Island Hopping in Calaguas – Kumalasag and Maculabo Island

To make this trip extra-worthy, we asked our boatman if we can pass by Kumalasag Island and Maculabo Island before we go back to Paracale.

Kumalasag is now a private island so there’s no chance for us to set our foot but our kind boatman told us that we can pass by so we can still see how the island looks like.

Kumalasag Island 01

It was another long boat ride (1 hour) under the sun going to Kumalasag Island, sunburn!

Kumalasag Island 02

See how the sea water looks like, so irresistible. We saw some flying fishes too, but I was unable to capture it! If we can only jump off from the boat and take a dip at the beautiful beach of Kumalasag Island!

Kumalasag Island 03

So near yet so far, if it isn’t just a private island we could have experienced it! We wonder who owns it now! Since we are only making ourselves craved for beach, we’ve decided to move to our next destination!

Maculabo Island is an hour away from Kumalasag Island (or Paracale fish port if your coming from Paracale) and part of the jurisdiction of Paracale, Camarines Norte. There’s an actual community living in the island yet the island was still a paradise, a turquoise clear water and fine shore sands.

Makulabo Island 02

Clear isn’t it, the seabed is visible!

As soon as we docked our boat, we went off and let ourselves enjoyed this beautiful island of Maculabo. The sun is heating up but we don’t care at all, the beach is so tempting! Unlike Mahabang Buhangin, there are only few people in the beach (mostly our locals). I supposed we are the only guest at the island that time.

Makulabo Island 04Makulabo Island 05

The sea bed is not as fine as Mahabang Buhangin. The seabed was like composition of tiny rocks and not sand. But the beach still looks amazing! We spent almost 1 1/2 hour beach bumming, photo ops and another beach bumming here under the sun! It was already past 11:00 AM and imagine how hot it was!

Makulabo Island 07

After a couple of minutes after 11:00 AM, we’ve decided to leave the island. Another hard to leave for us part! We didn’t want to go yet but we need to… Next time I’ll be here, I’ll spend 3 days and 2 nights for maximum beach bumming!

Makulabo Island 06

We arrived at the mainland around 12:30 PM. We went to our boatman’s house, washed up and fixed our things. We paid our boatman PHP 3,300 all in (including the tip)!

Calaguas is a true paradise, indeed. A gem from Camarines Norte.

Trip Tips: 

  • For side trip to Kumalasag Island and Maculabo Island, ask the boatman first if when is the best time to go since sometimes wave are notorious, but the best time to go is early morning
  • Enjoy the beach and leave nothing but footprints
  • If you still have a lot of time to spend, you may visit the Pulang Daga Beach Resort in Paracale. Pulang Daga means pulang lupa (red soil)

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4 Responses

  1. marxtermind says:

    @Jeffz, tama super ganda! 🙂

  2. marxtermind says:

    @Jeffz, tama super ganda! 🙂

  3. JeffZ says:

    love the beaaaaaaaaaaaaaach! 🙂

    okay lang ma sunburn wag lang madisappoint na hindi makapagswim sa ganyang klase ng tubig!

  4. JeffZ says:

    love the beaaaaaaaaaaaaaach! 🙂

    okay lang ma sunburn wag lang madisappoint na hindi makapagswim sa ganyang klase ng tubig!

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