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Summer Getaway at Cebu White Sands Resort & Spa

Sunday, June 28, 2015

It was a weekend of fun and great bonding experience when some of my favorite travel buddies and I went to Cebu. Our agenda was to have a great summer getaway in one of the prominent tourist destinations in the country before the hot season ends. That weekend was packed of enjoinment, relaxation, food and happenings. But the most important thing was we celebrated these things together with our friends based in Cebu.

Cebu White Sands Resort & Spa was our home during our summer getaway in Cebu. The resort had been our witness for our meet up and a great weekend that we all had. It was our destination for having an ultimate summer vacation in Cebu, providing us not only a lovely accommodation but also a rewarding summer experience. 

Tourist Attractions to Visit in Sorsogon

Sunday, June 21, 2015

A lagoon, a surfing spot, a lighthouse, cold springs and ancestral houses to name a few of the numerous attractions that can be found in Sorsogon. I bet some of you might not know that these kinds of tourist attractions exist in the province. Often times, when we think of Sorsogon we instantly thought of whale shark in Donsol. Donsol has undeniably become the most recognized tourist destination in the province but Sorsogon has still a lot more to offer.

Sitting at the southernmost part of the island of Luzon, the province of Sorsogon is a great destination for people seeking for nature, adventure, culinary and history.

Beautiful Isolation at Siama Hotel

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Siama Hotel is a hotel resort in Sorsogon City that offers a beautiful sanctuary for rest and relaxation. The hotel is perfectly located just around 3 kilometers from the city center and normally takes 10 minutes ride to and from the city proper. Its convenient location gives an easy access to the must-see tourist spots not only in the city but also for the entire province of Sorsogon.

While the hotel is proximately located from the city center of Sorsogon, Siama Hotel is found in a prime location that amazingly provides remoteness from any noise and city buzz. Once you get in to the site of the hotel you'll surely feel like you're in a beautiful isolation because of the lush of trees and lots of vegetation surrounding the hotel resort.

A Sun-Filled Afternoon at Nagtabon Beach

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Originally, my plan was to stay in my hotel in Puerto Princesa City for the entire day of my last day of my weeklong vacation in Palawan. There were tours being offered that was perfect for a day tour but I wasn’t keen on participating since I didn’t want to be part of the horde of tourists that long weekend visiting one tourist spot from another. But the sun-filled weather that day was too perfect for me to get out of the hotel and take some vitamin sea, as they call it. 

Being my curious wanderer self, I then made a quick search online for a possible beach that I can visit that is nearby Puerto Princesa City. Subsequently, a list of resorts in Sabang Beach popped out as a result. But I didn’t want to go to Sabang Beach because for sure it would be touristy and I might find the transportation going there very challenging most especially, it was already late for me to visit that place if I would be commuting. So I read through the search results again page by page and voila, an unfamiliar name of a beach nearby the city appeared, Nagtabon Beach.