Caliraya Springs: Rest & Recreation at Mountain Lake Resort

Friday, October 17, 2014

It was 10 days after I return from an out of the country trip when some of my travel blogger buddies and me went to a resort nearby Metro Manila and spent a weekend of rest and recreation. It was exactly what I had needed as I was suffering from a post-vacation blues. You know, only another travel can end such misery.

Together with 8 of my travel friends, it was early morning of Saturday when we left the busy city and traveled the road for about 3 hours to reach the area of Caliraya.

Thailand | Ayutthaya in a Day

Monday, October 13, 2014

Still with 14 hours remaining before my flight back to the Philippines, me and my friends went out of the busy city of Bangkok and visited Ayutthaya to see some of its prominent temples. Ayutthaya is an ancient capital of Thailand, which is located in the central plains of the country. 

The city boasts numerous magnificent ruins and temples. It is situated 85 km north of Bangkok. Because of its proximity, this place has also become one of the famous sites to visit outside Bangkok. Getting to this place is easy as there are numerous transport services that are bound here such as train, boat, vans and mini bus.

Holiday Inn Express Bangkok Sathorn, a Quick Stay in Bangkok

Thursday, October 9, 2014

I was down to my last days of my travel in Thailand when I went to Bangkok. My initial plan was just to make a stop over for a few hours then fly back to my home country. But then I’ve thought, why not stay in the city first for a night and have a lovely staycation or maybe go to the places that I’ve missed visiting the first time that I’ve been here.

Seeing the city once again gave me the similar surprising feeling of how amazing this destination was. It was still the same city atmosphere that I have fallen in love with. Although I haven’t moved around too much on my third visit, the thing that I had admired that time and made me appreciate my vacation further was my stay in one of the nicest hotels in the city.

A Spice of Life in Pai, Thailand

Saturday, October 4, 2014

It was after spending a night in the city of Chiang Mai when I had decided to go to Pai, a small town situated in the mountains north of Chiang Mai. Pai is a laid back town with fresh air, green mountain and pleasant people.

My initial plan for my visit in Thailand was to merely stay in Chiang Mai, but when a friend mentioned about Pai, then saw and read stories about how laid back it is, I’ve lessened my travel days in the city and decided to spend time in the peaceful town of Pai.