Tuguegarao City and Some Churches in Nearby Towns

Friday, January 23, 2015

The city of Tuguegarao is the capital of the province of Cagayan and serves as the center of business, economy and tourism of the area. Though Tuguegarao City is an important provincial center, the city itself isn’t much established yet in terms of tourism. There are several hotels and lodgings in the city but there are only limited spots to see and happenings to do there because most visited tourist sites are actually situated in surrounding towns and municipalities. That’s also why I got a little frustrated when our trip to Kalinga didn’t take place because I couldn’t think of place to sightsee anymore or activity to do within the city.

Because my buddy and I didn’t push through with our trip to Kalinga anymore, we had just agreed to spend our time in Tuguegarao City and explore its different tourist attractions and visit some nearby towns.

Suddenly, At Hotel Joselina and Traveller's Inn

Saturday, January 17, 2015

After our jaunt in the city of Tuguegarao, my buddy and I planned to go on a trip to Kalinga. However, it didn’t occur as planned because we failed to arrive on time at Tabuk City and catch the jeepney that goes to Tinglayan in Kalinga. I guess it wasn’t meant to happen. We then just went back to the city, feeling unfulfilled.

Because of frustration, I’ve envisioned that we needed something rewarding to ease our moods and someway forget about our futile attempt to visit Kalinga. That moment, I thought that the wheel of fate must turn. I have to ensure that our remaining days should be in favor with our plans. I’ve listed some things to do and places to go but I felt that it wasn’t enough to relieve my frustration. Then suddenly, the idea of staying in a pleasant hotel popped up in my head.

A Half-Day Tour in Manila

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Few months ago, a friend of mine from Cebu messaged me in Facebook and told me about her approaching visit in Manila during the holidays. She told me that she wanted to go to Manila Ocean Park, Mall of Asia, Star City and the city of Manila. Because it was a holiday, I told her that I could only accompany her in one place. She agreed and let me decide for her itinerary. I told her that I could only join her on Sunday after an occasion that we will be attending, hence leaving us with only half day to spend. I told her that the best place to visit that suit our time would be the city of Manila.

Although it was already my nth time to go to Manila, the idea of sightseeing the city again made me feel excited. I was excited to revisit the same old tourist spots of the city. I was thrilled to revive the memories that I’ve had when I visited those places years ago. I was keen to learn about the city once again. But more than those things, it was the chance to see what does the capital city looks like now – and the changes that it has.

Staycations, Vacations and Destinations of 2014

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The year 2014 has been again a good year for me in terms of travelling. I was able to visit numerous destinations. I was able to experience several staycations. I was able to spend some vacations. 2014 was a more relaxed and laidback travel year compared to the years when I’ve ventured myself into it. I’ve had some exciting adventures but I must say, travels that are about treating myself, giving myself some timeouts and not thinking about fully accomplishing my itinerary had ruled this year. It was definitely a year of staycations, vacations and destinations.