Day Tour at Lakawon Island and TawHai Floating Bar

Lakawon Island is one of the emerging tourist destinations in the island of Negros. Located off the coast of Cadiz in Negros Occidental, the island used to be frequented by locals for a quick getaway. Although some tourists already visited this place, the island remained a secret. But it wasn’t until recently when the island goes through major developments.

Lakawon Island Cadiz Negros Occidental

I learned about Lakawon Island several months back through some photos that I saw online. A drone shot of the island instantly caught my attention. The place looks like a paradise boasting its pristine water and long stretch of white beach. I was so excited for this place upon seeing it. Gladly, I didn’t wait for long to experience this new island destination. When my friends and I went to Bacolod for two days, I made sure that Lakawon Island would be part of our itinerary. We went to the island on a Sunday and spent the day exploring this beautiful destination.

Lakawon Island Negros Occidental

How to go to Lakawon Island?

Lakawon Island is 48 kilometers drive from the city of Bacolod. Travel time takes about 1 to 2 hours. One can drive their car or hire one but the most popular and affordable way is to take a bus. We rode the non-stop bus bound to Cadiz City at Bacolod North Bus Terminal. Fare is around Php95 per person. It passed by Martesan Bus and Tricycle Terminal, which is the jump off point going to Lakawon Island. We reached the place after 1-½ hours. We then rode a tricycle and we told the driver to take us to the port. Fare is Php120.

From the port, there are already pump boats available. Transfers need to be coordinated with the resort’s registration office. We registered our names and paid Php280 each for entrance fee, terminal fee and two-way boat ride. Few house rules to note, no outside food allowed inside the resort or corkage will be charged per person. The boat ride to the island takes around 15 minutes.

marxtermind at Lakawon Island

Day Tour at Lakawon Island

We went to the common waiting area of the resort when we arrived. There are available cottages for guests to use but we didn’t rent one anymore. We we’re already comfortably settled at the waiting area. We thought we wouldn’t be able to use up the cottage that much since we’ll go to the floating bar later on and have our lunch at their restaurant.

Lakawon Island is a great destination that everyone can enjoy. It has creamy white sand and clear blue water. It’s a haven to relax and a place for one to rejuvenate.

Day Trip at Lakawon Island Negros OccidentalLakawon Island Day Tour

The island is still on continuous improvement. There were still some major constructions on-going when we were there, probably adding more rooms and suites to cater more guests who wish to spend a night or two. Pitching a tent is permitted. There are also restaurant and other facilities inside the resort offering guests comfort and enjoyment. We were able to dine in at their Sunset Bar during lunch. The restaurant is open during breakfast, lunch and dinner. We ordered Filipino food and I must say they that they were actually good and affordable. The serving was also generous. Another facility that we enjoyed was the floating bar.

TawHai Floating Bar

Known as the largest floating bar in Asia, TawHai Floating Bar is one the highlight of Lakawon Island. “Tawhai” is a local dialect that means, “relaxed”. Guests can simply relax and watch the sea or go swimming. There’s also an area at the upper floor of the floating bar where guests can jump off. I would love to but I was feeling lazy that time that I’d choose to lay down in one of the lounges and drink my beer.

TawHai Floating Bar, Largest in Asiamarxtermind at TawHai Floating Bar Lakawon Island

The floating bar is huge. It has a chill ambiance but I’ve heard that this place also becomes a party place or some sort. Entrance fee to Tawhai Floating Bar is Php250 inclusive of boat service and one drink. Kids below 18 years old needed to be accompanied by a parent or a guardian. There’s also a waiver to sign before entering the floating bar.

TawHai Floating Bar Upper Floor

TawHai Floating Bar offers a spectacular view of the beach. It is also nice spot to watch the sunset. I hope I could experience that next time. And next time, I would be spending overnight at Lakawon Island already.

Lakawon Island
Cadiz Viejo
Negros Occidental
Phone: +63 917 555-6979

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