That Place Called Sagada

Saturday, February 28, 2015

We all have our favorite place or places, may it be our house, a tourist destination, a cozy café, or a chic hotel. But wherever that maybe, this place has become our favorite because it carries memories and recollections. It can be a place that gives us contentment to our desire, longing or passion. It can be a place that gives us solitude, happiness or enjoyment. It can be a place that makes us who we are. It can also be a place that makes us feel home. Well, those are the things that I always feel about when I pay a visit to this place called Sagada.

Sagada is my most favorite destination in the country. Though, I enjoy most of the time being in the beach, the charm that Sagada has is so incomparable and irresistible. Sagada has this feeling of being a home away from home. Sagada gives me this sense that I’m always part of this place, that I’m not a stranger, an outcast or an outlander. It always embraces me with its full spirit and nature. 

Sagada | Places to Stay and Eat

Monday, February 23, 2015

Planning a trip to Sagada is easy. During low season, there’s actually no need to contact a guesthouse prior to your trip. You can easily get an accommodation once you’re there and go to the restaurants that you feel like having a meal without waiting for hours to line up. You can simply go to an adventure that you desire by booking it at the Municipal Hall. Yes, that easy! But during high season, looking for place to stay and restaurant to eat is challenging. Just like my experience when my friend and I visited Sagada in December. It gave me a tough time booking place or places to stay for five days because most of the accommodations were fully booked.

Witnessing Sagada Bonfire Festival

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Most people know Sagada as a place for adventures and sceneries. People go to this popular tourist spot to seek for an exciting journey, to do some enjoyable activities and to get relaxed with amazing surroundings. But also like any other destination in the country, Sagada is also a place with interesting culture and tradition; part of it is the Sagada Bonfire Festival.

The Sagada Bonfire Festival is a festivity celebrating the culture and tradition of Cordillera. It showcases ceremonial of bonfire lighting, playing of gongs and dancing. The festivity happens yearly at the night of the New Year’s Eve, that’s what I knew.

A Gracious Holiday at Le Monet Hotel

Monday, February 9, 2015

Baguio City is a popular tourist destination in the Philippines. People visit Baguio City because of the atmosphere, tourist attractions, adventures, gastronomy and heritage. But aside from these things, Baguio City is now also a vacationer’s haven because of its nicest hotels. Some people now also visit Baguio City not just to get around or sightsee but also to feel relaxed and comfy by staying in a pleasant hotel. One of the hotels in the city that I’ve seen that holds so much warmth, coziness and graciousness was the Le Monet Hotel.

Located in the heart of Camp John Hay, Le Monet Hotel is a charming first class 70-room property that overlooks a picturesque view of pine trees and mountain range. The hotel provides a great fusion of comfort, luxury and affordability, which people exactly consider when eyeing for a place to spend a vacation.