Finding Dancalan Beach Resort

When was the last time you have visited your grandparent’s hometown? Do you still have contacts with your relatives? Do you still see them? When I was still a kid my family always go to our province in Bicol during the month of May in time for the town fiesta. Right after that, we also go to Donsol Sorgoson so to visit my father’s distant relatives. Those are the days which I will always miss as those will not going to happen anymore. You know my parents are separated already so there would be no chance for us to visit Bicol again as a whole family.
The last time I visited Donsol was when I was with my father, Aunt, Uncle and cousins. After that, I lost contact with our relatives there.

It’s been 9 years since I’ve seen the quaint town of Donsol. Despite of, I can still remember how the town looks like. I can still summon into my mind the places we usually go to during our vacation. It was such a long time but whenever I convene those memories, it always put a smile on me.

When I learned that our trip to Caramoan will not be pushing through because of some islands that have been closed due to the shooting of Survivor, I immediately looked for some other places to visit. I thought of going to Egypt since I’ve heard that a city near the coastal strip in the country is becoming a favorite spot for scuba diving and some water sports activity. With that I’ve searched for Sharm El Sheikh holidays and looked for some cheap holiday recommendations.

My intended vacation was already fast approaching so I’ve just decided to go back to Bicol for my travel. I thought of revisiting Legazpi City. Then suddenly, why not include Donsol? I’ve been yearning to get back to this place.
How did I find my distant relatives?
Hoping to still have contacts with my distant relatives there, I asked one of my Aunts if she still have any contact number of our relatives who live there. Disappointedly she said that she lost contact, too but one thing delighted me when she said one of our relatives there now owns a resort in Donsol. I asked the name of the resort and the name of our relative who owns it, Lalaine Amor it is. Goodness, I can still remember Ate Lalaine but couldn’t recall her last name.
Anyways before I reached out through my Aunt I already had a resort in mind to stay and I was in delight when my Aunt told me that that resort was probably owned by Ate Lalaine. In my excitement I sent a message to the resort’s mobile number but to my surprise Ate Lalaine wasn’t connected with that resort and she manages a different one. Good thing they gave me the resort’s name with a name of Dancalan Beach Resort  and so I googled it.
When I instantly got the resort’s mobile number I immediately gave a call. A familiar voice with Bicolana accent greeted me. I gladly introduced myself as a son of her father’s cousin (go figure the family relation). I was so happy that she can still remember me. We talked, reconnecting the 9 years of no communication. I was in glee hearing that voice again from my distant-relative. I can’t explain my feeling that moment, so surreal. I was thrilled and excited to visit and see Donsol again, as well as my distant relatives who I haven’t seen for 9 years.
How to Get to Donsol?
From Manila, there are several bus companies that goes to Legazpi City or Sorsogon with 10 to 12 hours travel time. One way bus ticket costs about PHP 800.00. 

If you don’t like taking a long bus ride then there are several airlines that fly from Manila to Legazpi City with 1 hour travel time. From the airport you can take a tricycle going to the city terminal. From the Legazpi City Central Terminal, there are public utility van that goes to Donsol with 1 1/2 hour travel time.

After our quick lunch at 1st Colonial Grill in Daraga, Albay we went back to our hotel and grabbed our bags. Afterwards, we went inside the mall to cool up while we wait for our blogger friend Jubert who will be joining us on our getaway to Donsol. As soon as I received a message from him that he was already on the bus terminal, we went out of the mall and hailed a tricycle and took us to the Legazpi City Central Terminal.

In just a few minutes we were already at the terminal. We looked for the van that goes to Donsol and eventually secured our seats. We were the first passengers to fill in the van so we have to wait a little longer before it depart. After a couple of minutes Jubert came, and we had finally met this awesome blogger.

After an hour or so, the van has been finally packed with passengers. At around 4:00 PM we then finally left the terminal and we were off to go to Donsol. Travel from Legazpi City to Donsol normally takes an hour and a half. The fare costs about PHP 80.00 but since we asked our van driver to take us directly to where we will be staying, Dancalan Beach Resort, we were asked to pay PHP 100.00 each.

