Braving the Waves of Bagasbas

If there’s another thing which I’m proud of aside from my Southeast Asia backpacking trip then it was my travels that I had initiated and organized. One of these travels that I’m talking about is my revisit to Camarines Norte few months ago with my office mates.

The initial plan is to spend 3 days in the paradise of Calaguas but due to some circumstances, canceled flight specifically, I’ve decided just to have our first day in the surfing haven of Bicol region and spend our remaining days in the beautiful beach of Calaguas. Since I just came back from a surfing challenge in La Union, then I thought it’s a good timing and a nice place to take my vengeance in surfing from this side of the country.

The long stretch of Bagasbas Beach is a spot known for surfing and kite boarding not only in the region but now in the country. In fact, it’s now considered as on of the best surfing site in the country.

How to go to Bagasbas?

There are two ways to get to Camarines Norte; (1) by air and (2) by land. There are available flights from Manila to Naga which takes about an hour plane ride; then in Naga you can take a van or bus that goes to Daet, Camarines Norte which takes about a 1 1/2 travel time. There are also buses that leaves Manila from 7 PM to 9 PM that goes directly to Daet, Camarines Norte, travel time takes about 8 to 9 hours.

We’re a group of 9 beach fanatics that invaded the Bicol region; the four members of our group took a night bus to get to Daet while the remaining five took a flight going to Naga. Since we took a plane, the five of us still traveled almost 2 hours to get to our destination. From the airport, we went out and walked towards the highway. From there, we took a jeepney going to SM Naga. Unfortunately, the terminal going to the Northern part of the region is situated at LCC Mall, if we only knew that then we should have gone to that area. Anyway, we took our lunch first at SM Naga; then bought some items needed for our excursion.

After finishing all the errands, we went to LCC Mall then rode a van going to Daet. It was already around 3:00 PM when we arrived in Daet. We then rode a tricycle going to Bagasbas Beach. Our four friends, who arrived earlier in Daet, were already waiting for us there. Anyway, since they arrived earlier than us, they’re the ones who bought our food and some stuff in the market that we needed for our trip.

Surfers Dine-Inn Bagasbas

We stayed at Surfers Dine Inn, one of the cheapest accommodation in Bagasbas that I found online. It is located along Bagasbas Boulevard in between Leo’s Cuisine and Aqua Linx. The resort is situated right in the beach strip wherein you can instantly go to the beach and enjoy the waves.

We had two air-conditioned rooms for the 9 of us. Each room costs PHP 1,500.00 per night which consists of two double size beds, air-condition and private bathroom. You may contact Rommel on this numbers if you wish to stay on this resort: 09225243656 or 09164759053.

We planned to grill and had our dinner at the shore but it rained so hard that night so we asked the resort owner if we could use their grilling area for us to cook our food; and they willingly allowed us. They even allowed us to use some of their utensils for us to cook our food. In fact, they told us we can use the dine in area situated upstairs to have our dinner. The staff are very helpful and accommodating which I most liked about this resort.

In return, we let go of our plan of just having bread and cup noodles for breakfast and had our breakfast in their restaurant the next day.

Surfing in Bagasbas

Well our main agenda here in Bagasbas is to have surfing. I’ve tried this activity for like two times already; first in Baler which I had able to stand up easily while the second one in La Union which I had become frustrated to learn it without an instructor with me.

Being in Bagasbas after that frustrating surfing challenge in La Union gave me another chance to try it without a guide. While my friends availed the one hour surfing lesson with a guide + surfing board that costs PHP 400.00, I asked for a surfing board alone for PHP 200.00 per hour and braved the waves of Bagasbas.

It was all their first time so all of them were vigorous to learn and very keen in every details of the instructions that the surfing guide was telling them about.

“Oh, one of my friends is peeking on how strong the waves are.”

See how the waves look like.

So when they were ready, my friends went to the sea one by one and tried their luck and interest on this activity; and so am I.

I found it easy for me to paddle and get to the waves this time compared to my previous surfing in La Union. It might be the surfing board which I must say very light and easy to paddle. But the bad thing is the waves are too strong and continuous that I can’t even manage which wave to ride to. The wave situation might sound great for professional surfers but the current gave me a hopeless chance. But I didn’t give up, I tried and tried until I got tired. (By writing this, I just realized tried and tired share the same letters, coincidence?)

Despite of the unsuccessful outcome of my surfing without a guide in Bagasbas, I felt inspired and delighted that I don’t easily give up on my goals. Success may not be that easy to reach for this activity but in time, I’m going to be able to have it. I’m not saying that I’m aiming of becoming a professional surfer but at least a moment that I could be able to stand up on my own and ride the waves. That I could say a fulfilment.

Anyway, what really made me happy about that day in Bagasbas was to see my friends happy and pleased with surfing. It’s like making their dreams come true, they were so content and in high spirit. It’s like seeing those kids playing in the playground happily.

We left Bagasbas the next day with hopes of coming back to this part of Camarines Norte to have surfing again and explore more the rest of the beach area. We then proceeded to our ultimate destination, Calaguas.

Surfers Dine-Inn
Book here for discounted room rates
Bagasbas Boulevard
Bagasbas, Camarines Norte
Phone: +63922-5243656 or +63916-4759053

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  1. marxtermind says:

    Giving up is not an option. Hahaha!

  2. blissfulguro says:

    so ang ending bigo? hehe. ang lesson daw talaga diyan eh kumuha ng instructor. haha

  3. blissfulguro says:

    so ang ending bigo? hehe. ang lesson daw talaga diyan eh kumuha ng instructor. haha

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