Year-end Post | The Incredible Journey of 2013

Truly, 2013 has been an incredible journey. It just didn’t take me to different destinations but it let me comprehend the essence of a true journey. 2013 is a year when I was able to get to wonderful and surprising destinations. I was able to experience places that were extremely impressive and admirable. I was able to see views that were especially calm and capturing. I was able to appreciate attractions that were truly interesting and appealing. I was able to perceive culture that were exceptionally unique and complex. I was able to meet people that were indeed companionable and spirited.

The Incredible Journey

2013 is certainly a year that placed me into an incredible journey. Before we say goodbye to this year, let me take you back to what had occurred on the 12 months that had passed.

Beach will always be part of my travels every year. What is good about living in a country being surrounded by water is you’ll never run out of beach destinations to visit. In 2013, I was able to go to several beach places which are undoubtedly stunning and amusing.

Beach Destinations

The year had started by discovering the secluded beach of Masasa Beach in Tingloy, Batangas. It had been proceeded by enjoying the beach of Boracay Island once again. A quick visit in Sombrero Island situated in Batangas had happened in March to fill up our beach desire. Summer was about to end when me and my favourite buddies went to Pangasinan to explore the grace of the off-the-beaten beaches in Dasol. Before the summer had ended, the company where I’ve been working held a summer affair in Zambales. The rainy season had arrived but it didn’t stop us from enjoying the beaches of Isla De Gigantes in Iloilo and Burot Beach in Batangas.

Capturing is what this year also about. I was able to adore several overlooking sites but getting to these places had given me hardships. Nevertheless, the view when getting to the top was just truly fulfilling and relaxing.

Scenic Views of 2013
I had never thought that I’m going to enjoy climbing or trekking so much this year when I had visited two mountains in Luzon; Mt. Gulugod Baboy and Pico De Loro. But if you’re not into such adventure, one doesn’t need to climb up to these mountains to also have nice overlooking as there are also different sites that also give fulfilment and amusement to the eye. Just like the places that I’ve been to this year like El Nido in Palawan where all you can see around is truly unwinding and Mount Mayon in Bicol where all you can say is magnificent.

Tourist attractions are unavoidable, in my case. There’s nothing wrong in visiting touristy spots. I would like to be in the crowd sometimes.

Tourists Attractions

This 2013, I was able to join several tours which are mostly traveled by tourists. I was able to witness a festival. I was able to visit new attractions. I was able to see the arts of Angono. I was able to go see a falls in Naga. I was able to experience the Puerto Princesa Underground River tour. I was able to get to Davao and wander around the tourist spots that it has.

2013 also brought me back to the countries that I’ve already been to. But these visits were extraordinary and unique. The several sites that I had visited on these countries were different (in a way) from the last time.

Revisiting Southeast Asia
I joined friends in visiting River Safari in Singapore. I went to Malaysia for a layover and spent my time seeing the famous Petronas Towers in daylight. I took a time off in Thailand and stayed in Pattaya to have a quick beach getaway.

However, what this year that made it really incredible is my odyssey in India. I had never thought that I will be visiting this country sooner that I had thought. Going to this country was just a dream to me years ago.

Indian Odyssey

Each places that we had visited on this surprising country was worthwhile and notable. The long wandering on this country taught us so many things, made us realised a lot of things and let us appreciate the things around us. India, you are just so amazingly beautiful that sometimes can only be appreciated by people who actually go and see it by themselves.

2013 is a wonderful year that came to me. But it wouldn’t be that wonderful and amazing without the people that I’ve been to and I met on the road. Thank you for being part of it and in continually being part of my days and many years of travels to come.

Faces of 2013

Sometimes, it isn’t the place that makes the destination enjoyable but the people you’re with – and 2014 will be more of that. Looking forward to meet new people, see new destinations and encounter new experiences. Cheers to more awesome years to come!

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  1. marxtermind says:

    Madami pa gustong puntahan! Hehehe.

  2. marxtermind says:

    Madami pa gustong puntahan! Hehehe.

  3. marxtermind says:

    Awesome 2014! Tapusin na ang mga backlogs. 🙂

  4. marxtermind says:

    Awesome 2014! Tapusin na ang mga backlogs. 🙂

  5. Paula O says:

    Happy 2014! More travels Marx! Great photos! Great travels! 🙂

  6. Paula O says:

    Happy 2014! More travels Marx! Great photos! Great travels! 🙂

  7. iAn says:

    Wow! ang haba na ng mga yapak mo, Marx!

  8. iAn says:

    Wow! ang haba na ng mga yapak mo, Marx!

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