Starting the Day Right through Breakfast Savings

How do you start your day? Certainly, a day should be started with a smile; but more than this it should also be started with a smile on our plate. Well, that’s a morning grub; a right amount of our favorite breakfast meal to boost our energy so we can do more activities and supply us nutrients so to keep us away from sickness. Now this is becoming a healthy blog. But seriously, a morning meal is the most important food of the day as we all get our supplements from this. That’s how a day should be started.

A breakfast meal doesn’t necessarily to be sumptuous but it has be healthy, a cup of rice, a dish and fruit drink is already good but if you’re desiring for something more in your plate just like what you see from your favorite culinary magazines, cooking show, online food stores, buffet, hotel, restaurants and so forth, then don’t worry no more as there are now ways to have that splendid morning meal experience without spending a lot.

Eat breakfast like a king, eat lunch like a prince and eat dinner like a pauper. Using vouchers and coupons to avail breakfast might just be the answer for eating breakfast like a king, if you take it literally though. With the presence of vouchers nowadays, one may choose to an array of dishes for breakfast, from buffet meals down to ala carte. Some may like pancakes, bacon, omelettes, fritata and the list goes on. And some might still want to stick to our Filipino favorites like the tapsilog, tuyo, tinapa, salted egg with tomatoes.

By using vouchers, you are given the opportunity to eat in posh hotel and the most sought after restaurants at a discounted price. Just like when me and my friends purchased restaurant buffet coupons for a restaurant located in Quezon City which is known to be a place frequented by famous personalities. The buffet originally costs Php985 but we were able to get it for only Php735. Another experience I had using a voucher was to eat a dinner buffet in a posh hotel in Manila where we were able to have it half the price. That’s quite a steal right? So what to do now? Buy a voucher or two for your next breakfast food trip.

What I also like about purchasing vouchers from my favorite deal-of-the-day website like Groupon is they are very convenient and easy to use; find deals that could interest you, purchase it, and redeem. Please do note that you have to read the terms and conditions as this may vary for each deals.

Breakfast is indeed an important meal to kick off the day. Having one will surely make your day right. And by having it more lavish and special will certainly make your day so so… right.

So, breakfast anyone?

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