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Philippines is an amazing country to travel to. You’ll never ran out of things to do, places to go and food to try. True to its label, it’s more fun in this country. Travelling gives us fulfillment. It gives joy, excitement and experiences. But one thing that really excites me most when I travel is when I go to a place like a local does.

Traveling to one’s place for me is not just about seeing the known tourist spots, trying the tasty delicacies and capturing the beautiful scenery. The most memorable travel for me is one which sees and discovers a place how a local does.

It’s good to hear that an online marketplace that connects traveler from every corner of the world with locals in Asia will finally come to Philippines. I believe it’s now time to take traveling in the country into a different perspective by providing exceptional travel experiences and home dining opportunities. Such things will finally be made possible in the Philippines through WithLocals.com.
WithLocals started in Asia. It was inspired by experiences while traveling. The website connects travellers with locals through food and experiences.
By joining the innovative marketplace of WithLocals.com one can get to have memorable experiences with locals through food and activities. The website sorted experiences into three category such as Eat Withlocals, Tours Withlocals and Activities Withlocals.

Eat Withlocals offers authentic cooking and making friends by dining with a local family in their home. Tours Withlocals uncovers the hidden secret of one’s destination by getting along with the locals and wandering off the beaten track. Activities Withlocals happens by taking part in activities and learning the traditional skills by partaking with locals.

Join as a Host Now!

The online marketplace has its objective to enable people, especially those in developing countries, to boost their income by offering their skills and knowledge to travellers.

If you are interested in joining as a host and would like to offer any of the three experiences to travellers coming into your place, sign up on this link and follow the registration process with these three simple steps:

Step 1: Register as a Host

Register by filling in the host details and information about the tour, activity or home dining experience you are offering. You are also free to set your own prices regarding the activities that you’d like to offer. However, make sure to indicate if the price is per person or for a group. Also, set your dates of the activities, tour or home dining opportunities that you would be offering.

Step 2: Add Experience

Once you have submitted your application through the website, an ambassador will contact you to arrange a visit. During the visit, the ambassador will take pictures which will be used on the website. The ambassador will also give more information about the online marketplace.

Step 3: Receive Travellers

A profile will be created for you on the website. This profile will be used to access and edit your details. This will also be used to manage your calendar and bookings. Once you have received a booking, you will need to confirm it within 24 hours. A traveller can be contacted via the WithLocals website in order to discuss details.

Simple as that! Be a host now and offer unique travel experiences to travellers seeking for an exceptional kind of journey in the Philippines.

Truly, WithLocals.com is the new way to experience a destination. It helps to shape the future of travelling and dining by making personal and well built connections between people, as well as building bridges between diverse cultures.

For more information, feel free to visit WithLocals.com.

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