Manila Tourist Spots – Interesting Places to Visit

Manila is a nice destination to visit when coming to the Philippines. Although it is often overlooked as a mere stopover for travellers planning to go to other places in the country, Manila also has its own rich history and experiences to offer. Manila features multi-cultural heritage. Some of the Manila tourist spots to see are colonial architectures, historical landmarks and religious sites. Manila also has towering skyscrapers, notable shopping centers, and modern attractions.

Manila Tourist Spots

With plenty of exciting activities to do, Manila is certainly more than just a stopover. Experience the best of the city with this guide to Manila museums and list of things to do. Spend two to three days and visit these interesting places and tourist attractions. Here are some Manila tourist spots.

Rizal Park

A major part of the Philippine history, Rizal Park is the most important landmark to see in the country. It’s a national heritage that houses the remains of the country’s most celebrated national hero, Jose Rizal.

Rizal Park Manila

The park was a tribute in honor of Rizal’s patriotism. This was the site of his execution during the Spanish colonial era. His monument enshrining his remains serves as the park’s symbolic focal point.

Also a favorite leisure park, this 140-acre lot features lawns, gardens and outdoor events as well.

Historical Landmarks

Manila Post Office Building in Manila

Surrounding Rizal Park, there are also a lot of Manila tourist spots to see. A capital city, Manila has places that have become a symbol of the country’s identity. There are heritage sites, government buildings and remarkable places around. If you wanted to see some historic buildings in the area, you can visit The Manila Hotel, Manila Post Office Building and Metropolitan Theater.

National Museum of the Philippines

National Museum of the Philippines

Another interesting place just nearby Rizal Park is the National Museum of the Philippines. The museum is the ideal location to know more about the culture and history of the country. The museum features important people, culture, history and artistry of the Philippines from the early period to the modern times. It has several galleries that also houses historical collections, paintings and sculptures. There are also exhibits featuring works of art.


Intramuros Manila

To have a great insight of the history of the city, spend time to explore the walled city of Intramuros. Go on a time travel to the oldest district and historic core of Manila. Intramuros, which literally means “within the walls” in Latin, is surrounded by thick, high stonewalls and moats. Inside is a nice historic town with loads of places to see. There are walls, gates, fortifications, plazas, monuments, public buildings, schools, churches, museums and ruins among others. Some Manila tourist spots to see here are Manila Cathedral, San Agustin Church and Fort Santiago.

Fort Santiago

Fort Santiago, Manila

Fort Santiago is another important historical site in the Philippines. Part of Intramuros, it’s a fascinating place to have a view of the history and the Spanish occupation. It is now a popular tourist destination with beautiful park and museum. It also showcases a replica of Jose Rizal’s prison cell. There are also prison dungeons for criminals used by the Spanish officials.  Fort Santiago also has a small museum dedicated to Jose Rizal’s life and work.


Binondo is the Chinatown district of Manila, and also the oldest Chinatown in the world. One of the Manila tourist spots to visit, it’s a nice place to have a glimpse of history and heritage. This renowned district also became the center of commerce during the American occupation. Preserved buildings, old streets and some religious sites can also be found. One of the must visits is Binondo Church.

Manila Chinatown

Complete a visit to Chinatown by also experiencing the famous Binondo food trip. Try some of the restaurants here offering authentic Chinese food. Binondo is a popular place for food trip so don’t forget to have a taste of its delicious and authentic Chinese and street food.


Quiapo Church Manila

Quiapo is the old town of Manila and also home to Quiapo Church. Inside the church there’s the Black Nazarene, the statue of Jesus of Nazarene who is thought to give miracles and blessings. Quiapo is also a place for marketplace and bargain hunting. There are a lot of stores with plenty of stuff and items of all sorts. This district in Manila is also home to a sizable Muslim population. Located here as well are the Golden Mosque and Green Mosque.

There are also some historical houses and places in Quiapo. It’s easy to get lost here, so better to have a local guide when visiting this place.

Other Manila Tourist Spots – Manila Bay and Manila Ocean Park

Manila Bay is a natural harbor that serves the Port of Manila. It facilitated commerce and trade between the Philippines and its neighboring countries. Its waterfront is a 2km strip of central public space. Manila Bay walk is what we call it is a venue for social interaction and recreation. It is also a good place for a walk and also the best spot to watch the sunset.

Manila Ocean Park

Another place to enjoy a visit in Manila is the Manila Ocean Park. This tourist attraction is the country’s first world-class marine theme park and a premiere educational facility. It is also an urban resort with marine life attractions.

These are just some of the Manila tourist spots – historical sites and top attractions to see in Manila. With several other notable landmarks and parks, and remarkable cultural and historical spots, Manila is indeed an exciting city to discover when visiting the Philippines.

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