Graceland Baker’s Plaza

Aside from Bigg’s Diner, there’s another known fast food from Bicol that serves real taste and finest food, it’s Graceland! Graceland is now a far cry from the original “garage operation” started in 1976 but just like most local businesses (in Naga); it had a very humble beginning.

Graceland is like Goldilocks or Red Ribbon here in Manila. It’s a baker’s plaza but also serves rice meals, pasta and etc.

Before we went back to Manila from our Calaguas Trip, we looked for something local to try and I thought of Graceland. We went to Daet Centro where Graceland is.

My 2 companions ordered Bangus Meal (because it’s Black Saturday)!

The Bangus Meal is ordinary and nothing special to crave for. Since me and my friend wants something local, we ordered local delicacy from Bicol. And what could it be, laing, gata or spicy food!

If Bigg’s Diner has laing on their Bicol Specialty Meal, Graceland has pinangat. It is a Filipino dish which originated in Bicol. This dish is a nice blend of taro leaves, chili, meat and coconut milk wrapped in gabi leaves and tied securely with coconut leaf.

A must try meal when you visit Bicol! It was tasty and delicious. If you like laing and dish made of coconut milk, you will really like this one. Me and my friend planned to order the frozen pinangat for take home, but after we finished all our foods, our craving for it has gone because we’re already full. But it was a satisfying local dish, indeed.

Since we wanted to try different Graceland meals, I gave way for Bicol Specialty and ordered the Bicol Lechon Express.

The meal includes Lechon Kawale and alamang. Alamang is like bagoong, it is made of small shrimps. It looks appetizing. The meat was tender, crispy naman yung balat. The alamang tasted good. I haven’t found something special on it. But all in all, the meal is worth it.

We ordered lumpia, too (not a Bicol specialty anyways).

The lumpia was ordinary but it was good.

My friend ordered Mango freeze and me ordered Cheesy Halo-Halo petite for refreshments. 🙂

No picture for Mango Freeze (na-lowbat ang cam!).

The Mango Freeze was heavenly. Ang sarap, swak sa panlasa! Hindi tinipid sa manga! Cheesy Halo-halo was something different that Graceland offers. I found it special since I haven’t found anywhere that serves Halo-halo with cheese. And the taste? Medyo dominant ang cheese, pero masarap. The downside is it has only few mixture for taste. I should have tried bigger size for more mixtures. It was refreshing, indeed. 🙂

Aside from these meals, of course we should try their fresh and quality breads and baked products.

When I visited Bicol for the second time after my Calaguas trip, I had the chance to try their Cheesebread, Asado Pandesal, Puto Snack, Choco Crumble loaf, and Vanilla Cream Roll. All of these baked products / bread are delectable and flavorful. The real taste of quality and freshness of bread products. I even take home Choco Crumble Loaf and Puto Snack.

By the way, I also tried their pancit and it’s a must-try! Sarap! 🙂

Graceland is affordable than Bigg’s Diner. But Bigg’s Diner has various meals and food to offer. These two original fast food originated from Bicol has two distinct flavor and taste to offer. Don’t miss these fast foods when you had a chance to visit Bicol.

Graceland Plaza

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  1. Anonymous says:

    wow nman..visit ka po ulit sa graceland..:)

  2. Anonymous says:

    wow nman..visit ka po ulit sa graceland..:)

  3. ka bute says:

    that halo-halo looks good. ^_^

  4. marxtermind says:

    @kura, adik ka! andami ko pa ngang di nabblog na resto baka lalo ka matakam! 🙂

  5. sige inggitin mo pa ko! sh*t! ang yummy nilang lahat. Nakakatuwang isiping puro pagkain ang laman ng blog mo pero sobrang payat mo naman Marx. hihihihi!

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