Revisiting Famous Tourist Spots to See Mount Mayon

Isn’t it nice to end a tour around Bicol on a place with a magnificent view of Mount Mayon?

The final leg of our Bicol tour happened at the province of Albay, visiting the famous tourist spots to see Mount MayonThe volcano can be practically seen almost anywhere in Albay but a cloudless view of it can only be seen rarely. It is said that the sky normally clears off during dawn and dusk.

The tourist spots that we had visited on the last hours of our Bicol tour gave us a stunning view of the famous volcano in Albay. The view may not be cloudless but seeing a glimpse of this perfectly coned shape is already stunning as it is.

Cagsawa Ruins

Cagsawa Ruins is a park being managed by the municipal government of Daraga. It is one of the most visited tourist spots in Albay wherein you can have a postcard view of the great volcano with the Cagsawa belfry in front.

It was my third time visit to this park but I haven’t had the chance to see the Mount Mayon from this spot on its cloudless view. But definitely, the volcano wasn’t totally shy that time of our visit compared to my last visit here wherein the sky is full of clouds hindering the beautiful volcano to show off.

One can also enjoy to take trick photos with Mount Mayon as a back drop but I guess a picture of a ‘colorful’ us is enough as a souvenir photo to take from this park.

Daraga Church

After a stop in Cagsawa Ruins we then moved to another famous landmark in Daraga where a historic church is situated and a view of Mount Mayon can also be seen, the Daraga Church. The church which is also named as the Our Lady of the Gate is situated on Sta. Maria Hill in the town of Daraga. The church was built by Franciscan missionaries in 1773.

Even though it was already my second time visiting this place, I can’t help but be awe of the artistry look of the church. The design is a mix of architectural styles from Renaissance Gothic and Mexican baroque. Its facade was said to be cautiously carved from volcanic stones. The distinct features of the church includes the four spiral columns with medallions at the center of each column bearing images of the four Evangelists.

Ligñon Hill

One of the famous sites in Legazpi City, not only to see the beautiful volcano but to go for different sports and adventures is the Ligñon Hill. Standing 156-meter high, it is one of the most visited site in the region for tourist, adventurers and fitness buff. A number of people jogging up and down the hill will most probably be seen when you visit the area.

The hill is situated behind the Legazpi Airport Tower and beside the Albay Wildlife Park.

We thought that we’ve seen the best of Mount Mayon during our daytime tour, however when we reached the top of Ligñon Hill at past 6:00 PM, a gorgeous volcano showed off. Now, it is evident that a view of the great volcano is better during dusk.

The Oriental Legazpi

One of the newest hotels in Legazpi City that gives an alluring sight of Mount Mayon is The Oriental Hotel.

Situated at Taysan Hill, it has the benefit to give to its guests an overlooking of the cityscape and a backdrop of the beautiful volcano and the blue waters of Gulf of Albay
It was already night time when we reached the hotel. We were so tired and what we would all want to do is take a rest. When we entered our room we were welcomed with these comfortable beds, just perfect to make a well and restful sleep that night.

We had witnessed how the volcano looks like during dusk in Ligñon Hill but how about how it looks like in the morning? So the next day before I went to the hotel breakfast area and had my first meal, I went out of the hotel first and see how the volcano looks like. Oh boy, it’s so lovely.

One of the facilities and amenities that I always look forward from this kind of hotel is the swimming pool. Right after we took our breakfast we then went to the pool area and took some snapshots.

I spent an hour in the pool area. The swimming pool is an infinity pool with the Mount Mayon as its backdrop but the house with a red roof spoiled the view. The view could have been perfect without it.
Mount Mayon is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful volcanoes in the world. Standing with its perfectly coned shape, the volcano is truly a sight to behold.

Do you know any other spots to see Mount Mayon? Share it to us.

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  1. huhuh, hindi ko nakita Cagsawa Ruins last year.

  2. huhuh, hindi ko nakita Cagsawa Ruins last year.

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