Ausan Beach Front Cottages, a Friendly Accommodation in Port Barton

Port Barton is a small village situated on the northwest part of Palawan that is now becoming a desired destination. It is becoming a tourists’ favorite because of its remote atmosphere, laid-back feel and natural beauty. Experiencing those things personally made me also desired the place. But apart from those things, what made my vacation in Port Barton worthwhile was my stay in Ausan Beach Front Cottages.

Ausan Beach Front Cottages is a resort situated along the beachside village of Port Barton offering accommodations of pleasant feature in a reasonable price. It is tactically located at the center that makes it a great choice to stay while in this interesting destination.

How to go to Port Barton from San Vicente?

Reaching Port Barton from San Vicente isn’t convenient unless you hire an outrigger boat. The boat normally takes an hour but for land transportations, travel time could take an entire day because of many transfers and waiting time. There was a regular passenger’s boat before from San Vicente going to Port Barton, but due to the boat’s safety issue it was ceased, and the only option that people now have is to hire a private one.

If coming from San Vicente, hiring a private boat could costs as much as PHP 4,000. Being solo that time, I found it very costly. But luckily, I was able to hitch a ride from the resort I was staying. It was timely that the day of my travel to Port Barton was also the day that the resort decided to test their new boat. Initially, they only planned to sail and get to the nearby islands but upon learning about my predicament, they took the boat to Port Barton so I could be there straightaway.

It was past noontime when I was able to get to Port Barton. Seeing this place for the first time had already given me a good impression. Seeing how calm the sea is, how serene the beachside village is and how charming the surrounding is instantly gave me a feeling that my vacation was going to be wonderful. I knew from then that I will be admiring this place so much – and that feeling was right.

After I bade goodbye to the family who brought me to Port Barton, I immediately went to Ausan Beach Front Cottages.  The resort is just right beside the tourist center. I then went inside and told the staff about my room reservation.

Ausan Beach Front Cottages

I find Ausan Beach Front Cottages a great place to settle when vacationing in Port Barton. I find the ambiance great, the setting nice and the accommodations pleasant. Add to that the warm greetings that I received when I met the people from the resort.


Ausan Beach Front Cottages started out with only few cottages. But today, the resort has several accommodations that come in different types to cater growing number of tourists visiting Port Barton.

My room was a Duplex Family Cottage that costs PHP 2,850 per night. The room is air-conditioned. It has a single bed and a double bed. The room is also spacious with private toilet and bathroom. It is also furnished with electric fan, table and drawer and a mirror.

My room also has its own veranda that is set up with wooden chairs and table. It looks simple and straightforward but it gave me the feeling of comfort and ease.

Beach Front Cottage, Triplets Cottage, Beachfront Duplex Cottage, Beachfront Superior, UFO and Tree House are also the other types of accommodation that Ausan Beach Front Cottages has. I was able to take a look of some of those. All rooms are air-conditioned and share the same interior and design. But what differ from each other were the facilities.

The Triplets Cottage is the most basic accommodation. It has a double bed, a private toilet and bathroom and own veranda. The rooms are located at the back of the beachfront cottages.

The Beach Front Superior Rooms are located at the top of the restaurant area. The room has a single bed and a double bed. It has a private toilet and bathroom. But what makes it superior is it has a separate living room area. The living room is designed with a sofa, electric fans, LCD Flat TV and TV Satellite.

The Superior Room also has its own veranda providing a splendid view of the sea.

UFO and Tree House are two special accommodations of the resort. Each accommodation has a mattress that is good for two persons. Inside there’s a small table and an electric fan. Electric sockets can also be found.

Toilet and bathroom is shared for this type of accommodation.

The space of each accommodation is compact but for people who love to stay in an elevated type of room, they’ll surely enjoy staying at this kind.


Ausan Beach Front Cottages has an in-house bar and restaurant. The restaurant serves delectable meals from breakfast to lunch to snack to dinner. I had all my meals throughout my stay in Port Barton at the resort and I must say each meal that I had there is outstanding.

Each guest is provided with complimentary breakfast that comes with bread, spread and a saucer of fruits. Coffee is also provided for free and self-served. If you wish to have rice meals for breakfast, you can ask for an upgrade for a minimal fee.


Electricity in Port Barton is still limited until now. It only runs from 6:00 PM until midnight. Ausan Beach Front Cottages is the only resort in the area providing 17 hours running electricity using the resort generator from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM and using the public electricity from 6:00 PM to midnight. If guests wish to extend the electricity up to 6:00 AM, charges will be applied.

The resort also has a Wi-Fi that can be accessed by guests for free. However, Wi-Fi connection is only available until 1:00 AM.

If you wish to go on tours like island hopping and visiting other tourist destinations in Palawan, the resort arranges tours and can help you plan out your trip. The resort also offers booking services for van and bus transfers. The resort also offers laundry and room services, in-house moneychanger, and computer rentals.

My vacation in Port Barton had become a remarkable one not only because of its natural wonders and laid-back state but also because of the kindliness of the people from Ausan Beach Front Cottages. People are very welcoming and accommodating. Each staff is indeed very helpful. They treat each guest with kindness and warmth. Special shout out to Sir Ariel who managed to give me a pleasant and enjoyable stay at their resort.

Originally, I was only be staying at the resort for three days but decided to extend another day because obviously I fell in love with the place. I just like how peaceful the community is and how relaxed the ambiance is. But aside from those, it was the warmth and kind service that I’ve experienced from the resort that I really appreciated. It absolutely added up to the part why I admire Port Barton now.

Ausan Beach Front Cottages has the best location, great rooms, delicious food and accommodating people. It is the sincerest and friendliest accommodation that one can experience while in Port Barton.

Ausan Beach Front Cottages and Restaurant
Room Rates
Ballesteros Street, Port Barton
Palawan, Philippines
Phone: +63 0929 4440 582 / +63 0926 7074 157

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