Davao City: Malls, Restaurants and Tourist Spots

Although it seems that Davao City is not just your ordinary city in the Philippines, this place is still like any other city which contains what a usual city has. It has malls, restaurants and tourist spots to name a few. Davao City is the center of Metro Davao. It is the second most populous and is said the third most significant metropolitan area in the country. Based on its history, it was on March 16, 1936 when Davao City became a city. It was because of increasing Japanese influence in the region’s economy that created the City of Davao from the Town of Davao (Mayo) and Guianga District.

Known for a lot of things such as being a disciplined city, a home for Philippine Eagle and Crocodile Park, and part of a region with durian as its delicacy, Davao City then became one the frequented city in Mindanao.

But what this city that also makes it stand out is because of its different shopping malls, restaurants and tourist spots.

Shopping Malls

When visiting a city, it’s unavoidable not to see or visit any mall or complex area. As of the time of my visit in Davao City, there were more than 5 shopping malls constructed already and I was glad that I was able to see most of them. But I was only able to visit two of these malls; NCCC Mall and SM Lanang; while the rest was I was only able to see when the vehicle we were riding to passed by on their areas.

“SM Lanang”
“NCCC Mall”


Undeniably, there are already numerous restaurants and food spots in the city that you’ll not find in any other place. During our weekend trip on this city, we were able to try two restaurants and a cafe that brought us satisfaction to our food cravings.

On our first night, we had our dinner at Ahfat Seafood Plaza 2 which is situated at Victoria Plaza Compound (Parking Lot) J.P. Laurel Avenue, Bajada. Look at the picture and you’ll see how appetizing they are. I’m telling you they tasted better than how they look in the picture.

After the sumptuous dinner, we went to Java Jive to chill out; and tried their coffee and desserts. The first cafe that I’ve been to that has live acoustic band playing.

A great place to hang out during those rainy nights.

On our supposed last night in Davao City, we went to SM Lanang to try the recommended restaurant situated in the mall, Hog’s Breath Cafe. Meals are a little too expensive so we just ordered those which we can afford. :p

Tourist Spots: People’s Park and Jack’s Ridge

After dinner, we went to People’s Park. This park is a cultural-theme park located at the center of Davao City. Too bad, it rained that night that we were only to see the partial of the park.

The park has a lot of statues which is perfect for photo ops.

Better to visit this park during daytime.

If you’re looking for a naturally cool place to go in Davao then you might want to check out Jack’s Ridge.

Jack’s Ridge offers a completely new experience to diners with its recreational spots and restaurants. It has its resort wherein you can stay and view the scenic landscape of Davao. Its development is not over yet, there are still more development under way to make Jack’s Ridge the leading dining resort in Davao City.

The places that we’ve been to during our jaunt in Davao are just a few to many things that truly describe that “Life is Here” in Davao.


Jack’s Ridge Davao
Jack’s Ridge Resort and Restaurant Corp.
Shrine Hills, Matina, Davao City 8000
Email: info@jacksridgedavao.com

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  1. leslie says:

    .. Your pictures are really great.. I feel like I'm also in Davao ..

  2. leslie says:

    .. Your pictures are really great.. I feel like I'm also in Davao ..

  3. Mindanao when will I see you?

  4. Mindanao when will I see you?

  5. Great, I am looking for a long time, as a blog novice, I learn from a good blog.

  6. Sky Summer says:

    Great feauture on my hometown, Davao. Should have visit it during Kadayawan Festival. 🙂

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