Lunch at Ted’s Oldtimer La Paz Batchoy

Food and specialties are always part of my travels. I make sure that I can taste at least a specialty or delicacy of provinces and places that I visited. Because we’re in Iloilo, we should try the pride and famous La Paz Batchoy.

“Batchoy is a noodle soup made with pork organs, crushed pork cracklings, shrimp, vegetables, chicken stock, chicken breast, beef loin and round noodles. Its origins can be traced to the district of La Paz, Iloilo City in the Philippines, hence it is oftentimes referred to as La Paz Batchoy.” –

After visiting the churches of Iloilo, we headed to Robinson’s Place and had lunch at Ted’s Lapaz Batchoy.

Ted's La Paz Batchoy

Batchoy originated from Iloilo and the place that offers the most delicious batchoy (for me, so far…) is Ted’s Old Timer Lapaz Batchoy. The only product served by Ted’s Oldtimer Lapaz Batchoy back then, when it was started, was the “original” La Paz Batchoy. But now, it offers different set of meals from oldtimer favorites to namit (rice) meals.

Ted's La Paz Batchoy Menu
Since super gutom ako, I can’t afford not to eat rice so I ordered Porkchop Namit Meals. The meal already includes a mini-batchoy. It was a good thing because I don’t have to order additional extra super batchoy. I’m already good with a mini-batchoy. And the price? Sulit for only PHP 120.00 🙂

Namit Meal - PorkchopMini La Paz Batchoy

The taste? As expected… sarap ng batchoy! And my porkchop meal? It’s usual. Pero batchoy naman ang specialty nila dito so ok na! 🙂

My friends ordered Chicken Namit Meals and Extra Super Batchoy. I haven’t tasted the extra super batchoy since I’m already good with my mini-batchoy. And shy akong makitikim. 🙂

Namit Meal - ChickenExtra Super Batchoy

Nabusog kami! It was all good… ganon talaga siguro kapag pagod at super gutom, sarap kumain. 🙂
By the way, I asked one of the staff if she can take a picture of us, and so she did. Staff are kind and accommodating. I also asked them if how to get to the port going to Guimaras from where we are, and they gave us the direction. Thanks to the friendly and helpful staff of Ted’s Oldtimer Lapaz Batchoy! 🙂
And here’s our photo at the fast food.

Ted's La Paz Batchoy 1

Again, if we have more time I’ll try the other local specialties and delicacies like Chicken Inato, Pancit Molo and others, but we need to move to our next destination. Thank you Iloilo!

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