Trip Report: From Manila to Hanoi with Cebu Pacific

Arriving at the airport an hour before my flight was another amazing-race-like experience for me. I always tell myself that I have to be early or at least two hours before the flight. But I guess I never learned. Or can I blame Grab? I had been trying to book a ride for an hour already but I couldn’t get one. I tried catching a taxi instead but still no luck. So I went to my last option, which is to ride a motorbike. Imagine I also had my suitcase that time. My flight to Hanoi with Cebu Pacific was at 10:00 PM. I arrived at the airport a little past 9:00 PM. After getting through the security check, I ran quickly to the Cebu Pacific counter. I asked if check-in for flight to Hanoi was still open. It was so I presented my passport then dropped my luggage. After about 3 minutes, the staff handed me my boarding pass.

NAIA Terminal 3 Check-in Counter

I was really nervous when I was on my way to the airport. I had been planning for this trip to happen because I wanted to go to Hanoi and visit Halong Bay. These destinations in Vietnam had been on my list for long and missing my flight to Hanoi with Cebu Pacific would only mean that I had to wait maybe months or a year again for me to be able to plan a trip to Vietnam. I was excited to have this vacation and thankfully, I made it to my flight!

Hanoi with Cebu Pacific

A Street in Hanoi

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam. A fascinating city that is rich in culture and famous for its centuries-old architecture, this place has become a favorite destination in this part of the country. Nearby Hanoi are also wonderful destinations such as Ninh Binh, Sapa and Halong Bay. Servicing one flight daily from Manila to Hanoi, Cebu Pacific makes it easier and affordable for Filipinos and other foreign travelers to explore this part of Vietnam.

Manila to Hanoi Flight

After checking in to my flight to Hanoi with Cebu Pacific, I had 30 minutes left before boarding. So I decided to immediately go to my boarding gate. Good thing, there were no long queues so I was able to get through the immigration and security check quickly. When I arrived at the gate area, almost all seats were occupied so I sat somewhere nearby. where I can wait and see the passengers. I didn’t wait for long though because after about 10 minutes, boarding was announced. Boarding for our flight to Hanoi happened by zone.

Flight to Hanoi with Cebu Pacific

After placing my backpack in the overhead bin, I went to my seat and waited for the plane to take off. We waited for a little while for airline safety and document check. Around 10:15 PM, we departed for Hanoi.

About 20 minutes since we left Manila, the cabin crew started to serve pre-booked meals. For this flight, I had Beef Bulgogi. This meal is one of the online exclusives so if you would like to have this on-board, I suggest to order it in advance. You can pre-order by managing your booking via Cebu Pacific website.

Beef Bulgogi Cebu Pacific On-board Meal

The flight from Manila to Hanoi with Cebu Pacific utilizes Airbus A320. It has 180 seats with 3×3 layout. Seats are comfortable and provide enough legroom. In fact, I was able to sleep well half of the flight. The entire flight took about 3 hour and 35 minutes. With an hour difference in time zone between Vietnam and the Philippines, it was around 12:35 AM when we arrived in Hanoi.

Manila to Hanoi Flight 5J 744

Online Check-in for International flight

To avoid missing my flight, I made sure to check in my flight to Manila already through online. This service is available through website and mobile. It’s easy and very convenient most especially if you want to avoid the long lines in the check-in counter. Online check-in is available from 7 days up to 4 hours before your flight with Cebu Pacific.

Cebu Pacific Web Check-in Hanoi

With a scheduled departure time of 1:20 AM, I also made sure that I would have enough time in the airport. So I left Hanoi 4 hours before my flight. I took a shuttle from the city and was able to reach the airport around 10:00 PM. There was a long queue at the Cebu Pacific counter when I arrived. I lined up but I noticed that there was a separate lane for Online Check-in. The line was actually short and only had few people. Since I did mobile check in for my flight already, I lined up to this lane. It didn’t take long for me to have my turn. I presented my passport and online boarding pass. Since I had a check-in baggage, I dropped my luggage. In about 5 minutes, the staff handed me a physical boarding pass. The check-in process was fast and convenient. If I didn’t check-in online, I would still be probably on the line waiting for my turn.

Noi Bai International Airport Terminal 2 Hanoi

Hanoi to Manila Flight

The flight to Manila was on-time. As a standard procedure by Cebu Pacific, boarding happened by zone. I was seated in the second row, so my zone was the last to board. Feeling exhausted because of all the activities and travels that I did that day, I fell asleep and didn’t notice when the plane took off. It was only when one of the crew woke me up for my pre-ordered meal. This time, I had Fish Steak with Rice. After finishing my meal, I went back to my sleep. The entire flight was pleasant and comfortable as usual. We arrived in Manila around 6:00 AM.

Cebu Pacific Flight Experience

Halong Bay Vietnammarxtermind at Tam Coc Vietnam

Flying to Hanoi with Cebu Pacific is one of the most remarkable trips that I had. Well, I almost missed my flight that makes it already unforgettable. But in a serious note, this trip was remarkable because of the wonderful experience I had while exploring this part of Vietnam. My plan to visit Halong Bay finally happened. I was also able to discover some other beautiful destinations nearby Hanoi.

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Manila to Hanoi with Cebu Pacific

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