Company Outing at Punta De Uian Zambales

Company outing is one of the things that corporate employees look forward to every summer. Aside from it gives employees a time to be away from the office to bond with colleagues, this event usually consists of fun activities to promote engagement within the workforce and to know more of the company. Well, there are no excuses not to join this eventful activity since company outing is normally free – from transportation, food, admission and sometimes accommodation.

It’s just this year when I joined a new office and one thing that I really look forward to in this company are the activities. I like companies that bring fun activities to employee as a way to get out of work and just play and have some fun. I’m so happy that I’m now part of that company; with 1 or 2 activities a week who wouldn’t want that?

Just this summer that had ended, our company held its annual summer outing in Punta De Uian in Pundaquit, Zambales. It’s the company’s 3rd or 4th time already hosting the affair on this resort. When I asked why, simply they enjoy what facilities and services this resort could give to us.

There were 6 buses that we hired which left Makati City going to Zambales at around 5:30 AM to 7:00 AM. Travel time going to Zambales takes 5 to 6 hours. With no sleep yet since I came straight from my shift; I’ve decided to take a nap in between the hours.

It was already nearing lunch time when we arrived at the resort. Because it takes almost half day to get to this place, we can’t help but joked about the resort’s name that ‘pagpunta mo, uwian na’, Punta De Uian it is. 😀

After registering and finding available seats for us, we wasted no time and went to the beach to take some photos.

Punta de Uian is a 19 hectares resort situated in Pundaquit. It is only 45 minutes drive from the Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

The beach may not be comparable to what Boracay has but I must say Pundaquit is already good for a quick escape.

The beach area is the gateway to Capones island, Nagsasa and Anawangin Cove. Well, it’s been years already since the first time I’ve been to those places – and I just suddenly missed it.

It was about 12:00 PM when the event started. Of course, there’s the welcoming message from our leader. We then had eaten our lunch first before getting into the primary event. After 2 hours, the game started. The events officers prepared games for us, I brought my underwater camera with me to take some footage of the activity but unfortunately I wasn’t able to transfer the files before an unfortunate event happened to my gadget in Davao and so the memory card got corrupted. If anyone knows, how to recover files from a corrupted and inaccessible memory card (but still readable as the memory card drive still appears in My Computer), please let me know… please. I want to save my photos and videos from that trip, my office mates are bugging me. 😀

Moving on, the games ended in an hour with our team ending in the second place. So close! There are also raffle draws but my stub haven’t called in any so better luck next time. I hope I can be lucky enough next time to be called in raffle draws in our office. Crossing my fingers. 😀

Afterwards, me and some of my closest office mates went to the beach and took a swim. Oh I miss the beach. Waves are kind of strong that time. What I just don’t like is the seabed – it’s not that proportion; there are parts that are deep and parts that aren’t or maybe it’s just the waves that pulling me to get into the deeper parts. But I enjoyed the beach as I was able to practice my swimming skills. Naks!

After half an hour or so, we’ve decided to get in to the resort area and explore its facilities and amenities. They have swimming pools and lagoons wherein you can go kayak. Me and Eunice, planned to go kayak and so we did after taking time to swim in the pool. Sadly, I can’t post any pics during our time there as my memory card got corrupted. 🙁

Punta De Uian has different type of accommodations that you can select from. There are standard rooms, pine, garden view, tiara, mountain view, suites, lagoon, family villa and duplex that can suit every type of visitors. What I really eyeing for are those near the lagoon. Each of these room type has a balcony wherein you can have your lunch or dinner al fresco style, or a drinking session or socials at night with your family or friends as you behold a view of the lagoon and the mountain on the side. Well that didn’t happen that time as we were there for a day tour only, boo! Well I hope it happens next time.

It was already 6:00 PM when the official event ended. Some stayed overnight, paying for the accommodation in their own expense, and most including me left the resort feeling tired yet contented with the activities and quick tour. We started to travel the road back to Metro Manila at around 7:00 PM.

It was a nice first summer outing experience with my new company and colleagues – a start of exciting company and team outs with my new colleagues. I know this is just a start a fun and memorable experience with them. There are still more to come. I am sure of that!


Punta De Uian

Pundaquit, San Antonio
Zambales, Philippines

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  1. You're lucky with your company doing a teambuilding activity at a known resort. How I wish we also had budgets for this in our company. Maganda ang Punta de Uian.

  2. You're lucky with your company doing a teambuilding activity at a known resort. How I wish we also had budgets for this in our company. Maganda ang Punta de Uian.

  3. KULAPITOT says:

    Nagstand out ang lugar dahil sa kuha mo… Wala kmi compny outing this year!

  4. KULAPITOT says:

    Nagstand out ang lugar dahil sa kuha mo… Wala kmi compny outing this year!

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