5 Unexpected Things to Do in Hong Kong

Get away from the expected and experience Hong Kong in an entirely new way. While the following five random activities may require a little extra time and money, the adventure and thrills will be well worth the cost. You can also use your HK card for added rewards and discounts on activities and restaurants. Plus, the memories will be priceless!

Take a Helicopter Tour of Hong Kong

Perched on top of a twenty-eight story building on Salisbury Road, guests can take a helicopter ride. The helipad is located next to the China Clipper, an upscale lounge reminiscent of the early days of flying. The tour provides an incredible view of Hong Kong from the sky, with prices that reflect luxury. Reservations can be made through hotel services or directly through the Heliservice’s Charter Company. Follow up the experience with a meal and champagne or mid-afternoon tea..

Swim at the Intercontinental on Kowloon

Another experience that pays off in pleasure includes a stay at the Intercontinental. Situated on Kowloon, you will either need to check-in for the night as a guest or reserve a spot as a spa client. The benefits of this adventure include admission to the third-floor of a faultlessly maintained landscaped spa-deck, situated on the rim of Victoria Harbour. The infinity pools are held at three separate temperatures, including warm, cold and comfortably hot! Enjoy relaxing in the water while taking in the glory of the HK horizon. Your pool service ‘butler’ will take care of the rest.

City Surf and Kayak

Big Wave Bay is an ideal random destination for city surfers! With waves that are clear and relatively reliable, a short twenty-five minute ride by minibus (from Hang Hau MTR Station) will get you to your destination. From Sai Kung Country Park, you will continue on to Big Wave Bay via another short bus ride, or boat-trip. Once you have arrived at your destination, you can surf Hong Kong by connecting with the rental shop or surf school. Relish the rest of your day surfing, kayaking or boating.

Hire a Traditional ‘Junk’

Few people have the opportunity to experience Hong Kong by water, with its 260islands, craggy coastlines and hidden coves. ‘Junk’ was the name used for the old-style Chinese fishing-boats; the term now describes the updated and motorised pleasure boats. Charter a ‘junk’ for the day and set off to find your private retreat. Pack a picnic and enjoy a day of unparalleled pleasure.

Hike to the Top of the Big Buddha

Travel to Lantau Island by hiking trail, bus or Ngong Ping Cable Car. From there, you will need to climb the 268 stairs that continue up to Tian Tan. Your journey will result in a visit with one of the largest Buddha statues (34 metres, 112 feet tall) anywhere in the world!

Just five of the random things that you can do in Hong Kong, all you need are your credit card and the desire for a day filled with adventure!

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