Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark

Since we don’t have our own car and reserved tickets yet so we’ve decided to go to the hot air balloon festival as early as 2:00 AM by commute. Me and my friends met at Victory Liner and rode a bus going to Dau Terminal. Fare is PHP 123.00 with 1 hour and 30 minutes travel time. We arrived at Dau Terminal around 3:30 AM, and  had our breakfast first. Afterwards, just outside the terminal, we rode a tricycle going to the main gate (fare costs PHP20.00 each). And from the main gate, there are jeep that will pass by the Clark Freeport field, fare is PHP 10.00 each.

When we arrived at the event’s area, there are already bunch of people on queue to the gate entrance. We lined up and waited until the gate opens.

After a couple of minutes, the line started to move. We bought our tickets at the gate entrance, ticket costs PHP 150.00.

It was still dark. We walked until we reached the grounds. The center area is already full of people / watchers, so we went to the side end, and we were able to secure a good place.

It’s already 5:30 AM but there’s no trace of balloon flights. After a couple of minutes, there are already vehicles coming in the field, starting to prepare for the balloon flights. I suppose they waited until the sun rises, before they started.

The event officially started with Philippine Army Flag Jump.

While participants prepare for the balloon flights, pakitang gilas muna tong 3 na toh!

Wow! Their starting to inflate the balloons…

More balloons…

More and more balloons…

And the first one to fly….

Oh wait, there’s more…

Up, up and away!

I can’t take a good shot, against the light kasi 🙁

It was a feel good experience. I wanted to ride on one of those, but If I only have the resources. 😉

Oh, lumipad na si barrel man…

Oh, there were still more balloons on this side… 😉

And the barn flew away. How cute!

But wait there’s more. Mejo snob si Darth Vader ah!

Up, up and away hot air balloons!

It was an amazing experience. What I loved about this kind of festival is I felt like I was a kid again. Just happiness and enjoyment. Para kaming mga bata tuwing may balloon na lilipad!

After the balloon flight, its the Paragliding Exhibition. But we’ve decided to roam the place and check what to see around. There were kite flying, photo booths, bazaar and exhibits.

It felt like it was already noontime but it was only 8:00 AM then. Daming tao!!! Then we had our snack. Afterwards, we decided to go out and visit Nayong Pilipino. We didn’t finish the whole program anymore since we were only after the balloon flights. 🙂

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5 Responses

  1. pusang kalye says:

    btw—I created a fb group for Photobloggers like us which can serve as our forum. hope you can join us. find me in facebook—antonio magno carranza jr so that I can officially include you. pakilala ka lang ha. I don't approve everybody kasi. see you. thanks

  2. pusang kalye says:

    isa pa to. ang dami dami nyo nang pumunta na dapat sana pala eh nameet ko klung di lang ako tinamad ng araw na yan. hahaha. okay ang mga pics ah. promising.D:

  3. marxtermind says:

    Hahaha! Pede na bumili mismo sa oceanjet, sa port mismo, need din pla ng valid id. 🙂

  4. marxtermind says:

    Hahaha! Pede na bumili mismo sa oceanjet, sa port mismo, need din pla ng valid id. 🙂

  5. Chyng says:

    eto na pala yun!
    inferness, you did it the DIY style. saludo ako sayo for that. i agree, mas muraaa!

    btw, how can i avail the libre balik promo sa bacolod-iloilo ferry?

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