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Port Barton | Island Hopping Tour and the Trek to Pamuayan Waterfalls

Friday, May 29, 2015

Port Barton is becoming a well-liked destination to tourist nowadays because of its remoteness and simplicity. It is still mostly intact and pleasantly natural, which exactly makes it an attractive destination.

But apart from its charismatic vibe and environment, Port Barton cannot be discounted when it comes to attractions and island activities. This becoming popular destination in the northwest coast of Palawan also revealed to have several beautiful islands and inland tourist spots that are worth visiting.

Ausan Beach Front Cottages, a Friendly Accommodation in Port Barton

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Port Barton is a small village situated on the northwest part of Palawan that is now becoming a desired destination. It is becoming a tourists’ favorite because of its remote atmosphere, laid-back feel and natural beauty. Experiencing those things personally made me also desired the place. But apart from those things, what made my vacation in Port Barton worthwhile was my stay in Ausan Beach Front Cottages.

Ausan Beach Front Cottages is a resort situated along the beachside village of Port Barton offering accommodations of pleasant feature in a reasonable price. It is tactically located at the center that makes it a great choice to stay while in this interesting destination.

A Long Walk at the Long Beach San Vicente Palawan

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

"How long does it take to walk from end to end of the Long Beach?" I asked the staff of Ursula Long Beach Traveller’s Inn about the amount of walk if I explore the Long Beach by foot. I was told that it'd take a day to walk from end to end back and forth. I asked if any of them had tried it, none of them actually did.

Long Beach is the one of the most renowned sites in San Vicente, Palawan. The Long Beach stretches to 14 kilometers that has creamy white and powdery sand. The staff of the resort told me that some of their guests attempted to get from end to end but none of them had become successful. Some simply got tired after walking for a few hours while some just gave up till they reached the middle part of the lengthy shoreline.

Ursula Long Beach Traveller's Inn

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Looking for a place to stay in San Vicente has now become quite easy because the selection of accommodation has grown, but if you’re looking for a beachfront accommodation then the options as of the moment are only few. Most of the accommodations in San Vicente are located in the town proper of New Agutaya and Poblacion. Though the Long Beach in San Vicente stretches to 14 kilometers, you’ll only find one or two resorts that are situated or near the lengthy coastline. One of which is Ursula Long Beach Traveller’s Inn.