Kalanggaman Island, a DIY Overnight Trip

Kalanggaman Island is a gorgeous beach destination in the municipality of Palompon in the province of Leyte. It is one of the places I was very keen to visit since I learned about it several years ago. My first attempt to visit it was in 2015 but unfortunately the trip did not push through. So I booked another plane ticket from Manila to Tacloban. I was glad that I was able to take the flight already. But what made me ecstatic about the trip was I was with some of my nicest friends. It was a perfect and exciting trip, I must say!

marxtermind at Kalanggaman Island Leyte

The day before our flight, the tourism officer of Palompon told us that boats were not allowed to bring guests to Kalanggaman Island that day. There was a gale-warning signal issued by the local climate authority. It somehow saddened me. But that didn’t discourage me to postpone our trip. I thought of contingency plan. I searched some alternative destinations that we could visit in Leyte, if we couldn’t be able to go to Kalanggaman Island.

The day of our flight came, we were hopeful that the gale warning would already be lifted. We were wishing that boats could leave from Palompon to Kalanggaman Island already. The sky was gloomy when we arrived in Tacloban. I immediately called the tourism office to ask for an update. A staff told me to call back after an hour since they were still also waiting for the go signal from the coast guard. I was also in touch with one of our friends who would be joining us, but he will be coming from Cebu. Good thing was he’d arrive in Palompon earlier than us. I asked him to take charge in coordinating with the tourism office. Since we still had some few hours to spare before we receive an update, we decided to visit some significant landmarks in Tacloban.

After an hour, my friend called me to tell us that boat transfers were already being allowed. We felt excited upon hearing that news. So, our group immediately went to the terminal.

How to go to Palompon from Tacloban City?

We rode a jeepney going to the terminal. At the terminal, there are already buses and UV Express vans that are bound to Palompon. We took a UV Express van since it’s faster and more convenient. Travel time is 3 hours. Fare is Php150 per person.

Kalanggaman Island Boat Transfer and Island Fees

Advance booking is needed when visiting Kalanggaman Island, most especially during peak season. They only allow 500 guests per day. Boat transfers, island fees and accommodations need to be coordinated through the tourism office. The office is in front of Liberty Park near the Municipal Hall of Palompon. Here are the contact numbers to ask: +63926 816-4005 or +63915 871-9142.

Beach at Kalanggaman Island Leyte

Island Fees

Day tour rates per person – Php500 (foreign tourist), Php150 (local tourist)
Overnight rates per person – Php750 (foreign tourist), Php225 (local tourist)
Boat fee from Palompon – Php3,000 (15-person capacity), Php3,500 (25-person capacity), Php4,000 (30-person capacity), Php5,000 (40-person capacity)

Special discounts are also given to Palompon-based locals and Senior Citizens.

DIY Overnight Trip

It was already past 11:00 AM when we arrived in Palompon. We went straight to the tourism office to meet our friend, Ian. He was there for a few hours already waiting for us so he was already able to arrange everything. There was other few groups going to the island that time that would also be staying overnight. They asked us if we would be willing to share the boat so it would be cheaper for everyone. We agreed. Then, we paid the boat transfer and island fees.

We took our lunch first in an eatery near the market before we went to the island. We also bought some stuff and food that we needed.

Kalanggaman Island DIY Trip

Our boat came around 2:00 PM. To reach the island we sailed for an hour. We got all so excited when we reached Kalanggaman Island. A caretaker of the resort welcomed our group. We originally like to rent camping tents that we will use for our stay. But a staff in the tourism office suggested if we want to stay at the newly opened resort instead. It has no name yet that time, but it is at the western part of the island.

Other Side of Kalanggaman Island

Accommodation in Kalanggaman Island

The caretaker then brought us to the resort. It was at the far end but there’s nothing to worry because it’s just an easy 15-minute walk to reach it. And as a bonus for us, we were the only group staying there that time. We somehow owned that part of the island.

Camping at Kalanggaman Island Leyte

The resort was not officially opened yet. Our group was the first one to try the accommodations. It wasn’t really a well-appointed resort that you imagine but the place has several small wooden tents. Each can accommodate up to 4 persons. Booking of each wooden tent also comes with a set of mono block chairs and table. We were 8 in the group so we got 2. The owner gave it to us for a discounted rate of Php1,000 for each accommodation. They also have decent bathrooms, which why I also like this place.

Kalanggaman Island itself is a beauty. Even in a gloomy day, the island is a wonderful destination. The water was inviting and alluring. Our group totally enjoyed the beach. We also woke up early so we could experience the sandbar. It was just regretting that the sun just showed up when we were about to leave.

Kalanggaman Island, a DIY Overnight Trip

I was more than glad that I finally able to visit Kalanggaman Island. We were so lucky that we enjoyed this place so much because there were also only few tourists around. Perhaps, because of the gale warning issued a day prior to our visit. Some might have decided to just cancel their trip. I also enjoyed this place not only because of how incredible it is but also because of how great the people I was with. There are no dull moments when I’m with these friends. We had fun. Definitely, one of the best trips I had.

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  1. Danry Kevin says:

    Hi, Confirm ko lang po, Base po sa nababasa ko na ibang blog ay wala daw pong freshwater napwede panligo but you said they have decent bathrooms? Pwede po pa confirm? Plan po kasi namin mag overnight sana.

  2. Hi, can you choose what time for the boat to pick you up the next day? Thanks!

  3. ann says:

    Hi Sir, ask ko lng po kung my contact kayo sa kalangaman na resort na tinuluyan nyo po sa island.

    • Hi, Ann. Dun na kami mismo sa tourism office nakipag coordinate.

    • Cebu Kalanggaman Island Tour says:

      Hello Ann, if you are still going to kalanggaman or planning to go there, I think we could help you with your questions regarding kalanggaman island and other places in Cebu and countryside.

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