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It’s great to go back and have another Coron weekend tour after two years. It’s my fifth time to visit this famous tourist destination but I still felt awe with its wonder. Coron is a paradise for me. It is one of my favorite places because of its undeniable charm. It is home to finest beaches, wonderful islands, breathtaking view and enchanting underwater world.

Coron Weekend Tour

With only a weekend to spend in Coron, I thought of doing only a few tours this time. I’ve already been to most of the best spots to visit so I didn’t bother myself to see all of them. But of course, I still wanted to have the best experience in Coron. I was also alone so instead of doing the tour by myself, I asked help from Natural Arts Travel & Tours to assist me with my itinerary. They handle it best so I let them organize my Coron weekend tour. In two days, I got able join a group to explore the town and go to an island hopping tour with a family.

Coron Weekend Tour – Exploring the town

I started my Coron weekend tour by joining a group for Coron Town Tour. The tour started late afternoon. It’s a half-day tour to get around the town and learn more about Coron. Our group visited some major landmarks. Our first stop was Lualhati Park. The park is good for afternoon stroll. It’s also a nice place to try some street food. The park is a popular place for local and foreign tourists.

Lualhati Park Coron

Afterwards, we went for a trek to Mount Tapyas. It takes 720 steps to reach the top. We arrived at the foothill on time to catch the sunset. The trek was exhausting but worth it. There’s a viewing deck on top and a giant cross standing on the peak. We were able to have a bird’s eye view of Coron town and the bay. Mount Tapyas is also a popular place to catch the sunset and we didn’t get disappointed. We were able to witness one magical sunset here. After the sundown, our guide told us that we needed to leave since we still have few places to visit.

Giant Cross on Top of Mount Tapyas in CoronSunset at Mount Tapyas Coron

After our trek to Mount Tapyas, we dropped by a cashew nut factory but we didn’t stay for too long. We then went to Maquinit Hotspring for our much-awaited relaxation. The place has large pools warmed by the geothermal water spring in the area, a perfect place to spend our evening after a day of activities. We spent almost an hour. It was exactly what we needed after our trek. We got rejuvenated and felt relax of the hot water from the spring. Definitely, a must place to visit for a Coron weekend tour.

Maquinit Hot Spring in Coron

Island Hopping – Coron Island Tour A

There are many islands and beaches to visit in Coron. Honestly, a Coron weekend tour isn’t really enough to explore all the best attractions. I only had a full day so my request to Natural Arts Travel & Tours was I wanted to see Kayangan Lake again. So they booked me for a Coron Island Tour A, which includes a visit to Kayangan Lake, Green Lagoon, Atwayan Beach, CYC Beach Coral Garden and CYC Beach.

I joined a family this time. We started our island hopping at around 9:00 AM. Our first stop was Kayangan Lake, which is awarded to be the cleanest in the Philippines. It is also known as the Blue Lagoon for its stunning beauty. This destination is also popular to have that signature image of Coron. But to get that view, an uphill trek is needed. I was stunned seeing again that famous view in Kayangan Lake. That same overlooking why I fell in love with Coron, and seeing it once again made me admire this place more.

Signature Image at Kayangan Lake Coron

We spent almost an hour at the lake. Although the place was much crowded now, Kayangan Lake is still certainly a lovely lake to visit.

Kayangan Lake Coron

We went to Green Lagoon after. It was my first time to hear such place in Coron so I was excited to see it. When we arrived, I was ecstatic to see the color of the water. It was enchanting. My tour-mates didn’t waste their time. As soon as the boat docked, they jumped off and enjoyed swimming at the greenish blue lagoon. I also wanted to take a dip but I suddenly felt cold because of the wind. I just spent my time watching my tour-mates enjoy and taking photos of this picturesque place.

Green Lagoon in Coron, Palawan

Atwayan Beach was our next destination. The beach is a popular stopover during lunchtime. There are available nipa huts and sari-sari stores to buy some drinks and snacks. Our boatmen prepared our food. We settled in one of the nipa huts and there we had our lunch. We spent about an hour and a half at Atwayan Beach. The place is also great for swimming. It has clear water and creamy white sand. I would like to take a dip in the water but the laziness in me hit me.

Atwayan Beach Coron

Our last two stops for the tour was CYC Coral Garden and CYC Beach. CYC Coral Garden is best for snorkeling. There are actually a lot of coral gardens in Coron. I’ve seen one from my previous visit. I got amazed seeing that wonderful coral garden so I was curious how the corals look like on this part. Some of us in the group went to snorkel. Sadly, I didn’t able to because of the rough waves.

Snorkeling at CYC Coral Garden Coron

CYC Beach is near the snorkeling area. It was our last stop but we were not able to dock because of the strong current. I was actually looking forward to visit this beach because I haven’t been here yet. But that was okay. At least, I was able to see it even from afar. CYC Beach is a public beach. It’s the only beach that doesn’t require an entrance free to enjoy it. From what I’ve seen from our boat, the beach is actually pretty nice. The color of the water looked very tempting. It could have been a perfect destination to end our island hopping tour.

CYC Beach Coron

I was glad to see my favorite destination again. It was a nice Coron weekend tour to explore and see some of the islands and beaches. Seeing the turquoise water, stunning view, picturesque islands and magnificent karst formations, going back to Coron is indeed always a wonderful experience.

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