A Breakfast at Pan De Amerikana

What’s the new craze in Marikina? Food! I’ve never been to Marikina until I came to Pan De Amerikana and had breakfast. It was my first time back then in the city. The bakeshop/restaurant offers authentic Pan De Sal, Marikina and Filipino dishes, seafoods, pasta and beverages to crave for. The restaurant Marikina branch is considered as the one of the five chess themed restaurants in the world.

Pan De Amerikana7

“Pan de Amerikana, the makers of the 1950s pandesal ventured into the restaurant business by not only spinning off its products but also adopting a chess themed motiff for its first branch located at Ordonez street Marikina City, Metro Manila. A new 2 storey chess museum will be built by 2011 featuring chess pieces from around the world including a chess set designed for the blind, 3 dimensional chess set, 3 player set, janggi, xiangki,etc. The Chess plaza already houses 3 1/2 feet tall chess pieces imported from New York.” – pandeamerikana.multiply.com

When we arrived at the bakeshop/restaurant we took our orders first then we checked out the place. We headed to the second floor but nothing much to see there but a hanging bridge.

Pan De Amerikana6

Afterwards, we went down and roamed the place. We checked out the paintings, pictures or frames in the wall. 🙂

Pan De Amerikana3

Then the chess plaza, one of the highlights of the bakeshop/restaurant. It was my first time to see a chess board and chess pieces on that size. How to play this chess game? 🙂

Pan De Amerikana2

And now the food? We ordered hot chocolate, igado and bangus breakfast meal, and tuna pandesal.

Pan De Amerikana5Pan De Amerikana4Pan De Amerikana1

Everything is affordable. All tasted good and the pan de sal captured my taste. I love the pan de sal. Good food and a cozy place. A creative theme that everyone can enjoy while dining in. 🙂

Next time, I’ll try their Katipunan Branch for the first and only upside down restaurant in Southeast Asia. 🙂

Pan De Amerikana
92 Ordonez Street Concepcion dos
Phone: 475-2398

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4 Responses

  1. Riz says:

    hmmmm.. interesting. 🙂 cute ng designs. at nakakamiss ang pandesal. whew!

  2. Riz says:

    hmmmm.. interesting. 🙂 cute ng designs. at nakakamiss ang pandesal. whew!

  3. mapanuri says:

    Kala ko sa island cove ko lang makikita ang human size chess board, meron na rin pala sa marikina.. 🙂

    something new to visit..

  4. interesting, i heard they serve good food nga daw!

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