Snooze and Booze at Z Hostel

A weekend with my favorite staycation buddies is always an ultimate bonding experience over food, beers and stories. I guess that’s the common denominator for all of us why we jive every time. We simply love spending some weekend to slumber and have beers. So when I suddenly received an invite from them for an unexpected staycation in one hostel in Makati City; I didn’t hesitate and immediately packed my bag and went to our meeting place to join them. Well, that day happened to be a Valentine’s Weekend also and I guess staying at home will just make me feel lonesome and envious from people enjoying that special weekend.

Our place of staycation for that weekend was at Z Hostel in Don Pedro Street in Makati City. Z Hostel is a hostel only of its kind because it is the biggest and only luxury hostel in the Philippines.

Staying in a hostel is not new to me. We all know what a hostel is. It’s a type of accommodation that provides inexpensive lodging. But a luxury hostel like Z Hostel is something that I had never experienced before. What makes Z Hostel a luxurious one?

Z Hostel generally attracts backpackers with better budget that still wishes to experience staying in a hostel, or simply those travelers that we now call flashpackers. A flashpacker is an adventure traveler that prefers style and comfort. Although Z Hostel generally aims for this kind of travelers, the hostel is still open for anyone to stay and experience it.
It was already past 7:00 PM when our group checked in at the hostel. Finding the hostel was just easy because it was only few walks away from our meeting place, which is in El Chupacabra.

At first glance, I had mistaken Z Hostel for a hotel. The lobby area is fancy. There’s a reading lounge area in one corner and a bar and café on the other side. Upstairs is where the game room and theater room are.

Z Hostel currently has 30 rooms and 128 beds providing the most relaxed accommodation. Our group stayed in a mixed dorm that can accommodate up to 8 persons. The bunk beds were quite big with quality linens, pillow and towel racks each. The room looks fresh and pleasant. It was tidy and spacious. The room has a private bathroom. Each guest is provided with towel to use for free. The room is also equipped with big lockers. Each locker has individual outlet wherein guest can charge their gadgets anytime without even worrying about them if you would like to step out.

A bed per night in a Mixed Dorm costs PHP 990. Other types of room that the hostel also offers are Private Room that costs PHP 2,700 per room per night and All-Female Dorm that cost PHP 1,350 per person per night.

All rooms are air-conditioned. Shared bathrooms are also available at the second floor. Free Wi-Fi connection is also provided. Breakfast also comes complimentary for each guest. It is self-served, which includes bread, jam, rice cake, cereal, soup, omelet, and beverages like coffee, milk and juice.

All of us staying in one room only mean one thing; it’s an all-night of goofing around. It was already a little late when all of us got up from our beds the next day. If it wasn’t for the breakfast, then you might still see me slumbering till late afternoon. But after having our quick meal at the bar and cafe, our group went back to our room and gone on idle again. We were all so lazy that we did nothing at the earlier part of the day but to doze. It was already afternoon when we decided to go out of our room and had our lunch. To have a different setting, we had taken our meals at the roof deck.

The hostel has connecting roof decks. These provide spectacular views of Makati and the surrounding cities. The roof deck is the perfect spot to hang out. In fact, this area is the common event place for Z Hostel when throwing parties and special occasions. One of which is the Sunday Slowdown.

Our staycation in Z Hostel was timely that our group got to experience Sunday Slowdown. It happens every Sunday at the roof deck to meet other guests and friends and have a little chitchat over cold beers and local barbecue favorites. The hostel also brings local artists to jam with live art and music. The party normally starts at 4:20 PM and ends early morning the next day.

The party was epic. I didn’t know that a party on a Sunday night could be that enjoying. We were able to be entertained from the chillax party together with the live jamming with The Slinks, the duo who performed that night. From having our late lunch at the roof deck, it was already around 4:00 AM when all of us had able to get back to our room to get some sleep. Imagine we were able to consume about PHP 3,000 amount of beers in just a single night. The beer was a little bit pricey but positively all of us had a great night. We also met Philipp of ESCapology during the party, who is a blogger from Germany.

From comfortable beds to great amenities to exciting events, I know now what a luxury hostel is. Z Hostel features every good thing that a hostel has in a service of a first class hotel. It is laid-back and cozy. The staff are helpful and friendly. Our stay in Z Hostel was definitely a staycation to remember. Most of us were feeling sluggish getting up from bed the next day, perhaps because of hangover – a proof of how much we had enjoyed the party at the roof deck. We left Z Hostel around lunchtime – and went back to our normal weekday routine. Certainly, a staycation in Z Hostel is a day and night of snoozing and having plenty of booze. I think that’s what the Z signifies.

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Note: Additional photos by Lakad Pilipinas and Tracking Treasure


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