I couldn’t help but to doze off during the ride.

I was awakened when a passenger alighted from the van. From that moment, I stayed awake as the place was becoming familiar already. I would like to see the house that we used to stay in whenever we visit Donsol. I would like to see the cemetery that we used to pass through because at the back of it was the the sea that we used to go for a swim.

As the van traverse through the road, I was turning my head left and right so not to miss what I’m looking for. When I had finally saw the cemetery I was talking about I knew back then we’re getting closer to our destination. I felt ecstatic. My excitement gone stronger.

It was the start of Butanding Festival when we visited Donsol. People are everywhere, feeling excited about the event to happen for the week. Sounds, stage and banners were apparent in central town.

Dancalan Beach Resort

Dancalan Beach resort is a newly opened resort situated beside the Tourism office of Donsol. Their room accommodations are Bungalow type. The resort is very accessible and can be reached by tricycle from the town proper with approximately 5 minutes ride. The fare normally costs about PHP 10.00 to PHP 20.00 each.

It was already nightfall when we reached the resort. It was Ate Lalaine who warmly welcomed us to their resort. When I finally see her again the feeling was so surreal, feels like nothing changes. 

The resort has airconditioned rooms good for 3 persons and fan rooms good for 2 persons. When I had talked with Ate Lalaine, I asked her that we would just like to stay in fan room for us to save money. I know she’s a relative of mine but mind you I didn’t ask for our accommodation to be free since it’s still a business. As a cliche goes, business is business. We were supposed to stay in their fan rooms as what I’ve asked for but we were transferred to their bungalow type accommodations minus the air-condition. We were given electric fans for us to use in our rooms.

I think it was needless to say how our room looks like as it was already evident in the picture. 😉

Here’s how the bathroom looks like. Clean and fresh! 😀

Since only maximum of three persons are allowed in each room, we were provided two rooms for the six of us. The non-air conditioned room costs PHP 1,000 per room per night. For more detailed information about their room rates, you may visit their Dancalan Resort Facebook page or call Ate Lalaine on this number: 09052182973. 

Siramsana Resto & Bar

The resort has a resident restaurant which offers Filipino dishes and authentic Bicol specialties like laing and Bicol Express.

The cost of each meal ranges from PHP 150.00 to PHP 200.00 with a very generous serving. For a typical Filipino eater like me, each meal seems like to be good for two already.

True enough, the resort didn’t fail to satisfy us on our cravings for Bicol specialty meals. The laing has this different minty-sour taste which was in fact tasted good while the Bicol express perfectly savor the right spiciness.

Indeed, you can just burst out “Siramsana” from your mouth everytime you taste those good tasting dishes.

Siramsana comes from a local word which means “ang sarap lang” in Tagalog or ” so delicious” in English.

It was my pleasure to meet Ate Lalaine again and be back in Donsol. It was a very short visit and I hope I could stay longer the next time I visit Donsol. Probably a visit to this place with my family.

“With Ate Lalaine”

Thank you Ate Lalaine for accommodating us. ‘Till we meet again! 😀

Dancalan Beach Resort
Brgy.Dancalan, 4715 Donsol
Sorsogon, Philippines
Facebook page

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  1. Mariah Jones says:

    From the looks of it, I can see that this is such an awesome beach resort. I remember our vanuatu private island experience last year. It was awesome I'd love to visit again!

  2. Mariah Jones says:

    From the looks of it, I can see that this is such an awesome beach resort. I remember our vanuatu private island experience last year. It was awesome I'd love to visit again!

  3. Riz says:

    Awww. this makes me want to visit my relatives too. Never got the chance to see Donsol when I went to sorsogon. Maybe next yr makadaan. 🙂

  4. Riz says:

    Awww. this makes me want to visit my relatives too. Never got the chance to see Donsol when I went to sorsogon. Maybe next yr makadaan. 🙂

  5. Paula O says:

    Mayaman si Marx…resort heiress… hehehe

  6. Paula O says:

    Mayaman si Marx…resort heiress… hehehe

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