An Impromptu Trip to Subic

Isn’t it exciting to have a weekend trip in a snap? I mean a trip that I haven’t planned but happened so instantly. That I just saw myself on the road again.

It was few hours before I end my work schedule at the office when I was asked along with my colleague to accompany our foreign interns for a weekend trip. I wasn’t prepared for a tour but my feet were itching for a quick getaway.

Our destination was Subic. It has already been a long time since the last time I had visited the place; hence without further hesitations I had joined the group. Well, the trip was free of charge, from transportation, to food and to accommodation so, I think there are no more reasons not to accept the enticing offer, right?

Subic is a tourist destination in the Philippines that is an all-time favorite. It’s a desired destination because of its proximity from the city and a place that offers different attractions. The Freeport Zone of Subic is a seaside area situated on the western side of Luzon Island. It is part of the province of Zambales. Subic Bay is a former military base that was converted into a beach town and through volunteerism it was also rehabilitated into a tax- and duty-free zone. The area now has numerous resorts and hotels, tourist attractions and theme parks, shopping centers and restaurants.

Subic can be reached in 3 to 4 hours from Manila. The most convenient way to get here and get around is through a private or rented vehicle.

It was already afternoon when we reached Subic Bay. The plan is to tour around, but there was nothing specific like what places to visit and restaurants to eat. We went to our hotel first and checked into our rooms. After resting for some time, we went out and started to get around the area.

Funtastic Park Subic

Funtastic Park is one of the newest attractions in the area. It is an indoor theme park that offers several unique activities.

The park has several themed areas like Mirror Maze, 3D Enchanted Forest, Trick Arts Painting and Dark Room. A day tour pass costs PHP 250 per person.

The tour started by a finding out the way out of a maze made out of mirrors in the Mirror Maze. Each one is required to wear gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints in the mirror. I love maze, actually! It was kind of puzzling to locate the way out of the maze because of the reflection coming from the mirrors.

Next that we’ve tried was the 3D Enchanted Forest. Each of us was given 3D Eyeglasses that we used inside the room that feel like a magical forest with 3D structures.

Then, we went to the Dark Room. One has to walk around the room with nothing but darkness. It’s a test of all senses. There’s nothing to be scared of in here actually. No one will scare you or some sort, unless your companion does so.

One activity that is also unique to this theme park is the Trick Arts Painting Room.


Zoobic Safari

If there’s a place that is really famous in Subic, then it is Zoobic Safari. This theme park has been in the business for more than a decade already. Hence, when we hear about Subic, this theme park always pops into our mind.

Zoobic Safari is a nature theme park that offers visitors a different kind of adventure. The park is a twenty five-hectare land. Here, guests can expect amazing sight of various exotic animals wandering and frolicking in their simulated natural habitat. The theme park main feature is its Tiger Safari where tigers freely roam an enclosed area.

A day tour pass costs PHP 545 per person.

Our foreign interns were able to appreciate roaming around the park. They were able to enjoy the bird walk and feeding the animals. But what really made us all ecstatic and thrilled was the Tiger Safari experience. We boarded in a customized Safari Jeep and were able to experience the adventure of being chased by full-grown tigers.

Another thing that made us all excited was the close encounter with the tigers – and having pictures taken with these valiant animals. This activity wasn’t included in the day tour pass and was paid separately.

Tree Top Adventure

If there’s an activity that I enjoy when in Subic, then it’s the Tree Top Adventure. Why? Simply, because it’s an adventure surrounded by nature.

Tree Top Adventure is one of a kind experience. The park offers different adventure that guests will surely enjoy to. They have several packages that include different activities. But since we only wanted to do selected ones, we opted not to avail the package but pay for those activities that we were interested to.

The activities that we did were rappelling, silver surfer and the other one that I’ve forgot what it is called.

The first and last activity that we did was nothing but an easy one. What’s really thrilling was the rappelling. I wasn’t afraid actually but the drop was surprisingly unexpected. Why? Well, just don’t fall for the staff deceitful tactics.

Our weekend in Subic ended with a nice dinner at Texas Joe’s House of Ribs. I was happy that I joined the group even though it was in prompt because it gave me the opportunity to revisit Subic, which I was longing to visit again after a long time. But more importantly, what made me glad about our weekend trip was it gave me the chance to bond with some of my colleagues.

Certainly, Subic is still an interesting destination near Metro Manila. It has several recreations that absolutely can be enjoyed by couple, colleagues, friends and families. The places that we’ve been to during our short getaway were only few of the many places to visit in the area. Definitely, there are still a lot of places to visit on this famous destination. Well, I’m looking forward for my next visit, and I hope it would be a staycation.

Funtastic Park
Bldg. 2070 Corregidor Highway, Ilanin Forest
East District, Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Subic, Zambales
Phone: (047) 250-3099
Mobile: +6398 530-9377

Zoobic Safari
Group I Ilanin Forest
Subic Bay Freeport Zone

Makati Office
3/F Yupangco Building
339 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., Makati City,
Tel: +632 895-7142; 898-3695; 899-9824; 899-9595
Mobile: +63917 835-1111

Tree Top Adventure Subic
JEST Camp Area, Upper Mau Cubi
Aparri Rd, Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Phone: (047) 252-9425

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