voila, an unfamiliar name of a beach nearby the city appeared, Nagtabon Beach.

After learning about Nagtabon Beach, I asked the staff from the hotel and texted a friend who resides in Palawan on some information about the beach. I was told that I might find it difficult to get back to Puerto Princesa City from there because of irregular transportation. Public vehicles to get there and to get back to Puerto Princesa City are not frequent. But seeing wonderful images of Nagtabon Beach already desired me to visit it. So even with no guarantee that I can catch a vehicle that can bring me back to Puerto Princesa City, I still pushed through with my plan. Let’s go impromptu!

Nagtabon Beach lies in the northwestern of Puerto Princesa City. Reaching the place is easy if you have a private vehicle. Nagtabon Beach is just about an hour by land transport from the city center. It was past lunchtime when I started my trip. I rode an ordinary bus in San Jose Terminal that passes by Bacungan. Buses that are bound to the northern part of Palawan passes by that place, so I rode an ordinary bus bound to El Nido. Bacungan is just half an hour drive from San Jose Terminal. Fare costs around PHP 30.  From Bacungan, I asked around if there’s a tricycle or a motorcycle that could take me to Nagtabon Beach. One storeowner offered me his motorcycle for PHP 150 one way. I found it costly so I’ve declined his offer. I walked further and was able to chance upon a crowd of local villagers. I asked them about how to get to Nagtabon Beach, and I was told I could ride a tricycle together with the other passenger who was also waiting for a transport. We could ride the tricycle together to share the expense of renting it out, so I agreed. Tricycle costs PHP 100 one-way per person.

The road going to Nagtabon is bumpy and rough. Only few motorcycles and off road vehicles can pass through the road; so after a few attempts to get through the jagged road towards Nagtabon Beach, the tricycle driver had then told me if I can alight already and just walk the remaining kilometers to reach the beach. Due to the road condition going to Nagtabon, visitors taking a commute to get to Nagtabon Beach are left with no choice but to trek for 8 kilometers all the way towards the beach area.

The sun was on its peak while I was walking through the rough road. The sun was scorching, which made my walk downhill even more draining. My only wish then was I hope I could get to the beach as quickly as possible. And lo and behold, all my weariness had gone when I finally reached the beach. Absolutely, the difficult hike under the sun was all worth it.

Seeing Nagtabon Beach was such a delight. The beach is an exclusive enclave having an excellent view of the sea that makes it a perfect serene hideaway. I felt fulfilled reaching my destination. There was no single regret that I’ve chosen Nagtabon Beach over an entire day of slumbering in my room

Nagtabon Beach is my kind of beach. The beach is a lovely stretch of creamy white sand beach with crystal clear waters. The water is shallow that is perfect for swimming. The beach was clean. It wasn’t that crowded during my visit. But perhaps if you visit this place during off peak season, you might find yourself alone enjoying this wonderful beach destination.

That afternoon was sun-filled. I could spend the rest of my afternoon gazing at the sea. I just couldn’t help myself but to admire this little haven located just an hour away from the city. But then I realized that looking at the sea suddenly appeared not to be enough for me to say that I had truly enjoy Nagtabon Beach. So without any hesitation if who would keep an eye of my belongings, I took off my shirt, ran to the sea and had a swim.

Though I was on my own and the people near me enjoying the beach were groups of friends and family, I was still able to enjoy my time swimming. That day was perfect. The sea was calm and the sun is bright. Thank goodness for the great weather. 

Hours after, I’ve then decided to get moving. I was on my way out of the beach when two kids from the village, Jayjay and Christopher, approached me and asked me if I would want to get to that abandoned house uphill and take a picture of the entire coast. Curious as I was, I accepted their invitation to go to the place they were telling me. The hike to the uninhibited house uphill was easy. It took us about 10 minutes to reach the place. The place was a great vantage point to view the entire beach. I’ve got mesmerized with the stunning view that it offers. It was indeed a great view. Good thing I joined Jayjay and Christopher before I left Nagtabon. I wouldn’t be able to have picturesque scenery of Nagtabon Beach if they didn’t ask me to join them.

Jayjay and Christopher also told me about the spectacular sunset in Nagtabon Beach. I would love to see that magnificent sunset but my mind was already telling me to go back to the city because it was already getting dark. I’ve though that it was just going to be more difficult for me to find a motorcycle to bring me back to the highway if I stay a little longer. Hence, before the sun finally set into the horizon, I bade goodbye to my new acquaintances and to my new found haven, Nagtabon Beach.

It was already past 5:00 PM when I left the beach and started to hike back towards the main road. Few vehicles had passed by but seemed like they had no space for a hitchhiker like me. When I reached the concrete road, I waited there for a couple of minutes for a motorcycle to arrive that could perhaps take me to the main highway. Luckily, I didn’t wait for that long because one motorcycle got my attention. I asked him if he could take me to the main highway and I’ll just pay him for the ride. He agreed, and in 15 minutes or less we were able to get to our destination. From the main highway, I originally planned to catch a bus but a tricycle passed by and asked me and also another person waiting for a bus if we would like to take the tricycle. We declined firstly because we knew it’ll be pricey but he insisted that we could pay the same fare when we ride a bus. So we didn’t wait for the bus anymore and just boarded the tricycle going back to the city.

I’ve never thought that as tranquil and beautiful as Nagtabon Beach exists just an hour away from the city. I wonder why people don’t frequent to this place. This beach destination is in fact better than the other popular tourist spots that are located nearby Puerto Princesa City. Me learning about Nagtabon Beach only show that Palawan is truly a place that is full of surprises and wonders. That Palawan is truly an ultimate beach destination for everyone.

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  1. blissfulguro says:

    No to hiking! Hahaha. Good find to ah 🙂

  2. blissfulguro says:

    No to hiking! Hahaha. Good find to ah 🙂

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